Married for Pleasure

(Chermaine whispered) ‘hey babe.. did I wake you?’

(In Ryan’s drowsy voice) ‘how could you not?’

Without giving him one more look, she turned her head back to the piece of throbbing, warm meat sticking out of his boxers, sucking on it hungrily as he trembled to her lips gliding down his saliva-covered shaft.

Be it luck or misfortune, it was the third morning Ryan was awakened by her ‘hunger’, interrupting his sleep that began less than two hours ago. Ignoring his need for rest, she continued making her way up and down that long pipe, hardness not too different from a hard-boiled egg.

Unknown to Ryan, amidst the weak groans and satisfying slurps, she was actually smiling as she went down on him in the most sensual manner, licking him all the way from the base, to the very tip where pre-cum was oozing out of.

(Ryan asked) ‘You are not going to ride me are you? I’m dead tired.. ‘

‘I am! Right now. Sorry dear.. ‘

Even without laying a finger on her, she was wet beyond believe. And he didn’t even need to feel that himself. On the first contact of her pussy in the cowgirl position, her juices were already dribbling down his cock. The rest need not be said, as he slid into her with the least resistance ever recorded in their newly-married life.

(Chermaine whispered loudly)*gasp* just bear with it for a while k dear? I’ll try to hurry.’

‘Huh? No! Don’t.. AHHH.. hurry!’

Right off the bat, she rocked her hips so fast that he forgot what he wanted to tell her, having his sensitive little head shoved deeply into the far end of her vagina.

That, referring to his unnaturally large dong, was largely why she said ‘yes’ to his proposal. It was one that she could go crazy on, turn lewd to, and lose herself in the myriad of pleasure and excitement that wouldn’t end even after he came. How could she, a mere, simple-minded woman, not get addicted to such a gift?




‘I.. can’t! You know I can’t!’

Before even she had realised it, her feet was tucked by his hips and a slight tilt forward raised her into a squatting position, one that would leave the both of them breathless as her pussy tightened all around his manhood.

Leaning backwards on one hand, she used her other hand to rub her clit, while continously slamming her ass onto his groin. It didn’t take much for the both of them to be groaning and cringing for their lives, overwhelmed and outdone by their lust for each other.

(Chermaine moaned) ‘I’M COMING! JUST.. A.. WHILE.. MOAHHHH!’

A steady stream of fluid then flowed down his shaft and that was it, the sign of completion. None of them could be bothered with the clean up as the clock showed 6am, the time for Chermaine to get ready for work.

After five or so minutes of tranquility, she returned to the bedroom all dressed and made up, except for her lipstick which she would apply in the lift down. And the only reason for that, was for her to get her daily dose of cum before he would leave for work.

With her hair neatly tied in a ponytail, she resumed sucking on his cock again, waking him up for the sole purpose of emptying his balls. Just like the past two days since their wedding, he took exactly six minutes, to unload a half-mouthful of cum for Chermaine’s daily vitamin.

More could be said for the few hours they would spend together after he returned home from work.

As the saying goes, ‘keep your man’s stomach full, and his balls empty, for a healthy, rewarding marriage’, highly likely quoted from experienced wives.

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