Play With Me

(Jun asked) ‘Can I ask, why are you constantly touching your nipples? Is it itchy?’

(Random girl) ‘I don’t know. It feels comfortable when I touch myself there. Is it bad?’

Jun was barely fifteen minutes into his movie when a girl, who looked no older than fourteen, sat in the empty seat next to him after loitering around him (and his tablet) for five minutes.

Despite her intrusion, Jun saw no harm in letting her join him, since they were in a public space, though a little secluded. After some time into the show, he could not help but notice how she kept fiddling under her shirt.

(Jun said) ‘That is not a healthy habit you know?’

(Girl replied) ‘But it feels good though. It makes me wet below.’

‘Okayyy.. as long as it makes you feel good.’

Another few silent minutes passed and she moved that hand into her shorts, which Jun could no longer ignore as it would surely attract unwanted attention if someone saw her.

(Jun snapped) ‘Hey hey.. can you not do that now?’

‘Do what?’

‘That thing you are doing in your pants.’

(Girl asked) ‘Why? Is there something wrong?’

Before he could turn his head away, she pulled the waistband down for him to catch a glimpse of her hairless pussy, a sight too damning for his level of maturity.

(Girl called out impatiently) ‘Kor kor.. kor kor!’

‘Yes! Yes?’

‘Can you help me see?’

Like the whisper of the evil snake, her innocent, sweet voice lured his eyes to the forbidden fruit and it only took him all that five seconds, to a reserved spot in hell.

‘See what?’

‘See why is it wet.. ‘

If anything, he was beyond salvage when he consciously placed a finger on her clit, triggering a powerful tremor through her body. The emotionally-unprepared girl then reacted in the only manner such an impactful touch could inspire, that is for her to hold his arm still so that pleasant sensation wouldn’t disappear.

(Jun asked) ‘Does it feel good?’

‘Uh huh.. can you move your finger like this?’

*She curled her index finger up and down for him to see*

‘Like this?’

(Girl moaned shyly) ‘Ahh.. yes.. kor kor.. hahh.. don’t stop.’

In that moment, Jun had started something that he couldn’t breakaway from until she came, or got too tired. As if it wasn’t bad enough for someone as old as him to be right next to a girl as young as her, he was putting his entire future at risk with that one hand in her pants.

(Jun asked suspiciously) ‘Can we go somewhere else to play?’

‘Can. I’ll bring you to my secret place!’

Filled with overwhelming doubt, he followed her to a block not too far away, and went through a door under the stairwell which he has always wondered what were they used for.

That particular room was empty, except for a few pieces of cardboard strewn on the ground. She then sat down on one of them in front of a wall, and very casually resumed masturbating.

‘Kor kor.. it feels better when you play with me. Can help me?’

Like the kid she is, she wriggled out of her shorts and spread her legs for him, to which he guiltily continued to suspend her in unspeakable pleasure. Once she began moaning in her cutesy, feminine tone, he could no longer bear the aching erection in his pants.

Using one hand, he unzipped his jeans and whipped his weiner out, wrapped her small hand around it and guided her up and down while he teased her clit. When he started groaning, she knew that he was enjoying it as well, therefore completing the cycle of doom where the both of them took pleasure at the full expense of him.

(Girl called out worriedly) ‘Kor kor.. I think I need to pee. I feel weak.’

‘That’s normal mei mei. Just let it out here.’

(Girl moaned in panic) ‘Cannot.. ahh.. Later the place.. ahh.. ‘

Unable to finish her sentence, she dashed out of the room and squatted at the grass patch in front of the door, helplessly waiting for pee to exit. At that ungodly hour, there was no one to catch him sticking his hand under her pussy, to rub her until she lost her balance during her first-ever climax.

Seeing how no pee came out, she couldn’t be more relieved to retreat back into the room, to continue stroking him while he massaged her new, pleasure-hole for yet another wave. In the midst of their heated exchange of euphoria, he tucked one finger into her vagina and made her body limp instantly.

(Girl asked weakly) ‘kor.. what did you do?’

‘Did I hurt you?’

‘No.. I like it. Can you do that again?’

(Jun asked in a trembling voice) ‘Can. But it will be a little painful. Can you take it?’

‘I can.’

With that, he laid her on the cardboard and kneeled where her pussy was. Positioning the tip of his cock at her pussy, he held both her feet up while guiding his shaft in the ‘right’ direction. Besides the few times she grunted at the pain, she was relatively quiet for his penetration into her petite self.

(Jun asked in concern) ‘Good?’


Jun then made slow, shallow thrusts to loosen her up and she was soon flashing a silly, pain-free grin at him. His personal, underage pussy was primed for him to go a little faster, and gradually deep enough to knock the breathes out of them as he ravaged her tiny frame.

(She whispered) ‘Kor! I’m.. going.. to explode again!’

‘Just explode. Kor kor is going to explode soon too!’

Her wide smile was a bitter one to him, as he knew exactly what he did. There was no more time to think of the consequences as his own orgasm counted down to the nanoseconds.

The moment she came, he was stuck in the tightest, softest, warmest hole he had never experienced, but more than enough to let himself loose to the wolves. With one swift stroke, he pulled out of her and kneeled over her belly, for her to jerk his load out over her gullible, unsuspecting mouth he parked his tip at.

After some coaxing, she swallowed his seen and cleaned themselves up, for a dinner at the 24-hr McDonald’s nearby. Further probing into her life, he learnt that she did have a home, but wasn’t exactly welcome since her mum moved in with her boyfriend. Along with the information that her menses have not yet started, she proved herself sensible enough to stay undetected on the nights she spent in his room.

On a brighter note, Jun took it upon himself to tutor her for the O-levels, meanwhile indulging in their secret, criminal tryst at their hideout.

‘Playtime’, is the term they use for their quick getaways.

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