Lusty Tenants

(I asked) ‘Are you very sure?’

(Tracy replied impatiently) ‘Yesssss.. hurry up.. ‘

Without wasting any more time, I stripped myself naked and hopped into the shower, where Tracy was already done with her hair. I immediately wet my whole body and soaped my head, scrubbing hard as she minded her own business behind my back.

Just as I was done with my hair, I suddenly felt a pair of hands running over my shoulders, massaging them while lather ran over my back.

(She snarled) ‘Turn around!’

As soon as I heard those words, I instinctively spun myself around and came face-to-face with her naked body, hands then moved to my chest to clean me up. Without saying a word, I put my hands on her waist and began spreading the soap around her sides, gliding my way to her chest, shoulders, and down to her groin.

(She asked shyly) ‘Make sure you clean it thoroughly k?’

She slid a hand over my cock and began stroking it, giving it a ‘scrub’ as gentle as I was brushing between her thighs. Soon, we were both panting and gasping as our hands focused too hard on the ‘deep cleanse’.

Once we were all covered in bubbles, I took the showerhead and ran warm water down our heads, wiping all the soap off until we were both wet and hard.

(I said) ‘You’re still wet down there.. ‘

(Tracy whispered shyly) ‘hey.. rubbing it is going to make it worse.. ‘

(I suggested) ‘Hmm.. can you turn around for me?’

‘Uh huh.. ‘

She turned to the thin metal pipes along the wall and held onto them with two hands, hips stuck out at the position I brought her to. Doing a little squat behind her ass, I aimed my cock at her pussy and carefully pushed my way in, taking great care at splitting her vaginal walls apart.

(I asked) ‘Feeling better?’

(Tracy moaned) ‘Oh yes.. much.. bett.. ahh.. ‘

I then moved my hips back and forth slowly until the entire length of my cock was lubricated, for the gradual increase in the speed where I slid my cock in and out of her. Losing our breaths one at a time, Tracy had to keep her volume down as I rammed her harder and deeper, burying my cock so deep up her pussy that she was constantly trembling.

Our relationship as tenants was quite the unique one, since we were both at a very eligible age. Formalities aside, we had a knack for applying innuendos whenever we communicate, bringing us much closer without being too friendly.

Now that the last barrier was broken, the sex was uniquely profound, like we were just waiting to lose ourselves to each other.

In the midst of our high-speed action, I sensed the contraction she moaned particularly louder to, signalling an unmistakable orgasm. Her pussy was squeezing me so tight I was quickly brought to my wits end as well, groaning and sighing into her ear as the urge built up.

(I whispered aloud) ‘I’m gonna cum soon!’

Hearing my urgency, she swiftly dismounted my cock and plopped her butt on the towel bowl, pulling me by my hand until her mouth could go over my manhood. While she executed her killer moves with her lips, I kept one hand on her clit until she climaxed.

About a minute following her orgasm, I cued her for my release and let her decide where my cum should go. Not only did she kept sucking, I was granted the joy of emptying my load into her mouth that was seamlessly transferred down her throat into her belly.

The next few seconds of unnecessary sucking literally brought me to my knees, where she then rinsed our bodies before we dried each other.

Ironically, we were both late for work that morning, but would no longer be since we have all night to satisfy our sexual cravings for each other, before taking a no-frill shower (together) the next day.

One can only imagine what two sexually-driven tenants would do in an apartment the owner doesn’t reside in.

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