It was close to three months since Jack had released his load, reason partly because of his pregnant wife, whom was doing her best to cope with the baby despite it was unintended to be. So for his part, he bear with whatever he could and had not even masturbated. But he was already having those wet dreams like when he was in his teens.

It was a night that Karin was feeling a little wet too. So she slid her hand into his boxers and felt a thick gooey substance that was still shooting the warm liquid. Bewildered, she could only find out for herself without waking him up. Very slowly, her head reached into his groin, with his boxers at his knees. Licking the white fluid, it turned her on even more, making her pussy drool non-stop. It was the familiar taste when they were younger and wild, fucking basically at everywhere they could, and she would finish him off with a sensual blowjob and swallowing his load without a hitch.

Taking his soft sprout into Karin’s mouth, the bodily scent of her hubby quickly increased her speed and it was up and pulsating with life. It had been waiting months for this. Jack stirred awake and helped his wife up.

Jack: ‘Dear, you don’t have to if you don’t want.’

Karin: ‘I want to be yours tonight, plus.. I need to relieve my wetness too.’

Gliding along her soft skin to her legs, it was undeniable she was soaking wet, and warm to touch. Pushing his fingers inside, her sexy moans escaped and her hand was on his, impatiently rushing him to go faster. His dick was super hard and was going to explode with her hand’s jerking.

Jack: ‘Lie down and relax k?’

The little tummy didn’t get in the way, but he knew he still had to take care not to put too much pressure on her. Gently inching his throbbing manhood into her lubricated pussy, her gasps got faster as he savoured the moment the full length entered. It was the sensation he had been yearning for.

Without much thoughts, his body moved on its own and Karin responded as well, with her hands on his arms, cluching with strength as pleasure penetrated her body. The tightness was unbelieveable for Jack, who thought she would be ‘looser’ during pregnancy. In fact, it was close to being unbearable. With his dick fully coated with her smooth honey juice, he could go faster and feel her pussy giving in to the speed and depth.

Karin: ‘Hubby! I can’t take it anymore!’

Having said that, her legs wrapped around his hips and pressed onto herself as the tightness gathered into a vacuum around his penis, massaging it like waves of wet warm muscles milking the cum out of him. Losing that bit momentum, he pulled outwards and lost that teeny weeny balance and felt his pump getting cocked and it blew the warm load into her, filling the woman he never loved with all of his heart, with his love.

It was the fourth time he came inside her, and the scene which Karin wished would stay forever. It was one she felt most safe and secure with, one that gave her the power to mother a child of him. It was all she could ask for, a hug of love.

Jack: ‘Baby, I love you. And now I know it with all my heart.’

Karin couldn’t be happier, but tiredness came and put her to sleep.

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