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(In his shocked voice) ‘hey!’

(Mabel whispered) ‘shhh.. ‘

It only took a second to melt Alex’s brain into a pulp once she had her mouth over his dick, draining him of any strength to resist, or even react to the absurdity of her actions. After all, it was his first blowjob, and only natural to be overwhelmed by pleasure, shock and weakness.

For the past two weeks after he enlisted, Mabel could only fantasise about how much he might have changed, but all that went away as soon as she laid eyes on him. ‘Underestimation’, would be an understatement given how soaked her panties got when she merely held him by his arms.

While it was one thing to make someone happy by pleasing him, it was another, to be turned on as she pleased someone. He didn’t take too long to figure his way into those extremely-loose pair of shorts she wore for that ‘special’ occasion. As soon as he started rubbing her clit, she was sucking him as wildly as he was teasing her.

No, it wasn’t how fast or gently he rubbed that made her want more, but it was the suspension in a euphoric state that kept her trapped in the endless cycle of pleasing him, so he would please her in return.

Nonetheless, the deeper she sucked, the faster he rubbed, and the loop was closed when she climaxed over his hand. Just as he was about to slip a finger into her, she darted out of his way, and turned the bedside lamp on, for him to see something far more interesting.

Doing a half-squat over his groin, she pulled her shorts to a side and parted her vaginal lips with her index and middle finger, exposing the most delicate parts of her body for him to admire upclose. Then, right before his eyes, she lowered herself over his dick she held upright and hopped so ever slightly, lubricating him on her way down until he lost his breaths.

‘Balls-deep’ was he, in her pussy when he came to his senses. His body had gone limp from all that happened but she wasn’t someone who would let that get in their way. Despite being a few years younger than him, she has already discovered enough of herself, but never at such depth like he was inside her.

Unlike him, who was still mostly sober, she was barely conscious when he split right inbetween her vagina, overpowering her sanity with an indescribable lust that felt fairly addictive.

(She asked weakly) ‘can.. you move?’

‘Yes.. wait.. just give me some time.. ‘

She grudgingly laid herself on his chest and let him flip them over, fidgeting his cock a little too much that she was no longer in control of her limbs.

(Alex asked) ‘hey.. you ok?’

(In her agonising voice) ‘move slowly.. I’ll be ok.’

He tucked his feet together and picked his hips up, pulling out three-quarters of the way before sliding it into her again. Just repeating that one, single act of thrusting his hips, felt more demanding than the worst training he went through in camp.

Somewhere along his clumsy pounding, he managed to find his tempo and began to please her properly, in one of the most gentle, yet intense moves she had ever saw in any of the porn she encountered. Perhaps, it was as simple as being one of the ‘
actresses’ on screen, to change her perspective about what ‘hardcore’ meant.

After five, long minutes of their first penetrative sex, he slowed down to a stop and lifted himself away from her. She then made him sit at the edge of the bed and went on her knees between his feet, licking, sucking and kissing his manhood like she was worshipping it.

(He whispered softly) ‘may.. you don’t have to do.. tha-ahh.. hahh.. keep going! keep going! I’m gonna cum!’

The quick turn of event put her back in charge, sucking him as she pleased while she fingered herself. In no time, he was sprawled on the bed, panting deeper and deeper as she jerked him off, until he gave her a death-stare.

At that instance, she took his swollen tip in her mouth and switched the ‘jerking’ motion to an upward-massage, relieving the initial ache from the powerful eruption that she has swallowed every drop of. With his balls emptied, and barrel cleared, he fell asleep right after she had her orgasm, but wasn’t nearly enough to knock her out.

At late morning, when Alex finally woke up, the sight of his naked sister, lower-half on a wet patch in the bed, didn’t surprise him as much as it should anymore.

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