Wet Dry Wet


(Cindy exclaimed) ‘FUCK!’

(I answered listlessly) ‘What happened?’


In case I wasn’t surprised enough to find the door unlocked, I almost burst out laughing after seeing how Cindy was sprawled on the floor of the handicap toilet (with shower), and drenched under the still-running water.

‘You didn’t tell me you were showering?’

‘I DIDN’T LA! I slipped and fell and pressed on the button! You idiot! You better stop giggling!’

Needless to say, we were both stumped in a situation where none of us, ignoring the fact that her skirt, panties and bra were all wet, has a spare shirt. Within a few minutes, she started shivering and that left me with no choice, but to give in to her insistence that I let her have my shirt.

As soon as she put it on, she realised how warm it was and immediately jumped into my arms, unconsciously brushing her hands up and down my back for warmth.

(Cindy asked) ‘Do you know how to take a bra off?’


(She asked) ‘Can help me? It’s wet and sticky.’

I was sure it was sensual sigh that came from her lips when I put my hands under my shirt, unhooking and doing whatever she just asked from me. It wasn’t until her panties was halfway down her legs when I realised how compliant I was to ‘hold her for a while’, instantly clouding my naive mind with impure thoughts.

But beyond all that awkwardness, embarrassment and hassle, it did felt natural for me to hold her in such an endearing manner. The hands that we kept moving across each others’ backs, were slowly becoming a tease that none of us could call out.

Sensing her submission to the sense of relaxation and euphoria, I shifted my hands lower than she would be comfortable with, onto her ass, and felt no resistance. The moment the tip of my finger touched her pussy, she just hugged me tighter and put her chin on my shoulder.

(Cindy whispered) ‘i’m still wet.’

There on, I moved one hand to her front and slipped it between her legs, one foot perched on the toilet bowl cover to better ‘air’ it. While I was getting started with her clit, she began working on my jeans, undoing just enough to get her hands on my throbbing manhood.

(Cindy whispered) ‘how long has it been?’

‘Since I last came?’

‘no.. since we wanted each other?’

How could I stop my penis from twitching to that? Her hand couldn’t have felt any soft as she ran her fingers all over my shaft, paying extra attention to the tip where it was ‘mysteriously’ lubricated (with my pre-cum).

Soon, we were groaning and moaning into each others’ ears, writhing and dodging from the harsher teasing we lashed out with our fingers. ‘Wet beyond imagination’ would be just the right terms to describe how aroused she was, and also an appropriately-inappropriate time for her to tuck my dick under her pussy.

Leading with a gentle thrusts between her legs, I could vividly imagine the softness of her pussy my rock-solid cock was grinding under. A quick spin of her body put my chest up against her back, while keeping my dick nicely tucked within her thigh gap.

(She cheekily asked) ‘ready?’

My grin went unnoticed as she pushed my dick head lower, directing it into the dungeon of lust to blow my mind with. I didn’t know if I should be celebrating how she was grabbing the edge of the basin so tightly, or was I hurting her.

As soon as she rocked her body back and forth to initiate the fucking-process, I knew we were on the stairway to heaven. Slow, rhythmic thrusts delivered soothing waves of sex into her body, trembling so ever slightly to my occasional bumps on her g-spot (as she described).

The increasingly irresistible craving for each other next brought us to the next level, though it was just a speed bump. Louder, dirtier, slurping noises filled up our tiny cubicle as I jerked her hips roughly back onto my cock, splitting her vaginal walls with force and vigour.

Somewhere in the middle of that, a continuous stream of juices began to leak over my balls as I kept banging. Hearing how her moans went from sexy, to crazy, to tamed, before its last form of agony, I suspected that she was actually squirting.

(I whispered loudly) ‘i’m gonna cum soon Cin.. !’

‘ahh.. to a.. ahh.. theatre near you? hahh.. ahh.. ‘

Her attempt to joke failed once I pulled it out of her, collapsing onto the handrail for support while she fumbled for the toilet. She cued me over and wrapped her fingers gently around my cock, pumping it with frequent additions of her saliva to keep it really sloppy.

(I hushed) ‘ok ok! now now!’

I was helpless against my shock when she unconditionally put her mouth over my cock, sucking, jerking and fondling my balls at the same time to get my penis really pumping everything out.

At once, I felt fully satisfied and emptied, like all my years of sexual tension was finally relieved. Since I was a little numb then, I let her suck on it until she had enough.

Enough of it being in her mouth.

Cindy moved her ass to the sink and sat atop the counter, while leading my cock right into her pussy.

‘Let me do the work now.’


It seemed, that she was skilled enough to rock her ass on the slightly-wet counter to slide her pussy up and down all over my cock. Without the need to do any work, I just caressed her sensitive nipples to trigger as many unwanted (read; distracting) orgasms.

While she did the first half of the work riding my brains out, I did the honours of fucking the life out of her. Going back to doggystyle over the toilet, we kept the mess to the minimal when she squirt all over my balls again, this time going straight into the loo.

As for my second load, it went across her stomach when I had to pull it out at the last minute, leaving the rest to her hand that kept rubbing me from under her pussy.

By the time we were all cleaned up, her clothes were dry enough to wear and we went straight to her home for her to ‘make it up to me’.

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