I Don’t Know

Debbie: ‘Dad! I don’t know how I got pregnant okay? I’m sorry.’

Desmond couldn’t be more guilty knowing what happened to her older sister. Though she was already close to 24, she never brought a guy home. I guess everyone thought it would only be right for her to have a few flings here and there but not Debbie. She was very self-respected, and only did it with two of her ex, when they were together in their relationships. How she got pregnant was eerie, but Desmond knew what he did, and it was about three weeks ago when he returned home late from camp.

It was close to 2am and when he came back home, his sister was still on the laptop in the living room. Insomnia had been an issue for her for a long time and only sleeping pills could fix the problem. So, he made a cup of warm Milo for her, which had about 2 tablets of sleeping pills dissolved into it from her medication box. It was a sick fetish for his own sister, she was always dressed sloppily at home, low cut spag tops, loose FBTs and going around braless and pantyless. He was getting hard in her presence, disabling him to communicate proper with her, soon, it turned into pure lust for her body.

After she went to bed from the effects of the drugs, Desmond pulled her fresh set of shorts off, revealing her smooth pussy lips, clean and scented from the shower she took. After spitting some saliva onto her dry pussy, he put his finger into the possibly smallest hole. The tightness wasn’t much a surprise, cause she had not had a boyfriend for close to three years now. So, Desmond coated his dick with another round of saliva from his own hand and eased his rock hard member into his cute little sister, slowly, but painfully pleasurable. To be fucking his own hot sexy sister, it couldn’t get any better. As he pumped harder and faster into the sleeping beauty, the urge to cum was caused by the thrill than how he felt inside her. There was no movement nor noise from Debbie, except the wet sloshing sound from the mixture of their fluids.

Not wanting to risk getting caught, he lifted her one of her legs in the air and continued fucking her almost-virgin pussy, reacting with more juices to the silent sex. The whole package of his ride includes her body and love hole was too much for him to take due to her loss of touch with sex and the pressure from the tightness that increased so much since he started.

It barely lasted ten minutes before he had to rest for close to fifteen minutes to calm himself down. Then again, he proceeded to finish round one and went for a good twenty minutes before realising she was squirting on her own and it made things a lot smoother and faster, till he finally lost control and cummed into her without hesitation. It didn’t take long for shame and guilt to come over him as he dressed up, pretending nothing had happened.

By the second night, he was turned on by the thoughts of playing with his sister’s body again and he went back to fucking his sister in her sleep after she took the pills. He could last longer each time and after approximately thirty minutes, he would fill her up with cream without consideration. Her Barbie-doll figure was hard to resist, often in skirts outside short enough for anyone to peep up when she bends over lightly. Her choice for tops were worse though, often see-through and loose, how many men were feasting their eyes on her, but Desmond was more than glad to own her sister’s body without her knowledge.

Sick? Maybe?

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