Family Secret

On the bus 88 home, Jeremy was feeling the pent-up horniness of his recent confinement. It had been two weeks since he last masturbated and there was no way he would waste it away on his bathroom floor, but he had no one to help him out too. With no means of relieving his raging hormones, and no girl friends close enough he could fantasize about, there was nowhere else he could think of to unload.

On the other hand, his sister, Roxanne, had been touching herself the whole day thinking about her own brother that she missed, so much that her body responded in the most sexual ways when a female was deprived of a willing partner. Wearing her favourite pair of short t-shirt and panties, she was all ready to receive her brother from camp. It had been the fifth round of orgasms and it still made her wanting to have more, bearing only the mental image of Jeremy’s huge unerected member which she caught when he was changing into his uniform.

Jeremy: ‘Sis! I’m home!’

Quickly adjusting her crumpled shirt, she hopped to the door, fully aware that incestual sex would be the last thing on his mind, but definitely not a sexy hot 19-year-old girl though they were pretty much in one body. The door opened and she jumped onto him. For the first time, he felt the full bosoms of a woman and his hands had to go onto her firm butt to support her weight in case she slipped.

Like a rocket taking off, his dick was standing in attention, almost bursting out of his trousers. She let herself down and carried his belongings to his room, before jumping onto his bed asking about the week.

Trying to multi-task between answering her questions and delaying to expose his hard on in his pants, he took his time to unbutton his shirt, unintentionally doing a strip show for his beloved sister. Ultimately, he had to explain his hard on when he had to remove his pants. Clearly with a bulge that size, it had to be more than dirty thoughts, or the over accumulated sperms.

It was the sight of his sister’s cutesy small white panties that was so worn out to a point it was translucent. Only covering her important parts, which wasn’t too effective either. Stripping of his boxers, it bounced into the full view of Roxanne’s watchful eyes, instantly soaking her panties close to transparent.

An awkward silence filled the room as the two hornified siblings try to fight the idea of.. whatever their bodies needed. Then, Roxanne got up and laid on her stomach facing Jeremy, at the edge of the bed. Stepping forward to her mouth, it was pointing right at her. Her light complexioned hand then wrapped around his dick and brought it to her hungry mouth.

Just as she imagined, the thick pungent scent of her army brother turned her more horny and she took it down without a hitch. Slurping it up and down, it was a minute before Jeremy took over and started thrusting his hips in and out of her mouth slowly, taking great care not to choke his little sister.

With the intensity low and slow, it gave him a lot of time to enjoy her sweet lips eating it like a pro. Finally, a conclusion to his unloading issues.

Jeremy: ‘Mei, am I your first?’

Roxanne: ‘Uhmm.. ‘

A nod secured his doubts about where her skills originated, it was from the porn on his laptop, viewable without password and in high-definition.

She then took his hand and allowed him to help her up on her knees, followed by a gently nudge to get on her hands. In a soft doggie stance, Rox protruded her tight ass a little higher to aid his entry. Her pussy was already dripping with runny white honey, dripping all over his bedsheets as he placed a camera to capture their virgin sexual contact.

As sensual as he could, his fingers sank deep inside her and the tightness made it tough, but well lubricated for more speed. After a stroke or two, he switched his fingers with his dick, slowly pushing between the folds of new meat, unseen by any guys before.

Finally, with his full length ready for the speed challenge, his sister was clenching his sheets, muffling her mouth with his pillow, sure not to let any of her moans out through the opened windows. With just curtains separating morality, the two hot bodied teens did not give much thoughts and started their expedition into their bodies.

Each thrust he gave, she could feel the head of his dick drove right into her tunnel, separating the muscles keeping it closed. Every bit of his veins, was felt, strong unwavering pumps of blood that filled it, soothing yet fierce warmth that travelled through her body with every stroke.

No guilt, shame or hesitation stopped them, it was a bond of pleasure, thrill and love, pure family love. After he let Rox get on top of him for a cowgirl ride, he then began to realise how beautiful she looked, with those proportionally sized breasts bouncing firm and flexible, his fingers kept rolling  as he could feel the link between nipple play and vaginal tightness. There was no way he would allow himself to be the only one enjoying.

A good ten minutes of riding, and the strong slam on his hips finally triggered the signal to cum. Roxanne had already pleaded with him twice to stop as her body was getting addicted, and exhausted as well. But the constant feed of endorphins did not let her rest. Now, it’s his moment of release.

Pushing his sister off and onto her back, he mercilessly rammed his exploding red-hot rod into her and she clung onto his strong arms like a helpless little girl. With her pussy going into a state of hyper-sensitivity, her moans were echoing everywhere, drove to a state of uncontrollable madness from the waves of orgasms, wet and sore.

Jeremy’s hips went faster and harder, reaching right in before he laid motionless on her, churning out loads after loads of cum into her womb, which seemed prepared to contain all of his love seeds. Still, the two hugged each other till it was over and Jeremy had pulled his dick out, still semi-hard from the visual stimulation of his solid hot sister.

Roxanne: ‘Did it feel good? I can feel it leaking out.’

True to her senses, his sperms were exiting the overcrowded pussy, reddened from his thrashing. Jeremy sure felt good, and to prove that, he went down on her fluid-covered pussy and licked her clean, so as to ensure more family ‘fun’ sessions would continue. The two of them slept naked till their parents returned, only to peek through their son’s window, watching how the two naked children cuddle on the bed, just like old times.

Seems like the two of them will not be stopping any time soon. Plus Jeremy found his help whenever he booked out, and Roxanne would have a week’s storage of cum to play with.

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