I didn’t know if you could sense my hardness, when you went down on me in front of the other two couples, taking me so skilfully and passionately in and out of your mouth. As usual, my sensitive body failed to put up a strong front in front of them, which I presumed you didn’t mind at all, since it would prove your ability to please your man, in a way the other men in the room didn’t sound like they were getting.

Halfway through, I held you close for a kiss, or however many you needed to express your lust for me. It was also during then, I asked if you’d let them touch your body. When you sighed ‘uh huh’ to me, I just couldn’t wait for you to go back down on me again, to float me in pleasure while I waved an ‘ok’ sign for their acknowledgement.

The first person to come near us was the thinner Chinese dude, whose wife was ‘hot’, as you have described. As soon as he ran his hand over your back, I felt you sucking my cock harder, or was it just in my head? Your speed, depth, both increased as he slid a palm over your bum, into the crevice I did not have to use my eyes to see, especially when you moaned for an extended period into my cucumber.

That vibration of your throat, paired with your soft, wet tongue running along the underside of my shaft, was simply too much for me to bear. Despite my repeated pleas for you to stop, you just wouldn’t, in direct response to whatever he was doing to your pussy.

From where I was, I could see that he had managed to get a condom, which he swiftly put on before moving himself behind you. At that point in time, I had no choice but to stop you, to ask if you’d allow him to penetrate you. Instead of giving me an answer, you just went back down on me, giving me full discretion to do as I please.

A thumbs-up was all I flashed and he began letting himself into you, level of penetration quite relatively to how far your lips were down my cock. Just as I had expected, the ‘action’ at your rear was too distracting for you to continue, leaving you with just enough strength to reciprocate any kisses I gave you.

Even when his wife appeared by my side, you could barely keep your eyes on her, being filled with a cock that was banging you so relentlessly. When she whispered something into your ear, all I could hear was ‘uh huh’ (again). Whatever that deal was, she had began moving her hand over my thigh, sending chills that I had no choice but to close my eyes to.

It didn’t take long for her hand to go around my dick, stroking it up and down in front of your smittened glare. A few phrases was exchanged between the husband and wife, so move you slightly back so she would have space, to carry out what you just allowed her to do. While she was straddled on my belly to keep jerking me off, the other guy came to join in, shyly fondling your breasts while his wife gave him a handjob so she could watch us too.

After a few more minutes, he too, put a condom on and got his wife into doggystyle right next to you. The skinny dude then moved over to his wife while the chubby one replaced his cock into you, squirming on the first instance his groin touched your butt. There was no need to ask if he was big, or was it you who was tight, I could see it on your face.

Due to the slight obstruction to the view of my cock, I couldn’t tell what she was doing to me, imparting a tiny impression that she was grinding her clit on my dick. You then suddenly grabbed my dick and pushed it under her pussy, giving her permission to ride my cock.

The ‘swap’ had officially began, though I was more concerned about your mood, especially so when another woman was riding me. With the little space left on the bed, I moved us to your empty side so I could kiss you, while we received unparalleled pleasure from the individuals fucking us.

My heart sank in relief when I noticed the spark of affection in your eyes, forcing me to hold your head against my face as I reached climax. Somehow, we weren’t the only ones getting louder, having engaged in the swap longer than our bodies were usually accustomed to.

You moaned into my mouth first, before the guy behind you. Then I unloaded with my lips frozen on yours, and let her ride my expended rode until she came. The last two orgasmed shortly after and all of us just sprawled on whatever space we could find, mostly in the arms of our loved ones in three corners of the room.

As agreed, the other two couples took a shower and left the room to us, for us to reaffirm our devotion to each other over a few more rounds of intense, mindless sex.

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