Without Him

‘Mum? What are you.. ‘

The naked man kneeling behind Vincent’s mum pushed her back down onto the bed while thrusting his hips even faster, throwing her into a frenzy when she saw her son staring at them.

(Mum crying out) ‘STOP! NOT IN FRONT OF HIM!’

‘It’s too late dear.. ‘

He grunted louder as he came, before the hardest, deepest jerks took the life out of him. She was quick to get him off her back and didn’t pay any attention to him, and just looked at her dear boy whose frown couldn’t get any more crumpled than the bed sheets.

(He shouted) ‘HERE!’

Pieces of fifty dollar notes floated like confetti onto the blanket wrapped around her nakedness and he left after putting on his clothes, along with a pat on Vincent’s shoulders.

(Vincent asked) ‘Does dad.. ‘

‘No! Please don’t tell him about it.. Please!’

‘Then why are you doing this? It’s not like we are in need of money.’

‘It’s not about money. That’s just.. It was something else. Can you come here.. ‘

He walked towards her with a heavy heart, disappointed at what his ideal ‘wife goals’ just did. She said nothing and held him in her arms, sobbing and tearing into his shirt.

(She apologised in tears) ‘I’m sorry. I really am.’

(He asked) ‘What do you need from them?’

The boy, although in his teens, had no idea what she meant, but it HAD to be related to what she just did.

(She whispered) ‘Your dad, he isn’t around all the time.’

‘But I am.’

Right, what was she expecting him to understand. It was her addiction to sex that drove her to prostitute herself, and she was probably one of the few that did that for sex. The young boy could not stop himself from feeling more of her smooth, warm skin when the blanket slipped under her boobs, nipples brushing across his shirt so lightly and a little – sexily.

‘Can I give you what dad gives you? So you won’t find them again?’

‘You’re too young.. ‘

‘Mum.. I’ll go back to my room now.’

When he stood up from the bed, the hard on was obvious in her eyes. The size of the bulge, the tightness of his shorts, could he actually give her what his dad couldn’t?

‘Wait! Stop.’

He paused in his tracks facing away from her, and watched her crawl to the edge of the bed where enough of her blanket fell away to reveal her perfect body. She spun him around and pulled the trunks of his shorts down, freeing a dick equivalent in size to the ‘specifications’ she listed online for men to ‘service’.

*Six, or even.. seven*

Her fingers were firm when they wrapped around his manhood, which a moan promptly escaped his mouth a second later.

(She asked) ‘Will you really help mummy?’


He answered without hesitation. But when she began to stroke his dick, weakening his knees, she could see a confused expression.

(She asked) ‘Do you want to ask me something?’

‘What do you need from dad or those men?’

‘Sex. I am addicted to it.’

‘So I am going to.. ‘

Her mouth going over his cock prevented him from stating the obvious, sucking him deep to loud groans of pleasure. His wobbly legs soon brought him to the bed, and she took his position on the floor to give him a full frontal view of the most womanly blowjob ever. It was something dad got to enjoy, it was something those men got to experience, and now, it was something that no one else, besides dad and him, would get.

(Sucking air through her teeth) ‘You taste as good as him.’

With her loud, red lipstick on, she covered his entire third base with kisses. She then licked him like melting ice lollipop, running her tongue all over to let him experience the coldness of moist skin. Seeing how much he was squirming, her mouth descended over his cock and brought him ‘home’, sending him to take in huge gasp of air whenever she parked her lips the lowest part of his groin.

(In her cheeky voice) ‘Now, for Vincent to give Mummy what she needs.’

She climbed over his lap and sat over his dick without any warning, making him more confused with the new sensations running through his head. As soon as she started bouncing, his eyes fixated on his dick doing the disappearing trick.

‘Mum.. Do you want me to take over?’

‘No. Leave that for later.’

‘Okay.. ‘

Later? He couldn’t hold his thoughts longer than a few seconds with pleasure bombarding his head, driving him desperate for more of her with each slam. He was fascinated at her fingers moving so quickly on her clit, which sent her screaming in happiness multiple times.


She stopped abruptly and backed away from him, bending forward when she was able to reach his dick with her mouth. A minute or so of her deep throat, her signal was the tight clench of his fingers on her wrists holding his cock upright.

Huge gushes of cum sprayed hard into her mouth, tasting very salty but had a tinge of sweetness from his high-fruit intake diet. The desperate housewife kept sucking while enjoying the frantic, yet sexy, shivers going through her son’s body.

‘Mum! There’s no more.. Stop! Stop!’

With a satisfied look, she ended the blowjob and got into bed. Suddenly turning into a little girl, she tucked herself into his arms and gave his dick a slow massage, while he rested.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep from exhaustion. The moment he woke up, he caught her about to sit on his ‘evening wood’. Another round of sex happened on the very bed dad would fuck mum on, or vice versa. This time, he was allowed to have his ways with her, trying out missionary, doggy, 69, in one session.

From then on, she was never left without cum inside her pussy, be it from dad, or Vincent.

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