Where Am I?

It was no longer a joke when Jenna woke up with her hands bounded onto the four corners of the bed. The mirror on the ceiling made clear to her what she was wearing, or rather, what she was covered in – thin pieces of fabric that did not cover up anything. Scarfs, satin blindfolds, gagballs, silicon dildos.

Jenna: ‘Where the fuck am I?’

She was at a club the night before with her four girlfriends, they had a few strong shots of drinks, and waiting for a cab was all she remembered last. There were no obvious marks nor pain experienced, but she wasn’t that glad in her situation either. Who would walk through the door?

After another two hours, the door click opened and a male in mask and a leather underwear walked in. He loosened the ropes tied to Jenna’s legs and shifted it all the way above, till both her limbs were about 90 degrees from her hips. It was an unmistakable position for sexual intercourse.

Jenna: ‘Who are you? What are you doing to me?’

The burly guy did not reply except stripping down to his underwear and stroking his own dick to full length. Jenna was scared to death, not because of the size, but how long the torture would go on. Would she even be killed after he was done? Questions after questions were blasting through her mind, and she wasn’t even in the mood for anything. Then, the man spoke.

Man: ‘You are not going anywhere. You will be here for some time. Now, just let your body go.’

Following that sentence, he took a toy and placed it on her clit, massaging her in against her will. The vibration started and there was no stopping to the natural response of her body to get wet and high. The oxygen enriched environment further kept her attentive and focus on enjoyment. The ahhs and the ohhs were soon echoing in the room without rest.

After the man decided she was ready for more, he stopped using all the toys and went down for his own tasting. Like a fine wine, Jenna’s young age kept her libido high, and physical response to sexual stimulation quick.

Man: ‘Sweet.’

He positioned himself over her desparate pussy and slipped right in, pumping hard as soon as he entered. With a dick his size, there was no area left untouched inside of her, and though it was no difference from a rape, she was enjoying it. The mental opposition did cause a little internal war, but her body was serving her exactly what she wanted.

As her juices kept flowing, his dick was suffocating from the clench of her muscles. She was literally pushing him to his limits, with that tight hole. For his first time, groans were heard and threw his cum control techique right into the trash, making his hot rod squirt that humongous load of cum into her, pumping every bit of his hormones into her tiny slit. Still unable to pull out of Jenna, he collapsed onto her due to oversensitivity of his dick and had to wait till she had fallen asleep before yanking it out.

Fully satisfied, and a little terrified, the man left her to sleep. Ready to train her up even further for more demands, dinner would be rather in a few hours. What would you guys like Jenna to do? She’s all yours to command and all mine to train.

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