Radio Check

(I said) ‘Don’t make any noise.’

Xuan, The single mother did not flinch when I moved my hand up her thigh, going under her tribal pencil skirt to reach her belly. It was fairly easy to slip into her panties once she helped stretched the elastic band for me, giving me an access pass all the way to her clit.


She actually twitched when I rubbed that sweet spot a little, to get her into the mood for the long ride home. We had Uber picked us up after a satisfying dinner, only to be treated to one of the most luxurious car after booking a normal 4-seater. Not exactly a Lamborghini or that sort, but a BMW 4 series that was so spacious in the back.

As my fingers got wetter from the long strokes up and down her pussy, she was fidgeting more frequently when I gave a continuous, vigorous vibrate on her swollen clit. I was somehow glad that she couldn’t do anything to me since I was in the line of sight of the rear-view mirror, guilt-tripping her a little while she was enjoying the one-way treat.

Soon, she raised one of her feet to the seat to let me push my finger into that tight hole of hers, accidentally making squishing noises that got the attention of the driver. We froze there for a moment when he looked at me through the mirror, only to focus his attention on the road and turned up the volume of the radio.

Alright. 5 star it is. I was pumping my fingers so deep into her that she could not keep still anymore, and reached for my pants to free my manhood.

‘Sir, if you need any tissue, there is a box behind your head.’

*Wow. Just wow.* I brought the box of Beautex to my side and let Xuan handle my little one, jerking it off upright while I was fingering her non-stop. My eyes were on the road to see where we were going, and the high-horsepower car did not disappoint when it reached the neighbourhood where she lived in.

‘Bro, don’t turn in here. Drive around.’

He swiped the ‘Arrival’ button to stop the meter, but kept going into the main road where I was familiar with the ‘loops’ he could do. Xuan fell over my lap some time later and took my cock deep into her mouth, slurping so hungrily without a concern for the male driver. I could no longer reach her pussy anymore but did not stop her from pleasuring me, that overly salivated tongue was just too good to get enough of.

I helped her up after I’ve had enough and pulled her legs towards me, lying her down on the seats while holding her feet apart. I shoved two fingers in this time and curled under her vagina. Jerking my forearm back and forth at her pussy, she was splashing all over my shirt since I sat close enough to her.

‘Oh fuck! I’m cumming!’

She jolted up and pulled my neck between her legs, forcing my mouth over her pussy as a stream of cum leaked out and down that gapping hole. Of course, I didn’t want to dirty someone else’s car and simply licked them all up, swallowing as her body convulsed in my face.

The hands relaxing around my neck finally gave way and I knew she was done, pulling tissues loudly out of the box to clean my mouth. As we sat panting and I, groaning to the handjob she resumed, the driver made the last turn into her carpark.

When she exited the car, she dragged me to the door and squatted in front of my legs. My cock went right into her throat this time and she basically face-fucked herself in front of the waiting driver. We spent a good five minutes there before I finally came into her mouth, leaving my hips to thrust on its own when she did those hard sucks on me.

At last, we were done after she swallowed my load, and a goodbye kiss sent me back into the comfort of the freezing car.

‘Back to Bishan?’


I forgot to leave a tip after what the driver did for us, exiting his car to the friendly farewell he gave. Xuan and I couldn’t stop texting each other since that night, often going back to the scene where she was feeling so helpless yet turned on in the presence of another person – the first time she ever did anything so intimate in front of someone else.

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