Slip of Paper

Just as I was waiting for the ice cream machine to be free, the girl in a elegant black knee length dress caught my glare and thankfully, wasn’t too awkward to stare since I was waiting for her to be done. Once she sprinkled the teaspoon of rainbow rice on her bowl of soft served ice cream, she swirled around and accidently filled my nose with the angelic scent of shampoo. She gave a little smile and continued her way beside me.

On the table was a slip of paper, with her name and number, plus a message ‘Text me.’ Lucky day huh? I got my ice cream and finished whatever food the group took off the buffet tray. Impatience I would admit, urged my fingers to type a reply to the number and a few ‘pass bys’ we made during the service guaranteed her sincerity to know me.

After dinner, the group separated and I left for the station, which we planned to meet. By the way, her name was Elysha, a Malay with fair skin. The white thick hairband made her blonde dye stand out as it matched her pitot well, gathering quite a bit of stares.

Elysha: ‘Hey Ron. Umm.. I just couldn’t resist giving you my number.’

Me: ‘It’s okay. I understand. My friends were eyeing on you too.’

She gave a giggle and we made our way towards her area, Bugis. It seemed that she lived right next to the public library, and would hang out at the shopping malls there. How could a girl with such access to fashion be under dressed right? I sent her home and she gave me a stare right before she stepped into the lift.

Elysha: ‘You ever visited the library at night?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Closes at 9 right?’

Elysha: ‘I mean after closing hours. Where there is no one else.’

Me: ‘Are you serious?’

I’ve got her message that instant. The years of living at that area could not go to waste without exploring her neighbourhood right? Hand in hand, we walked to a hidden wall behind the library by the bushes, and she pushed a panel that looked no different from the others, that were real wall. We entered the compound and took the service lift into the highest floor, overseeing the busy streets and beautiful nightscape.

It was truly breathtaking. Her soft hands wrapped around my torso and pulled my shirt over my head. I was quite shy then as my tummy appeared big after that hearty meal, but she didn’t bother. Just continuing to hug me tightly. Then, her hands went south and pushed my shorts to the floor. I was naked in the moonlight. Turning myself around, my hands went to her back and unzipped the dress, stripping the elegancy off her beauty. Standing in front of me braless with just a g-string, her face never rose to see me. Tugging the knot on the strings, it fell apart and dropped onto the cold floor too.

I tilted her head and gave her the most gentle kiss I could, slowly wetting her lips with my tongue, till she stuck hers out too. Kissing passionately, our bodies were kept warm by each other, and I was pretty certain anyone looking up would see us. Her hand went to my dick and started stroking to bring it to full size, thereafter pushig it between her thighs, allowing me to feel her wetness that was leaking.

Stroking my cock between her legs, it had gotten well lubricated that both of us were having difficulty to just hug and do nothing. Something was breaking out of our bodies. Moving to the entrance to the reference section, we entered the huge toilet and I carried her onto the basin, interlocking our lips, I slid my rod into her pussy and immediately I was stunned. The womanly caress of her innards was mind-blowing, perfectly laid on my meat, there wasn’t too much pressure nor suction.

Gradually increasing my speed, the lack of sensitive stimulation helped me enjoy the sex and to take my time, while my ‘brush’ cleaned her pussy with the light lubrication as assistance. Her breathing got heavier but moans was kept soft and sexy, puffing as calmly as a purr. Her arms grabbed behind my neck and clasped hard as her muscles contracted, into such a state I couldn’t exit if I wanted, granting a vacuum so strong that I had to wait out her orgasm. There wasn’t more juices that flowed but her body had gone weak, just supported with my hands on her back.

Elysha: ‘Sorry I came so soon. Finish yourself in anyway you please to do with me.’

I gave her a smile and nodded, assuring I would take care to gentle. Without changing positions, I rammed hard and fast into her, thrusting my hips against the handwash, while watching into the mirror where her beautiful tattoo on her back reflect like art on a canvas. Once again, in less than three minutes, both of us were in our wits end and I had to let go off my load the moment she screamed and held me as tight as possible, to a point I could lift her up. Bouncing her a few times, my dick finished pouring the truckload of cum into her and even gave her a shock when I relaxed my grip, which she slipped deep over my shaft.

We washed ourselves in the luxurious toilet and got dressed. It was such a sight to see her wearing the pieces of clothes, like a swan opening its wings, beautiful and unbelievable. We made our way out and kissed each other goodbye before going home. To date, the meets still go on and the slip of paper remained in my wallet, as a reminder that angels exist.

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