Tuition Fee

‘Water for you.. and something else for me.. ‘

The mother of Lindy, the girl he tutored, crawled under the study table on her knees and began undoing his belt, going all the way until his pants were at his knees. Without wasting a second of his thirty minutes before her daughter would return home from school, she wrapped her hands around his cock and started stroking him up and down, watching in delight as he hardened in the mercy of her palms.

Up above, Jason was just sighing as he did his best to contain his excitement, from the skilful massage that sent his dick and thighs twitching non-stop. Exhaustion was starting to eat away at his voice when she gently parted his legs, bringing herself close enough to his groin where she then engulfed the smaller head in the cosiness of her mouth.

Her lips, they remained relaxed around his manhood throughout the whole time she slid them across his shaft, providing ample saliva as lubrication for the task that brought him ‘back to life’. Jason could not have felt any more relaxed over the course of her blowjob, drifting in and out of a trance whenever she varied her speed.

Once he was hard beyond his limit, Elisa climbed out from under and mounted herself in his lap, burying his face in her bosoms while she bounced on his erection, ramming it deeply into her pussy that was equally as wet as her mouth.

At that point, Jason couldn’t summon any more strength and simply let her ride himself to climax, where her collapsing vagina continued milking him despite staying motionless on top of him. A few seconds later, before she lost the ‘tightness’, she resumed the grinding motion and twerked her ass until he cried for mercy.

For a brief moment, he wondered about the sly grin that appeared on her face, but when her pussy rode him beyond the point of no return, his fears had materialised into an explosive eruption so deep into her vagina that he went brain dead during the process of filling her up with his cum.

That MILF, casually climbed out of his hug and let his load leak out of her and all over his thighs, before making her way out of the room.

(Shouting) ‘MUMMY! I’M HOME! Is Mr. Yap here already?’

‘Yes. Waiting in your room.’

By the time Lindy entered her room, everything was back to ‘normal’, minus the fact that Jason’s weariness could be seen in his bloodshot-eyes.

At 2pm sharp, Elisa excused herself for work and left us to ourselves in the room, where it was Lindy’s turn to get cheeky. Barely five minutes after her mum left the house, she was getting all touchy with him, though he was more accommodating this time since he was quite sure he wouldn’t get ‘worked up’ again, or so soon.

While he checked the homework that was assigned to Lindy last lesson, she put a hand over his groin and began squeezing it carelessly, half-jerking, half-massaging. Sensing no resistance from him, she unzipped his pants and let herself into his underwear, that was still moist from her mum’s contribution.

(Lindy whispered) ‘Is that pre-cum?’

‘Huh? Oh. Umm.. sweat. I’ve been walking around the whole day remember?’

‘Hmm.. ‘

With a playful grin, she stuck a finger under the foreskin and twirled around his little head until he sat upright in shock. Somehow, he was growing larger again, and she couldn’t be happier to get his full attention.

Halfway through the sloppy handjob she was giving under the desk, he grabbed her wrist and glared angrily at her.

‘You, missed out two pages.’

(She answered cheekily) ‘Huh.. really? Can you “do it” with me?’

‘NO! I want you to finish it, standing up.’

(She answered frightened) ‘Ok.’

She stood up fearfully, straightened her skirt and bent over the worksheets, scribbling as soon as she picked up her pen. As for Jason, he got out of his seat in a frenzy and went behind Lindy, running his hands up and down her ass cheeks before gathering her skirt above her hips, slipping one hand into the pair of FBTs she wore in place of panties.

Without warning, he pushed a finger into her pussy and wriggled it around violently, causing her to crash the table in a weakened state. From inside her shorts, he stuck that hand out from under to ‘collect’ his dick, feeding it right to her pussy that was already anticipating his entry.

With the high level of wetness, he penetrated the student easily and immediately started thrusting his hips, slamming into her so forcefully that she moaned out loud from the beginning. While he fucked her brains out, they slowly maneuvered themselves to the bed, where she remained on her knees while he hammered her from behind.

Gradually, she fell flat onto the bed and let him flip her over, reinserting his penis to pound her in missionary. The dishevelled girl could not find anything to hold onto and thrashed her arms around as he ravaged her, all the way to her deepest spot. Overwhelmed by his size and speed, orgasms came flooding her mind one after another, closing her vagina walls at such incredible pace that he quickly lost control of himself.


In a single swop, he pulled himself out and wrapped her fingers around it, instructing her to jerk him off while he undid her blouse. Just three minutes later, hot cum came spewing over her belly and at her groin, sticking closely to her skin without flowing anyway he didn’t want it to.

Left stranded with empty balls and an overworked cock, Jason just stood there dumbfounded, for Lindy to take control of the situation. To prevent things from getting more messy, she picked herself up and put her mouth over his cock, sucking every last drop out before licking him clean.

Next, she scooped whatever she could up from her body and swallowed it as well, since she didn’t have convenient access to any tissue paper. Together, they rinsed each other’s body before resuming her lesson, that ended with a second round of proper, love-making in the comfort of her bed, fully naked this time.

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