In Memory of Us

‘Woah! What are you doing?’

Before I could stop her, she had sat over my lap and held me close to her chest, drowning me in the familiarity of her scent I had taken in once or twice throughout our friendship.

It was then, did I understood, why she would remove her cardigan in the chilly weather, to tie it around her waist so we would be sufficiently ‘shielded’. As to what she wanted to hide, it was already growing in her palm, my dick that she had tugged forcefully on my shorts to fetch.

As quick as she moved, I could already feel the warm, softness of her bare pussy that my cock was tucked under. How could I ever expect, to have gone so intimately into her pair of loose, casual shorts, even more so without any underwear in there.

(I whispered) ‘Hey.. are you sure?’

‘Are you not?’

Her answer, as harsh as it was, reflected the feisty lady I long knew. To match her reply, the tip of my cock was promptly nudged between the delicate wet folds of her labia, slipping easily into the tiny hole that awaited me with great vigour.

A small slide of her hips put her vagina right over my erection, relaxing me at the highest level in the shortest time. Her scent, combined with her drowsy, flushed face, depths of her pussy pulsating as wildly as her heart, simply reminded me of the one phrase she said – ‘it’s always good with me’.

Her response to a question I once asked when she was with her ex.

Without making any unnecessary movement, she began grinding her hips on my lap, sliding back and forth just enough to slide me in and out of her, almost going deep as long as I was. The integrity of my shaft, represented by my hardness, could be seen in her gasping mouth, widening eyes, as she hastened her pace.

On a bench, in a park, the both of us were fucking so gracefully. Combining bodies, synching emotions, exchanging pines, in the form of lust. She couldn’t stop moving, while I wanted this to last longer.

For a few minutes, it felt like we were made for each other, but separated because of our fate. The path we once crossed, was like an introduction, to the lives we would lead, without each other. While we were coping alright in the absence of one another, that was the first time we sealed our acquaintance, with sex.

Each passing second spent in her arms, I grew thicker, like she moaned harder. I could feel her entirety, by how tightly she was sealing my inside her body, somewhat milking me at the same time expressing her gratefulness for me. It wasn’t too different for me either. I had split her wide, and kept her filled for the whole trip, pouring love, lust and my desire for her.

(She moaned) ‘I’m gonna come! I’m coming!’

A sudden compression of my dick tipped me over the edge, strong enough for me to lift her ass away from my cock. She hastily replaced her pussy with a hand and kept stroking, listening to my groans, watching my hilarious, orgasmic face until I sprayed my load over her fingers in ample, powerful squirts of thick, gooey fluid.

Once it was over, she cleaned me up and laid in my arms for a long time, breathing in the bodily scent we missed so much, and would give up anything for that relief again.

I missed you.

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