School Day

‘Same position?’


Without wasting a second more of their precious morning, Mabel stood behind his sofa and gasped at the moment he reached under her skirt, to remove her shorts and panties at the same time. Despite not being mentally ready for it, her body was beginning to anticipate their rendezvous that merely started just a week ago.

Unlike the previous days where she would only get wet at his fingers, she was already wet before he even touched her. One swipe of his fingers, was all it took for him to get excited, especially since she seemed to be craving for it as well.

‘Wet already?’

‘Hey.. don’t say it out loud.. ‘

Jake then went ahead to rub her clit until she was squirming sheepishly, like she was resisting her body’s desire. Finally, it was time for him to undo his pants and that cracking noise made by the zipper, only made her ‘hungrier’.

With that much lubrication, it couldn’t be any easier for him to slide his cock right in, all the way up her vaginal that otherwise would take multiple small thrusts to reach. He too, was losing his mind as he could vividly sense his cock splitting her narrow pussy apart at the inward strokes, thereafter creating a vacuum on his way out.

The moans that were coming from Mabel didn’t help much either, being high-pitched, soft-but-intense, that completely embraced how well he was pleasing her. As he slammed his hips harder at her pussy, she was making voiceless screams to his deep penetrations. He knew how to do it right, ramming as deeply as he could each time to keep her high and overwhelmed by pleasure.

Given her small physique, it was already exasperating enough during his entry (into her), let alone the orgasms that would shut her even closer around his cock. Combine that with the naturally-occurring suction, cutesy-sounding moans, Jake couldn’t last half as long as before.

(Jake groaned) ‘I’M GONNA CUM.. I’M GONNA CUM.. ‘

(Mabel moaned breathlessly) ‘Just.. cum.. already.. I am.. going numb.. ‘

At his biggest, he yanked his cock out of her abruptly and let her slump onto the ground between his feet, before guiding her mouth to his wiener. Half-jerking and half-thrusting into her lips, he finally poured his huge load down her gulping throat.

Every drop was squeezed from his tube and into her mouth, leaving her to suck the last of it out herself. If not for his offer to drive her to school, Mabel might not have made it with the soreness in her nether region.

The extra $80 that Mabel received that day probably wouldn’t last long.

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