Taking my hand in hers, Maeve slid them over her tights until we came across the hard bump around her inner thigh. In a discreet and careful manner, she ‘pushed’ the device out from under her leggings, revealing the pink vibrator I had bought for her. A glowing yellow light immediately enlightened me on her frisky behaviour, which mostly consisted of her incessant fondling of my groin.

(She whispered) ‘I can’t turn it off.’

I wasn’t at all, surprised, since the buttons were so small and probably difficult to find when she was drunk. I couldn’t help but felt impressed by how fast I managed to reach her despite the last minute request to ‘fetch and bring her home’. In the backseat of the Uber car, the buzzing noises remained inaudible, unlike her increasing excitement while she forced a hand into my shorts.

In a flash, she whipped my cock out of the loose waistband and ‘casually fell’ onto my lap, to take my cock into her hungry mouth. With the controller still in my hand, I clicked on the ‘speed’ button a few times to get it in a (random) pulsing mode, in turn jump-starting my ‘roadhead’.

Saliva quickly began dripping down my shaft as she sucked mercilessly on it, pausing just for a moment to ask, ‘do you mind turning the dash cam off?’. The driver, who was already seen glancing frequently into the rear-view mirror while keeping the whole car awfully quiet, seemed happy to do as she asked.

Once we got his ‘official’ acknowledgement, Maeve went even faster and deeper, letting the dirty, slurping noises fill up the car. No matter if the car was at a traffic light, or zooming down the highway, she maintained a strong suction that left me groaning like a disgruntled old man, occasionally thrashing my arms around as my cock slipped right down her throat.

After ten minutes of her non-stop, oral ‘abuse’, she returned to an upright sitting position and turned her feet towards me, first to remove her thongs, then the vibrator that was drenched in her fluids.

Somehow, the clear roads ahead of us helped settle our minds when he decided to aim the mirror (lower) at us, closely watching the free show that was unfolding in the back. To respond in kind to his thoughtful gesture (of turning the camera off), I moved to the centre of the backseat, taking up the visible ‘space’ between the driver and front-passenger seat.

Maeve (facing the front) then impatiently climbed over my lap with one hand holding my cock upright, for a seamless descend of her pussy at the first possible chance. Immediately, I was engulfed in an overpowering wave of warmth and wild, throbbing passion, made easier to endure by the lubrication she produced.

Combine that rhythmic, bouncing motion with gentle rubbing of her clit, how could I not wonder if the moving car was rocking as well. In short, I was spasming non-stop to let her satiate her desire to relief her sexual urges.

About ten more minutes later, the car slowed down as we navigated the last few streets to my place. Coincidentally, while he stopped along the road closest to my block, I was reaching the end of my wits.

‘I’m about to cum. Take it out now.’

In contrast to her earlier state, she calmly took me out of her and went onto her fours in the space next to me. Wrapping her lips over my cock again, she bobbed her head at her fastest, manageable speed while massaging my balls and the lower part of my shaft, until I buckled for the thick, hot cum to fill her cheeks up.

From where I laid, I saw her swallowing a few times before she raised her chin, hah-ing loudly with a satisfied look. We spent the next minute getting dressed as quickly as we could, and left the car of the driver smiling widely at us.

Back home, on her request, the vibrator was returned to her pussy while she sucked me to a ‘brain-dead’ state again. That night, we did missionary, doggystyle, and the ‘rightful’ cowgirl stance where she could look at my agonising face while she fucked me dry.

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