Super-Personal Assistant

‘Zack.. Time to get up.. ‘

(In his sleepy voice) ‘Can I just have a few more.. hahhh.. hahh.. ‘

Before he could complete his sentence, Kylie was already on her knees between his feet, going down on his morning wood with a borderline-believable look of enthusiasm.

Starting from the tip of his cock, she swirled her tongue around it until he got agitated, in a good way, that he was about to push her head down if not for her quickness to do it first. The way she dragged her lips so gently up and down his shaft, only made him questioned himself if he would ever let her stop.

Beneath the part she was sucking hungrily on, her hand caressed his balls until they were so sensitive, to the point he had to beg her to stop doing it. Later wrapping her fingers around the base of his shaft, the combination of her mind-blowing oral sex, alongside the loosely-fitted handjob, smothered and energised him at the same time.

(Zack cried) ‘OK OK! NEXT NEXT NEXT!’

Sensing how aroused he was, Kylie then crawled seductively to his side before stripping her ‘work outfit’, mainly a conservative, roundneck t-shirt, and high-waist skirt, off for him to cleanse his eyes. Naked under those clothes, she couldn’t miss that involuntary twitch of his cock when she positioned herself on top of him, sitting so ever slowly down onto his throbbing, thick manhood.

(Kylie asked as she squeezed her pussy) ‘Ready?’


Seeing how he clenched his fists on the sheets next to him, Kylie got wetter at the thought of how pleased he must be with her performance. Grinding, was the first act that sent him sobbing (without tears) in desperation, dick being swung about in circles inside the vagina he could hardly endure its tightness.

Right before he lost his breaths to her vicious assault, she began rocking her hips back and forth on his groin, switching up the circular, flinging motion to one that resembled a ‘scooping’ action, especially when she glided her ass backward. The tip of his cock would do a full lap across the underside of her pussy, swiping along her g-spot to leave her gasping for air.

Each passing stroke, wrestled a little more control from her, but nether was he in the state to dominate her model-like figure. If not for the lack of camera, she would certainly pass off as a high-end pornstar whose job was supposedly a HR officer.

Despite going through one of the most agonising sex position, Zack still had his eyes on her glistening-with-perspiration body. Call it a blessing or fate, she was saved by the one and only foreigner quota his (legal) company had, not that there was anyone else besides him (he ran the business alone).

The last stop for him was when she tucked her feet in, for the forceful, bouncing slamming she would scream hysterically to, plugging her own pussy at such a depth that hit-and-scraped her g-spot to a blissful finish. Repeat that motion enough times and it triggered the unstoppable chain of orgasms that drove her wild, unleashing all three maneuvers (grind, rock, bounce) randomly like he was an inanimate sex doll.


Before he could finish his sentence, again, hot cum were getting pumped into her pussy that was still going up and down his cock, milking every last drop out of him while pushing him over his limits.

If not for his final attempt to hold her down to end the cycle of orgasms, she might well sucked his soul out through her pussy too. Thankfully, he could do his job as the CEO from the comfort of his home, and her incessant teasing/ relief on his sexual organ actually showed his clients (over the phone) his reasonable, forgiving side.

(Over the phone) ‘.. ok. As long as you understand where I’m coming from, I am fine with it. Just make your next payment on time.’

Yes, he is a loanshark, and a very polite, courteous one while at it, or at least for that day.

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