Appointed Escort

Having wasted beyond my own recognition, I couldn’t do much except stumble around when Xiaoling, an escort assigned by my client company, flipped me around to take my shirt off. With the sound of a running tap in the background, I couldn’t be more thankful for her hospitality to make sure I was in better form before she takes her leave.

She helped me to the bathroom before I felt her struggling with my belt, a clothing article I thought would be the limit of my ‘uselessness’. Of course, I should take things over from there, if not for the fact that she had succeeded stripping my bottoms off for me. Burdened with a sense of embarrassment and guilt, I quickly stepped into the bathtub and laid down with my eyes closed, ready to end the awkward evening without anymore eye contact.

However, I had to open my eyes when I sensed water being displaced, by her nudity and company in the tub. Without touching me anywhere else, a single grasp of her hand around my cock sobered me up in an instant.

Translation: I can take it from here.

Keeping mum, she continued stroking my wiener until it was rock solid, waking me up to the possible, unlikely ‘job’ she was tasked to do. Wading in the water, she slid her ass up my legs until our genitals were touching, but that was clearly not close enough. She leaned her chest on mine and gave me a kiss on the neck right before she lowered her pussy over my cock, bringing me to yet another warm spot in the bathtub.

Water started sloshing around as she bounced atop my cock, draining and rejuvenating me of my strength at the same time. As time went by, I felt her vaginal walls closing down on me before the cute little girl trembled minimally on my manhood, a sign of orgasm I couldn’t miss.

There was no way I could let her sacrifice herself that way anymore and I hastily rinsed myself clean, just like she did in front of me. No matter how she teased and kept my hormones raging, it wasn’t me to let her do such a thing.

Storming out of the bathroom, the worried girl ran after me and pounced on me from behind, tipping us over onto the bed. I had figured, that the bed would be a much better place if she was to extend her service that far for me.

Pinning her under me, I tucked my elbows under her knees and spread her legs high up to her chest, allowing her just enough space for one arm to stick through, to guide me into her pussy. Once I docked, I unleashed all the frustrations and joy of having the deal closed, at the expense of Xiaoling.

Not only was she moaning in such an ego-boosting way, she was responding in the most natural, feminine manner, in the form of orgasms. Waves after waves of climax wore her out bit by bit, and the increasing tightness only turned me on even more.

I was so violent in missionary that at one point, she began blabbering gibberish I couldn’t understand. Eyes rolling white, breaths barely there, body flopping like a fish out of water, I thought I had took it too far when she fell silent all of a sudden.

Still hard with a raging erection, I turned her over and brought her ass up to my hips, returning my cock to its rightful place with a single jab. The exhausted girl jolted awake and resumed her hysterical moans while I hammered her hard and deep, translating my lust into vicious pumping motion she finally begged to end.

Five minutes, was all the plea I could ignore and I collapsed into the bed upon pulling out. She then turned herself to my cock and unleashed her collective, blowjob skills, shocking, softening, agitating, relaxing, taming me one sensation at a time.

By the time I was ready to blow my load, I was so close to unconsciousness that I doubt there would be any ‘explosion’.

Translation: Xiaoli, I’m cumming.’

‘Mmm.. ‘

I could tell that she had gathered all her might by the groans she made, as she slid herself over me like a drunk getting on a motorbike. My cock went back into her pussy and she went for a final ride, one that I didn’t have any more strength to resist.

I had officially emptied my balls into the escort sent by my client.

The next morning, she woke me up with a blowjob and we basically spent most of my R&R day fucking in bed, likewise for the next three days.

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