Little Secrets

‘Mr. Lee?’

I almost dropped my cigarette when I heard that voice from behind, trapping me in the worst situation imaginable. Although it isn’t a crime for an educator to smoke, it is another story to be caught doing it. It might not be serious enough for ‘termination’, but I would surely be on a watch list of some kind.

*Sigh* What?’

‘Can I smoke with you?’

To be honest, I felt a little relief when Rachael said that, but it would also mean that I had one less chance to right her ‘bad’ habit. Nonetheless, I agreed and lit my second one with her, puffing away on the sofa I turned around to look out of the full-length window.

‘Mr. Lee! Try mine try mine. It’s a local product.’

‘Mine is also local.’

Tsk! Mine is different la. Hand-rolled.’

It was only my second puff when she stuffed the end of her joint into my face, leaving me no choice but to draw one. Upon inhaling the first breath, all my senses were suddenly awakened, unlike how intoxicated she got after another drag. Everything was coming to life with each passing second, until the ‘progress’ slowed down to a stop.

There was little inhibition left to turn down her offer of a whole stick, briefly lighting it up after extinguishing my own. I managed to burn through half of it when I suddenly felt her hand on my thigh, sliding cheekily for my groin.

Less than five seconds later, a wave of soothing warmth gathered at my nether region, as if giving me a reason to not resist her. As much as I tried to fight it, my body’s desire for attention down there led her to a full-on handjob, jerking me off in my boxers as she reached into her FBT shorts.

Once we moved closer than we should to each other, my hands were taking on a life of their own, disappearing into her shorts and under her shirt to execute the ‘dirty massage’ she deserved.

(Rachael said wearily) ‘nice right? am I wet?’

(I whispered) ‘yes.. very.. ‘

‘do you want to put it inside me?’

‘no.. I can’t.’

‘Don’t lie.. you twitched when I asked that question.. ‘

She turned her body towards me and laid her head on the armrest, spreading her legs as wide as she needed to pull her shorts aside. As intended by the soft, warm, down lights, she couldn’t have looked any sexier, and tantalising down there.

The evil spirit shifted my body until my hips were aligned with hers, just short of that many inches that would enter her. My eyes that were locked on hers so intensely, somehow lured me right onto her lips that finally unleashed the monster within, making out so wildly as my cock pierced into her pussy.

None of us were thinking of anything else when I started thrusting my dong into her, plunging as deeply and as forcefully it made her moan in pleasure. Tightness, wasn’t an issue for once, since I was like a rock, more agitated than aroused being inside her.

Once my lips were freed, my hand went over her clit to rub the life out of it turning her moans into screams of joy. After her first orgasm, the rest just followed one after another, at three-minute intervals that left her weaker but hungrier for more.

As for myself, the sensations in my loin returned bit by bit to the merciless clamping of her vaginal walls. By the time the clock showed 2am, the both of us were covered in perspiration, yet smiling silly with just one primal instincts left in us, that is – to fuck.

I next brought her to the window, yanked her ass outward and shoved my cock between her pussy, expending the rest of my vitality in that standing-doggystyle. Amidst the agonising moans and breathless sighs, we continued to make out until I was about to cum.

‘Mr Lee! Wait wait! Don’t cum first!’

While I was surprised to know that she had regained consciousness, there was me to figure out. I followed her to the lounge chair and watched her rest her chest on the headrest, before spreading her ass cheeks apart.

(I said) ‘I don’t understand.. what.. ‘

‘Anal? In my ass?’

(I said in a firm tone) ‘Rachael no. This is not the time for you to try.. ‘

‘Cher! I have put my fingers in there before, when I masturbate. So it isn’t.. isn’t.. You’re hard again.. ‘

I went up to her and let a huge blob of saliva fall into her crack, as lubricant for my little head to pop inside that forbidden hole. Starting with small, shallow thrusts, I was barely holding it in when we finally touched base(s).

It took me no more than ten strokes before I had to call it in, to which she was fully supportive of my delivery into that particular unloading bay. Towards the end, we got so intense that we could literally melt into each other, right up to the moment I pumped her ass full of cum that caused her to climax one last time.

After the deed, with my genital still stuffed, I carried her to the bath where we needlessly cleaned ourselves up, since we were onto each other again the moment we stepped out. Throughout the night, we slept and fucked until it was time for breakfast.

Thankfully, no one else noticed her absence (from her room), or so I thought.

(Mr. Ang whispered) ‘Eh so.. did you and Rachael have fun?’

(I replied calmly) ‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’

‘I’m saying.. that Emily and I have our secret too.. you know. ‘

No, I felt like I knew nothing, nor was I even the tip of the iceberg.

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