False Alarm

(Siti in a panic) ‘SIR! WAKE UP! You are going to be late for work!’

Jolting up awake in cold sweat, Ken had finally learnt the lesson of leaving the task of ‘waking up’ to his helper, who was completely capable of oversleeping like any other human would. Although she was clearly more concerned with costing her employer his job, he couldn’t help but noticed how her nipples were poking against the oversized, white t-shirt that she wore braless to sleep.

In a hurry, he dashed into the bathroom and rinsed himself at record speed, swinging the door open too hard to see Siti standing outside with his clothes.

(Siti in a trembling voice) ‘Sir, shirt!.’

One piece at a time, she helped dressed him from the state of nudity, to a well-groomed, classy-looking gentleman from every angle. At the door, as he slipped his shoes on, he sent her to fetch his phone and she did her job well, standing by him until he unlocked his phone.

To be fair, it was the first time she saw him through his morning routine, since he had always relied on his alarm to work. Apart from being relieved that he was all good to go, she was also excited to be working for such a fine, young man. Who could blame an ambitious, hopeful girl for developing a little crush on a respectful, well-mannered guy?

‘Siti? Can you grab your phone and tell me what’s the date today?’

Skipping lightly on her feet, she checked her phone and told him of the day, ‘Monday, first’.

‘Of May?’

‘Yes sir.’

(He cried out in relief) ‘ARGHH! SITI!’

‘What’s wrong sir?’

‘It’s a holiday!’

The smile on his face lit her up as well, this time thoroughly eliminating her worry for making him late for work. In their moment of celebration, he opened his arms and she instinctively jumped into his chest, engaging in a hug that lasted a second too long.

(Ken called) ‘Oops! Sorry!’

‘It’s ok sir. I’m happy that you don’t have to be late for work.’

They stared gratefully into each other’s for another few seconds before she asked if he wanted to change out of his work clothes. With his ass still perched on the shoe cabinet he leaned on when he put his shoes on, she undid his shirt one button at a time until she was down on one knee at his feet.

Pulling those Oxfords off, followed by the socks she washed diligently, he had an unobstructed view of her perky breasts down the collar of her top.


He let her take his shirt off before she put her hands at his waist, to wriggle those dark, black pants down to his ankles. After she was done, she didn’t get up, but looked intensely at the underwear that contained his semi-erected cock.

‘Sir.. I.. ‘

Very slowly, she glided her soft palm up his thigh and slipped that hand into his underwear, holding his manhood that instantly grew to its full glory.

‘Should I take your underwear off too?’

‘Yes please.’

It was a sight to behold when his cock bounced upright after she lowered his undies past his balls, surprising her with the sheer size of his penis.

Without saying a word, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and caringly stroked it back and forth, almost touching her lips that was right in front of it. As his cock enlarged further in her small hand, he ran his hand down her cheek, to her shoulder, and disappeared into her shirt where a squeeze on her breast tightened her grip on his shaft.

After a minute, she relaxed her hand and put her lips around his cock, at the tip to suckle him erratically as euphoria engulfed her senses. Fearing that she might not be experienced in ‘this’, he just let her did what she wanted until she took more cock into her mouth.

‘Is this your first time?’


She shook her head and shoved her face down to his pubes, taking him completely by surprise, and pleasure as to how far she could go. Less was needed when he felt himself getting dangerously weak to her deep throat, promptly ending their door-side foreplay in place of a better location.

Moving over to the couch, Siti kept seated him down as she went on her knees again, drawing his last breath(s) over and over again through that overly-excited piece of meat. It took her five more minutes of sensual, unhurried lip-massage before she was satisfied with his hardness, that she finally took a break to let him recover.

‘Did I do a good job?’

(In his breathless voice) ‘Yes.. very.. good. I can’t think straight now.’

‘Hehe. Then can I have a pay raise?’

‘Sorry. What did you.. ‘

His reply was an honest one as he was partly distracted by her simultaneous act of taking her shirt off, to reveal a toned, tanned body of youth that he would never not get hard to ever again.

His mind was still in a daze when she climbed onto the sofa on her knees, over his lap, to put her pussy dangerously close to his cock.

‘sir.. do you want it?’

(Ken whispered) ‘do you?’

Holding him upright, Siti positioned herself at the tip of his cock, before engulfing him in a rush of warmth and sex. While she was tight in his terms, there was no lack of bodily fluids to lubricate his entry. There was just no ideal way to describe how cosy he felt within the confines of her soft, encompassing vaginal walls that seemed so delicate-but-tough at the same time.

The two of them moved in sync, one rocking her hips, the other raising his butt, to make full use of each other for their comfort, that was easy to tell from how they moaned and grunted. He could feel her vaginal walls milking him so desperately, as she sensed his unforgiving hardness that resisted her helpless, bodily temptations.

In three minutes, they were done with the tedious cowgirl position and swiftly switched to doggystyle, placing her behind the sofa where she could ‘watch’ TV while he rammed the life out of her from behind.

In the midst of their heaving and puffing, she was having mini orgasms that he couldn’t exactly tell, but was diminishing her of strength with each wave. As her voice got softer and in a way, sexier, he was as big and thick as he started, though slightly harder from how she remembered.

‘Sir.. I can’t take it anymore.. I’m going to faint.’

‘Just.. a bit more.. but can I continue.. if you faint?’

(Siti moaned) ‘AHH! Yes sir! If I faint.. AHH! I’m going to come again! SIR!’

(Ken asked) ‘Again? You mean you.. I’M CUMMING! CUMMING NOW!’

He yanked his cock out of her abruptly and controlled her ‘fall’ over the backrest, landing gently enough for her to crawl to one end of the sofa for him.

She then cued him over with her index finger and laid onto her back as soon as his penis came into sight, giving him full rein to use her mouth as he deemed fit, until huge spurts of semen came pouring down into her throat.

The exhausted man safely lost his balance and tumbled onto the couch where Siti proceeded to lick him clean, though left him wetter in a clear coat of saliva. For the rest of the morning, she just kept stroking him, solidifying his cock for the sole purpose of fucking her over and over again.

It wasn’t until they were at (yet) another climax, that he decided to exercise that one benefit of the vasectomy he got years ago, pumping her full of empty calories that dribbled all over the places they had sex at.

Siti now has a ‘chore’ she would willingly and occasionally, ‘forcefully’ partake whenever he could afford to. Though he counted that additional ‘chore’ as a ‘pay raise’, in emotional and spiritual terms.

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