As surprised as I was when she groped my dick in the lift, it wasn’t the first time she got the hots for me, especially after a long separation due to work. But when she washed her feet so quickly to be in my room first, I could not have guessed that she was missing me that much.

Taking my time as usual, I went into my room after checking in on my granny, to find her completely naked, and clicking on the vibrator she had put inside herself.

‘Are you ok? You seemed extremely turned on today.’

‘You think?’

The buzzing continued to her increasingly loud moans, in a way hurrying me to get naked and join her. Needless to say, my fingers were on her clit as swiftly as she wrapped her hand around my cock, stroking me as excitedly as I was rubbing her sore.

Once I was hard, she swooped down on my cock and blasted me into 7th heaven with her mouth, bobbing up and down while the toy vibrated in one of its modes we never knew which. Somehow, she was so horny that she ignored all of my pleas for her to slow down, executing her deadly moves that left me gasping and convulsing from the overwhelming suction.

On top of all that, she did that little trick where she would use her fingernail to ‘dig’ down my pee hole, driving me crazy in the shortest time ever. Every time she did that, I would be bombarded with so much lust and rage, at times enough to just ‘rape’ her right there and then.

Instead of pushing me over my limit, she swapped her finger for her mouth when I grabbed her hair, bringing me back to sanity right before I ‘tipped’ over. Just imagine that happening over and over again, until I was left exhausted from the intense stimulation.

‘Do you have any condoms left?’

‘Yeah.. it’s in the.. WAIT!’

Before I could reach for the condom, she squatted over my hips and lowered her dripping, wet pussy over my erection, devouring it in one swift move. As much as the both of us love raw sex, there was just a small chance that we might lose control and just..

Just then, her violent, hip-slam took the remaining breaths out of me, bouncing as hard as she could over my dick. In and out my cock slid, under her slippery vagina I could only sigh repeatedly to.

From bouncing, to grinding, to twerking, I was left in a mess when she unleashed her complete lust for me. In the midst of the crazy sex, she rotated herself away from me (while still on my cock) and raised my feet into the air. She then reached under my balls and wriggled a finger into my anus, that had the effect of making me really, really hard.

That nimble fingertip, combined with her tireless riding, blew my mind into pieces. How could I have expected for me, a fully grown man, to be fucked so thoroughly by a girl five years younger? My near-death state of euphoria lasted for as long as she fingered and rode me, until I had to ‘tap out’ with the warning of an incoming orgasm.

I was right about that day, about something ‘off’ that I sensed. I could tell how we would be spending another fifty or so dollars when she yanked her curved finger upwards, while keeping up with her bouncing movement.

How else would I finish, if not spraying all of my load deep into her pussy? She just kept massaging my balls until some of my cum leaked out of her and went down my ass crack, which thankfully, was all she needed to finally let me ‘pop’ out of her naturally.

Truth be told, I have never seen a wider smile on her face, not even on the special occasions she had creampie as a treat. I guess this would be what you’d call ‘full advantage’, like from rape, to creampie, to the dessert she was scooping (and eating) out of herself.

Surely it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you guys that I had a problem falling asleep, since she was still going for the leftovers oozing out of my ‘stub’.

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