Fantastic Four

‘Just you four and no more.’


With the four signatures on the contract, the five-million-dollar land development project was officially sealed, of which ten percent would go into Celeste’s pocket as commission. Nothing mattered to her more than the fantasies of living a rich man’s, or in her case, a woman’s lifestyle as soon as she could.

(One of the men) ‘Shall we get started then?’



She readily put the folio into her office bag and stood in front of the coffee table, unzipping the back of her blue dress to reveal her red lingerie. The men just continued drinking from their wine glasses, and watched their common ‘agent’ got naked. As soon as she removed her bra, they undid their pants, along with their underwear for her to get started.

Going over to Mr. A and B, she kneeled between them and took their cocks in her hands. A few minutes later, she leaned over to A and took his dick into her mouth, sucking on it while listening to the sudden gasps and groans from them. Mr. A wasn’t going to let his investments off this easily, holding and shoving her head deeper over his rising dick. B, on her other hand, was guiding her hand to move as fast, or as slow, as he liked.

Within seconds of finishing their wine, Mr. C and D went into the bedroom, to set up whatever was needed.

Five minutes later, they went back into the living room in just their shirts, and ushered the other two men into the room. Celeste knew better to keep to her end of the deal while they kept to theirs.

To make the multi-million deal sweeter, she prepared another document herself, to serve them as their pet for the whole duration of the construction phase. Set at four days a week, she would meet up with one of them on each day, and do their biddingS. As for them, she asked for nothing but appropriate treatment, and condoms.

Seeing how comfortable Celeste was lying on the bed, Mr. C capped himself while A and B sat on each sides. A minute after she resumed her handjob for the two of them, C went between her legs and penetrated the 24-year-old, real estate newbie.

To complete the night of their newly-formed partnership, Mr. D, the more faithful one (to his wife), volunteered to be the camera man. With his mobile phone, it was his moment to be the ‘director’.

As she moaned louder and louder to the increasing speed of Mr. C’s thrusts, B turned her head to his side and slammed his cock into her mouth in a kneeling pose, face-fucking the gorgeous teen to a choking point.

Her clit, boobs, were all squeezed to pulp as the men got their ways with her, though mostly treating her as a sex doll. Well, that was what she signed up for anyway.

(C groaning) ‘Cumming cumming!’

It took him ten minutes of non-stop hip-thrusts to reach his orgasm, and he filled his condom inside her with a hell lot of grunting. Once he pulled it out, all the other guys were slightly more turned on when he emptied his rubber sack into a wine glass.

(A said) ‘My turn?’

Five seconds of silence was his ‘yes’ and he rolled a condom over his erection. A then asked D to sit on the pillow-area and he gave in after much taunting from the men. Celeste was placed in doggystyle and was hammered to bits almost immediately, face getting pushed down D’s cock to reward him for his perseverance. The men was cheering for D when he started thrashing around out of pleasure, desperately shouting for them to let him off.

With the camera in C’s hands, there was too much to lose if that clip ever went viral. Celeste knew what they wanted him to do and sucked him with more variations, from twisting his cock as she went down, to gagging him right at her throat. Mr. A never once stopped his violent thrusts no matter how loud they got, focused on getting his money’s worth out of a girl at an age he would never appeal to.

Ten, or twelve minutes later, he pumped her so hard she couldn’t hold D in her mouth anymore, and A cummed his life into her aching pussy.

*Just two more to go, or one more, at least.*

She did not notice where the condom of cum went, and continued sucking D’s dick while A moved away from her rear.

(B saying) ‘I’m going to put it into your ass.’

(Celeste saying) ‘Be gentle there k? You’re the first.’

‘And only. Got it guys?’

And he tried to claim that particular ‘hole’ for himself. The doubtful laughters from the others bothered him none and Mr. B inched his way into her ass, with dripping red wine onto his rod as it disappeared into her.

There, she let off the loudest scream ever when he jerked his last two inches in, shocking her so much to cause bite onto D.

(D shouting) ‘FUCK!’

He yanked her head up and sent a slap across her face, with three surprised friends looking at him. To see the most composed man turned crazy, it was a moment of shock. She was not allowed much time to process the pain before being forced down on his cock again. This time, D went completely berserk and got on his knees while B shifted Celeste and himself a step back.

Between two men, one desperate and one angry, she only had space to accommodate one cock at a time. It was either a pull (from B) to fill her pussy up, or a push to fill her mouth full. No matter which one she preferred, it was happening in front of her eyes. B began pounding her at a gradually increasing speed, while D held her head so he wouldn’t slip out of her.

The two-pronged attack drove her totally wild, having a cock bigger than the two she had, splitting her vaginal walls so wide apart, and another cock that outdone the others in terms of length, suffocating her to more intense orgasms.

None of them was timing how long she was put in this ‘tight’ spot, fucking her holes as fast and deep as they thought she deserved. Somehow, her mind was on D since it was her fault that he got into a rage.

(C, the camera man) ‘Don’t swallow if D unloaded in your mouth!’


Her pussy turned sore as B stretched out her baby-delivery portal, still receiving the endless strokes of pain and pleasure.

(B groaning) ‘Here it comes!’

The hardest pumps sent her throat right over D’s long cock, gagging painfully until B pulled out a minute later. Now that there was no one to move her body, D kept her face in place with both hands on her ears, moving his hips rapidly at her mouth for the last lap.

(D shouting) ‘Here it comes.. I’m sorry.. ‘

(One of them shouting) ‘WHAT THE FUCK! DID HE JUST SAY SORRY?! HAHA!’

The sudden stop in his hips brought the gentlest, calmest ejaculation into her mouth and filled her jaws up gracefully, leaving no leftovers once he pulled himself out to a slight vacuum.

C quickly brought the glass of cum to her mouth, hurrying her to ‘ta (drink)’ it down in one shot to end the night. Seeing that it was their one and only demand that day, she tilted the content through her succulent lips and swallowed them with a frown they found cute.

After everything, they all got dressed and the men sent the four individual clips to each other. Of the four guys , Celeste found herself to be most comfortable around D, who was so apologetic for his outburst that he could not bring himself to fuck her when she met him for his ‘weekly update’.

In a way, his gentlemanly characteristics charmed her so much that she ‘kind of’ jumped on him after he sent her home in his car. If she has to go through three years of unimaginable amount of sex with four men, it wouldn’t hurt to treat one, or all of them, as her ‘boyfriend’ for more respectable, satisfying sex right?

Now, shall we imagine how her real boyfriend would react if he found out about what she did?

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