Studying Hard and Wet

(I whispered) ‘are you crazy? she’s just right behind us!’

Barely thirty minutes had passed since Jamie and my sister returned home from school, after their netball training which left my sister too exhausted for any tuition that evening. Being her older brother, it was, sort of, my responsibility to tutor her (or rather, them) in the subject she was weakest in.

As expected, it didn’t take her long to start snoring in her sleep, leaving just Jamie and I to complete her homework.

(Jamie whispered) ‘then don’t make so much noise.. ‘

Without any hesitation, she got out of her seat and bent her body over the desk once her books were shifted away, but not too far for her to continue doing her work. Still seated next to her, I moved one hand under her skirt and took her panties off, tucking it safely in her backpack in case we needed to ‘escape’.

As soon as my fingers started running in circles around her clit, she was twitching and wriggling to the wetness forming between those soft flesh. Five minutes, I think she lasted when she suddenly opened her legs to sit on my lap, using her non-writing hand to fiddle at my zipper under it was open.

In that seated-reverse-cowgirl position, I had an easier time teasing her clit as she did the same to me, half-grinding her clit on my shaft and half-stroking my manhood. Things ‘slowly’ got out of hand once she tried to poke into my urethra with her nails, a move that instantly drove me insane with pain and pleasure all mixed together.

If my sister was to wake at that point in time, with one of my hand up her friend’s blouse and another between her wide-opened legs, she wouldn’t even need to see what Jamie was doing to my cock to disown me as her brother.

(Jamie whispered with her head tilted back) ‘I think you’re hard enough.’

‘are you wet enough?’

She threw a sly wink at me and then tiptoed to lift her ass off my lap, holding herself in that position while I felt her fingers under my shaft. Before I knew it, she eased her hips down onto me and engulfed me in the warmest ’embrace’ ever. Not only was she tight as always, the magnitude of her wetness seemed to have overestimated my stamina. Like she was more desirable and ready than I could probably perform.

In a blink of an eye, she was riding me while doing her work, putting down equations that I was sure weren’t gibberish. It was that subtle, un-overpowering twerks of her ass that really left me in agony. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was so ready to cum, she just had to do it at a pace that wouldn’t push me over that edge.

As the longest minutes passed in our period of entanglement, she continued to flipping pages between books and memorised notes, due to perhaps the fact that I couldn’t make any loud noises to stop the cycle of edging.

(I whispered loudly) ‘jamie!’

(She whispered) ‘what? do you want to cum?’

‘can you tell?’

(She whispered excitedly) ‘duh! from how thick.. you are getting.. ‘

The moment she placed her fingers on the exposed part of my cock that didn’t go inside of her, my mind instantly turned into pulp. I could literally feel myself getting thicker as she got more agile, taking more and more of me at each downward stroke.

Soon, I was fully buried in her and gasping for my life, while listening to her moans muffled by the arm she was lying face-down on. I swear, we were like actors in a typical Japanese porno-flick fucking behind the back of someone we shouldn’t have.

It wasn’t before long, that I had to get a firm grip of her waist, as a preventive maneuver she understood as well. All that was left was the waiting game, as my mind sobered up for the happy ending.

Right before she crossed the line, I tightened my grip and was about lift her off my cock when a voice snapped from behind, ‘(you) Guys enjoying yourselves?’.

Upon hearing that, my arms froze in shock, and Jamie’s legs gave way to fear, sliding her collapsed pussy straight down my cock, for the worst part of it – an uncontrollable creampie that brimmed generously out of her.

My next attempt to pick her up, only made things worse as she slipped to my sister’s next words, ‘Huh? Jamie? With my own brother?’ Under such circumstances, we took longer than we wanted to to uncouple our genitals, clean up, and get back in our seats, all done without a single glance in my sister’s direction.

From how motionless we sat, I think, I saw Jamie mouthed the words, ‘oh shit’.

No shit.

(I said) ‘Ling.. we are attracted to each other and.. ‘

‘And what? Do you even know that I am attracted to her.. and you as well? And now? This?’

(Jamie asked) ‘Wait. You are into me and him?’

Ling stormed up to Jamie with a straight face and planted her lips on hers, hands crawling up each other’s face as they exchanged saliva. By their side, at such close proximity, it couldn’t be any easier for Ling to guide Jamie’s hand back to my groin, undoing my pants together, faster this time.

Little need to be said, as a full-on threesome broke out in the bedroom, first, with the girls kissing their way onto her bed. Followed shortly by Ling eating my cum out of Jamie’s pussy, I forsook my morality when I gave my sister a little massage, between her legs.

For the rest of the evening, I was mostly in Ling, thankfully bounded by a condom, to appease her jealousy. It was also, on that day I learnt about a woman’s wrath, from the way the girls held nothing back and rubbed each other so forcefully that they were climaxing harder and more often than their athletic bodies could handle.

That said, my second load was graciously offered to Jamie out of hospitality, but apparently wasn’t as simple as that once Ling bragged to her about the warm, gooey dessert she had after dinner, ‘straight from the source’.

For now, I can only imagine what Ling would put be through just for the tales she would share with Jamie, until the next time she comes over for ‘tuition’.

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