On-the-Job Learning

(Aldric asked) ‘Do you want to give it a try?’


Just before he could move his gaming chair out of the way, Ally plopped herself down on his lap and took control of the mouse, resuming his work while he calmed himself down from the sudden skin contact. Not only was her scent pleasantly irresistible, most of her legs were also brushing against his.

(Ally asked) ‘Does this look ok?’

‘Yeah. More or less. It’s not as difficult as it looks right?’

‘Umm-hmm.. ‘

All of a sudden, she grabbed his right hand and tucked it under her oversized-hoodie, where he quickly realised that she wasn’t wearing underneath. After a while more of her ‘guided’ tour, he found his hand on her nipple, that was stiffer than he had expected.

As he pinched and rolled her pokies in his fingers, she started writhing and squirming, before her head fell onto his shoulder.

(She whispered) ‘it feels kinda weird.. but nice.. ‘

‘Should I stop?’

‘Hmm.. ‘

She then brought his hand downward until he reached her groin, diligently shaved save for some stubble.

(She whispered) ‘you can continue down here.’

The lower he put his hand, the wider her legs spread, to the point she was wide enough for him to wriggle a finger between and onto her clit. Making small, circular motion on that sensitive spot, it didn’t take her long to start moaning into his ear, hips instinctively grinding up and down his erection as he varied his speed.

After a few minutes, she stopped him and leaned forward to take some weight off him. She then stuck a hand between her thighs and yanked his shorts down, to which he gladly assisted by lowering it down to his feet. With his cock poking excitedly out from under her pussy, he resumed his casual rubbing while she stroked his manhood swollen.

(Ally whispered) ‘do you think it can fit?’

‘Well I don’t think we should try. I mean.. you are not yet.. ahhh.. what are you.. ahhh.. ‘

All it took was for her to slide her pussy up and down along his shaft a few times, and he succumbed to the overwhelming whiff of lust that set his principles far aside.

Holding his cock with one hand, Ally moved herself further up his lap and slowly let herself down, right over his manhood that was painfully splitting her apart. It almost felt like he was prying her open with that soft, fleshy cock that wasn’t meant to be inside.

Inch by inch, she let herself slip down his groin until she was wrapped tightly at the base of his cock. Meanwhile, Aldric was taking deep breaths to alleviate the pressure that her pussy was apply across his loin. All their discomfort, couldn’t be any easier to rid once he replaced his fingers on her clit.

As she relaxed to his gentle rubbing, she managed to ‘ride’ him in a somewhat awkward motion of half-squatting and sitting. The poor boy in agony didn’t suffer for much longer once he bent her over the desk, and stood up on his feet to finish the rest of the work.

Starting with small, controlled strokes in and out of her pussy, he slowly picked up momentum until she was gasping for air. Thrusting his cock deep, but at a steady speed, he literally split her at every push, and let her savour his entries during the ‘pulls’.

In time, she got wet enough for him to go all out at her, pillaging her pussy as her mind went blank with all the pleasure bombarding the sanity out of her small body. Still, with how tight she was, there was no way he could last, if not for the slight ache caused by her pelvic bones pressing onto his shaft.

Over the next five minutes or so of wild, uninhibited sex, she turned weaker with each orgasm blasting through her petite frame. As for Aldric, he was about to let himself go, in the fluid sense.

(Aldric whispered loudly) ‘al! I’m pulling out now.. ‘

And with that, he withdrew his cock out of danger and slumped onto his seat, panting in relief despite the state of his unexpended rounds. Ally, didn’t stop there and went on her knees between his feet, jerking on his juice-covered cock while aiming it at her mouth.

If it wasn’t bad (or good) enough to have a taste of such young bodies, he was about to fill one up orally with his cum. The sight of her flushed, ecstatic face, combined with her wobbly, twitchy, feeble state, proved they were more than what he needed to spray his load right into her anticipating mouth.

Squirting waves after waves of warm, gooey cum, she swallowed almost as quickly as he unloaded. In the end, not only was there no mess to clean up, she benefitted from the late-night snack she was supposedly awake in the middle of the night for.

(Ally whispered) ‘now that.. is something to remember.’

The both of them put everything back in place and Ally sneaked back into his sister room to continue ‘sleeping’.

As for Aldric, he went straight to bed in exhaustion, but not without getting awakened by his sister in the second, middle-of-the-night.

(Aldric asked) ‘Yeah? What is it?’

‘Ally.. I saw what you did with her.’

‘Uhh.. that.. She wanted to learn.. ‘

‘I know what you two did! And I will tell on you if you don’t give me what I want.’

‘Ok fine. What do you want?’

Aldric then reluctantly got out of bed and let her lie in it, removing both their clothes to fulfill his sister’s unreasonable request. As if it wasn’t bad enough to see her naked, he brought his face up to her pussy and gave her her first cunnilingus experience, that she got absurdly wet to when she imagined the scene Ally seduced her brother.

To have ‘access’ to a readily-available male in her same household to satisfy her sexual curiosity, turned her on so much to the point where it was almost easy for Aldric to penetrate her pussy. Unlike Ally, she was so relaxed and mentally-ready that the siblings got lost while fucking their brains out, screaming into the pillow as he rammed his sister silly.

As orgasms began flowing through her body, her breathing got so sexual that Ally couldn’t help but barge into their room. Inviting herself on top of her sister, the girls began making out as Aldric took his pick of pussy, alternating between them while giving his own sister more ‘playtime’.

Towards the end, he pulled out just in time for the girls to take turns going down on him. When it was time for the finale, Aldric made sure that his sister took all of it, a load that didn’t seem any less than what Ally received.

Instead of swallowing it, she shared it with Ally and the girls promptly crashed in his bed, one on each side. Throughout the night, the girls woke up randomly and fucked him whenever they did, keeping him drained until daybreak.

You could say that the girls will be expecting more ‘out of him’ once they were done with the breakfast Aldric’s parents had bought, before leaving for work.

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