Irresistible Offer

An unknown number appeared on Rick’s phone one night after work. His job did not include giving out name cards, and that surprised him a little. Without hobbies outside work, he couldn’t tell why would anyone contact him for.

Rick: ‘Hello?’

Girl: ‘Rick? Hi, I’m Diana.’

Rick: ‘Uhh.. Hi. How did you get my number?’

Diana: ‘Doesn’t matter. You just finished work? I’m looking at you across your building.’

And there she was, barely 1.7m tall, she dressed well, but her physique warned Rick about the legal age. Still, he made his way across the road and shook hands with the sweet lady.

Rick: ‘Don’t mind me asking, how old are you?’

Diana: ‘Me? I’m 17.’

Rick: ‘And I am 30.’

Oh my, sweet young thing, legal, and might even be ‘unopened’. Rick wasn’t married, but he had someone he liked whom happened to like him back too. Nothing final, but they know they will be together soon enough. Back to this SYT, wearing a mid-thigh length dress, a lot of shoulder, neck, long limbs were revealed. How could any man resist when a fresh piece of meat offer herself to your doorsteps?

She wrapped her arms over his and the two of them made their way to dine nearby. Long conversation cut short, the two of them got along well with a few shots of strong liquor making them high and.. playful. There was no sign of commitment nor entanglement. He didn’t even know how she got his number, but heck. Her mouth was busy with his dick throughout the whole ride home in his black SUV, spinning his both his ‘heads’ with the slippery slurping and tight suction, milking him for the protein shot. Thankfully or not, it was at a traffic light when he shot hard into the back of her throat, with him holding her lips deep down, experiencing the helpless contractions of her oesophagus. There was nothing to spit even if she wanted, cause it all went down like regular syrup.

Diana held onto his member through the ride after that and kept him high and hard for more action. She was satisfied after dessert, but not the physical aspect of her body though. Upon reaching his condo, the both of them stumbled clumsily without letting Rick keep his tool. You should have seen how hot they were.

As the door slammed, Diana dropped her dress and her drooling pussy just drove Rick wild. Pinning her on his door, he aimed his dick at her love hole and pushed right in, splitting her head with the pain from her virgin penetration. There was no blood, but nonetheless, still her first. The aching tightness and intense heat from her pussy was killing Rick in a way he couldn’t handle, it was just raging sex, with lots of humping and bumping from behind her. Letting her screams echo through the house.

After a few minutes, he turned her over and ravaged her lips with his, jamming his dick inside her again with such force she was lifted off the ground every time he went ‘in’. Soon, tiredness prevented them from this position any longer and off to the couch they went. With Diana kneeling on the soft cushions, the ramming jiggled her small breasts while Rick was savouring the lucky hook up with his eyes closed. With that much perspiration flicking around, he was no superman to keep up for that long, in fact, his hardon outlasted his stamina and she wasn’t that insensible to know that.

Diana: ‘Come, sit on the sofa and watch TV.’

He did so exhausted and the slim body took over, kneeling over his hips and going up and down on his dick, dripping juices over his shaft and balls. Unexpectedly, an overwhelming vacuum and tight muscles grip around his tool, sucking the life out of him, drawing all the sperms that he had saved from the previous release in the car. It went into her like a straw emptying a super big gulp, he could totally feel his balls shrinking as everything got sucked out of him with that tight pussy, filling her to the brim that a teeny weeny bit leaked back out.

Rick: ‘Argh.. ‘

With that, Diana got off him and watched him doze off, before covering him with a blanket.

Diana: ‘Goodnight Rick.’

The next morning, he couldn’t believe what happened last night, but the dress and purse on the coffee table confirmed his luck. Smiling to himself, he found her on his bed, naked with a patch of wetness formed by his cum with her fluids. Will she be his to keep?

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