For a Dose

Standing at the door-side of the van, the man handed Jake a perfectly circular, unmarked clear pill before he eagerly turned him towards the door, sliding it open like a magician shocking his audience. ‘Shock’ couldn’t be a more appropriate word as Jake stared dumbfounded at the girl, clearly no older than sixteen, lying on an air mattress in just her training bra and panties.

A tough shove sent him crawling on his knees into the tight space of the van-converted-bus, where two, parallel rows of seat took up the space right by the windows. If not for the curtains, it would definitely be a fucking parade for anyone above eighteen or not to see.

‘OI! This guy has your medicine!’

Almost immediately, Bernice launched herself at him and sat him comfortably down on one of the seats, eagerly tugging on his shorts before the minibus even started moving. With no apparent symptoms of drug-use on her face, she tightened her grip on his cock to jerk him while he glared into her mesmerising, bright eyes.

(Bernice whispered) ‘can you give me my meds first?’

‘NO!’, called out by the man up front, driving cautiously past the phone-glued pedestrians. Disappointed by the refusal, she turned her attention back to him and used one hand to keep his upper-body upright, as she tilted her chin towards his erection.

He would never forget the sight of her sweet, pink lips, untouched by makeup, opening wide to fit his manhood between them. The moment her tongue rest flushed along the underside of his shaft, his vision faded white at the oncoming deep strokes she made by sliding him in and out of her mouth.

As groans started to escape him, he felt a boost in her enthusiasm, sucking faster as she went deeper into his groin. The gentle suction, paired with her slippery, soft tongue, easily waived the control over his limbs. ‘Relaxed’, was clearly not the right word since he was harder than ever, but he had no strength to do anything else.

Ten minutes into the continuous, exasperated moans coming from him, she was about to complete her ‘assignment’.


Similar to ‘waking up the wrong way’, the sudden, loud interruption snapped Jake out of his ‘high’, just in time to see Bernice pouting as she laid herself down on the mattress. A simple, upward, swing of her feet let her wriggle the tiny pair of silken panties easily out from under, stripping an essential part of her adolescence for Jake’s unwitting indulgence.

Resting her calves outside of Jake’s thighs, it was as simple as sliding his ass off the seat to be levelled with her pussy. Fair, exquisite, smooth, moist, and in almost-beige pink, was he ‘sick’ for getting stiffer to that sight?

Her look of innocence when she peeled her centrefold apart was too ‘good’ to be true, no that there was any way of backing out then. The early bloomer solved his uncertainty with a gentle embrace of her fingers around his loin, guiding him to her gate for docking. All it took, was for her to rub her palms against the back of his hands, to calm him down enough for a slight jerk forward.

At once, he could feel the pressure of her underdeveloped pubis (bone) splitting unnaturally-early to his size, vaginal walls barely thick enough to be stretched around his subsequent, deeper penetration, but definitely wet enough to ease any discomfort she might mysteriously enjoy.

While he thrust achingly into her immature pussy, the minibus came to a stop in a field of green as far as Jake could tell. A beep later, the curtains were drawn open for daylight to liven up the mood. Like magic, Bernice got more energetic and held her ankles in a spread-eagle manner, relieving some of the stress on his cock.

Moving his hips at a quickened pace, he was trapped in the eternal bliss of fucking an unbelievably tight, wet, willing, young being. Besides her moans that sounded so sexy and enjoyable, it was really her always-on smile that got to his heart. To some levels, he wasn’t causing her any physical pains, or emotional distress.

(Bernice screamed) ‘YOU’RE GETTING BIGGER! OH MY GOD!’

Upon hearing that, Jake lost control of his body and let the vacuum in her vagina suck-and-spit him out repeatedly, pushing his limits until all his muscles went limp. Trapped between her legs, she kept jutting him into her groin until he got agitated.

(Jake groaning one word at each thrust) ‘I.. am.. cumming.. soon.. ‘


Just after the second squirt (of his dick), her pussy was already brimming with his load, dripping the excess all over the rubber/ latex ‘bed’ they were on. That mix of his semen, with her bodily fluid triggered her third and last orgasm, throwing her into a sex-fuelled convulsion she giggled herself silly to.

Breathless and filled with unexplainable guilt, he laid motionless next to her while she scrambled for the pill in his pants. The man, who was watching from the window, lit another cigarette as his smile went unnoticed by the two of them.

(Jake asked) ‘What is it you are taking?’

(Bernice answered) ‘This? *popping pill* NZT.’

It was no wonder, she found it worthwhile to please him that thoroughly.

(Man speaking from the front) ‘Cindy just texted me that her CCA is over. BERN! Don’t forget to.. ‘

‘I know I know.. ‘

(Jake asked softly) ‘What do you know?’

‘To neutralise your sperms inside of me. With NZT, I have complete control over my body at the molecular level. Excuse me but I have to study now.’

(Jake to himself) ‘Cindy, huh?’

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