Bedtime Snack

Halfway through my sleep, I jolted awake to the warm, naked body snuggled up at my side, pointy nipples pressed in my chest while a cold hand wrapped itself around my flaccid cock, stroking very slowly up and down in a very anticipating pace.

Shrouded in darkness, my semi-conscious, half-drunk state of mind rendered my life decision half-good at best. All I could make out (with my sense of touch), was that it was likely one of my students, whom had somehow snuck into my room and gotten this close to me, a proximity that could official end my career right there and then.

Making ‘good’ use of my alcohol-induced vulnerability, the sensual handjob got me hard as a rock, before she peeled the sheets away to expose my bottom-half, naked body to the air-conditioning.

(I whispered weakly) ‘whoever that is.. ahhh.. you shouldn’t be.. ahhh.. ‘

By the time I gave her a verbal warning, she had disappeared from my side, to take up a position that I was all too familiar with. I couldn’t help but let a sigh escape, when a pair of soft lips sealed the small head away from the cold, followed by an unhurried descend down my shaft to moisturise every inch that her mouth could reach.

In the midst of the mind-blowing blowjob I was receiving, my frantic, grasping hands ran down her toned back, boney ribs, small boobs, and they all felt so ‘young’, except for the moans she made when I rolled those perky nipples in my fingers.

After five minutes or so, she laid on her back next to me and brought one of my hands to her pussy, where I worked on her clit while she continued jerking me off. Apart from the loud breaths, deep sighs, and noisy ruffling of the bed, everything was so wrongfully right.

With our energy diffusing into the air through mutual gratification, we silently wanted to do something ‘more’.

She first rolled onto her side towards me, then carefully sliding herself over my body while keeping our privates perfectly lined up. The scariest moment came when she parted her legs for my cock to flip right between, short of a tiny jerk that would slip her wet hole over my throbbing erection.

(She moaned softly) ‘Nghhh! Big! Daddy.. ‘

‘Does it hurt?’

‘Yes.. hurts so.. so good.. ‘

I held both her thighs at my hips and rolled ourselves over, weighing her down with what we were about to do. In a slow, controlled manner, I eased my hips back and forth, spreading her juices along the inner lining until her shoulders relaxed. I then began moving at a faster pace, listening closely to the slurping noises that was took some time to go away.

Tight, as she was, the copious amount of lubrication leaking out of her made every thrust so fulfilling and satisfying. Like she had moaned into my ear, I was stretching her wide, and deep. I could tell from the way she asked for ‘more’, I was fueling her cravings similar to an addict getting her fix.

She was soon holding her own calves up in the air, giving me the all the space I needed to pound her hard and deep. I knew she was about to achieve climax when I had to pull all the stops when her vagina collapsed on me, transiting seamlessly from a throbbing sensation, to a clenching motion that I thought was suffocating my cock.

After that first orgasm, the sex was no longer the same, having to plow through that gripping, unrelentless vacuum of her pussy that was still delivering endorphins with just my mere presence inside of her.

(She whispered loudly) ‘DADDY! I’M COMING AGAIN! COME WITH ME!’

It was at that moment I knew I couldn’t go through another of her climax, since she could easily pop my champagne. I gave her another few hard, forceful thrusts before yanking myself anticlimactic-ally out of her, only to watch her swing her upper body upright, catching my cock with her mouth to suck on it while she fingered herself.

I was on one knee when a sudden rush of adrenaline caused me to lose my balance, falling backwards into the pillows where her mouth followed me to. Quickly changing her seated position to a doggystyle stance, she did a heart-wrenching, deep-throat-gagging move that I thought was accidental.

Instead of pulling away, she kept her face buried and only bobbed her head enough to stimulate the tip of my cock with the back of her throat. That killer move, took everything out of me at an instant and triggered a full-on, uninhibited eruption into her mouth.

Choking noises, combined with painful-sounding sniffles, worried me enough to flip all the light switches on. And boy did my heart ache, when I saw Kylie’s cum-tear-snot-covered face.

Though, she was still smiling amidst the mess she was in.


I caught her in my arms and held her for as long as I could, doing my best to ignore her hands that were playfully massaging my expended dick.

(I replied) ‘Aren’t you supposed to be in bed with your friends?’

‘I couldn’t sleep without my night-time snack.’

The next few minutes of us lying in bed gave her more than enough time for me to get hard again. This time, having made sure of her identity, I had an easier time satisfying my little girl from the bathtub, to the balcony, keeping the mess within the confines of her petite, growing, little body.

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