Toy Boy and Girl

‘Parents still asleep?’

‘Ya.. ‘

Once again, I failed to keep my eyes open to watch Ms. Lim as her mouth engulfed me in a surge of warmth and calm, draining all the strength I had gained from sleeping early the previous night.

I knew I was going to have an extra tiring day when I sensed her fingers wrapping around at the base of my shaft, to stroke me in the same direction as her lips that were sliding up and down my shaft with ease.

As I lost control of my voice and started groaning, I could almost visualise, in slow-mo, the entirety of my life force leaving my body, through that single, reproductive organ that she was sucking faster and deeper on, solely to keep me trapped in the ever-intensifying euphoric state of mind.

Who was I, especially at that age, to resist such good sensations? There was no way I could forget how hard she rubbed her groin on my calf, as if she was struggling between feeling good about her skills, and getting some relief of her own.

Needless to say, the blowjob came to an abrupt end when the alarm on her phone sounded off at the 6.40am mark. She got up from her sideway-lying position and pulled me into her arms, for me to slip my hand into her panties while she removed them for me. Circling her clit with my fingertips, a five-second task (of stripping her panties) took a full minute, interrupted by the waves of pleasure weakening her limbs.

As soon as her panties were out of the way, she climbed onto the seat and made space for me to place one knee outside of hers, while keeping the other on the floor of the car. Vividly recalling how ‘feminine’ she had made me with the blowjob I couldn’t refute was indeed mind-blowing, I pried her ass cheeks apart right before I shoved my cock into her pussy, shocking her so much that she slammed into the window in front of her.

The only thing left for me to do was to make good on her words I remembered by heart, that ‘whenever I ram it so deep into her, an electrifying sensation would shoot up from her pussy, through her spine, and reach her head’.

My sexed-up dick left no corners untouched as I pounded her forcefully, sacrificing my own stamina to get a little revenge. It was no accident, that her vaginal walls were squeezing me a little tighter. Just like the last time it happened, I got too sensitive so quickly that the ‘urge to cum’ was instantly replaced by spite, and anger.

Sinking my fingers into her waist, I held her firmly in my hands while thrusting my hips forward, forcing her pussy to accept my dominance despite my lack of experience. The faster I went, the tighter she got, but it was no longer a conscious effort on her part.

Add her increasingly-loud, hysterical moans into the equation, and I was faced with an incoming orgasm that I didn’t know the scale of. Every time I shove my cock into her, she would back up on me, creating a little rebound that would bring us ‘together’ again.

Unsure if I was growing thicker, or she was getting tighter, we were fucking our brains out in the discretion of the car while screaming above the volume of the music that was playing.

(Ms. Lim screamed) ‘COMING! COMING! CAN YOU FEEL IT?!’



She raised her body upright to let me hold her close as my load sprayed into her pussy, pulsing at the same tempo as she sighed. Somehow, the twitching I felt inside of her continued milking me for a while more after I was done unloading, possibly for the best bits at the end.

‘Ms. Lim.. ‘

(As she panted) ‘Don’t worry about it. Today is the fourth month I am on the pill. It will do its job.’

At 3pm sharp, I made my way to the carpark where her car was and spotted her in the backseat, with Hayley.

(I asked) ‘Ms. Lim?’

With the both of them having one hand under each other’s skirt, I knew better than to be a lightbulb.

(I continued) ‘.. I can go home on my.. ‘

(Ms. Lim interrupted) ‘What are you saying? Hop in!’

‘Umm.. ‘

(Hayley in a delighted tone) ‘Sit between us!’

Ms. Lim wasted no time in unzipping my pants, to show Hayley the first penis she would come in contact with. To think that the most clueless, pretty and intelligent student would be in such close proximity to my manhood, I was already twitching wildly in excitement.

(Ms. Lim asked Hayley) ‘Have you watched a girl go down on a guy before?’

(Hayley replying shyly) ‘Yes.. ‘

‘Show me.’

My fellow fifteen-year-old classmate then tucked her hair behind her ears and teased the tip with her tongue, laying it flushed against my shaft before taking it into her mouth. I moaned at the very sight of that and Ms. Lim gave me a cheeky grin, maneuvering herself behind Hayley while she pleasured me.

In under a minute, after taking off Hayley’s shorts under the skirt, Ms. Lim was already making her moan into my cock, blowing new sensations (with vibrations) into my bewildered mind. That evening, Hayley got the best of our attention as we took turns rubbing her to climax, thereafter offering one finger each to finger her until more orgasms followed.

Within two mornings, the three of us have established a routine where Hayley was tasked to keep me up and hard, for Ms. Lim to get her morning ‘workout’ complete with a creampie as large a dose as I could muster.

As for Hayley and I, we would get all the time we wanted in the evening to do as our hearts’ desire. The only rule was keep the car clean, by either taking my load inside her, Hayley’s, mouth, or asking Ms. Lim to receive it.

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