After School

(Teacher telling us) ‘Go home once you two are done k? Don’t stay too late.’

Lydia’s hand was already on my crotch before the teacher left, and I was trying my best to put up a straight face in front of him. While she was a straight As student who could get out of trouble for coming to school late almost everyday, I got a earful for just being late once, which was also my first.

Unlike how we acted in front of other friends, she had no restraints when I threw dirty innuendos at her, and at times, rebutting with even more extreme ones. As close as we were, I did not know how comfortable she was with me until she saw me running to the ‘latecomers’ row, with smiles across her face. How could anyone be so happy getting detention?

We spent the first hour talking as quietly as we could, paying no attention to the homework we displayed on our desks. Until two hours later when we ran out of topics, did we actually start studying, something no one would expect me to do. And while I was trying hard to solve Maths problems, she was tickling me on my thighs.

We ended up with one hand on each other’s lap at one point, doing more of a ‘massage’ than ‘tickle’. With no one else in the classroom, her fingers slowly pulled my zipper down and I slid my hand to her knee, lifting her skirt up as she stuck through the tiny opening she unzipped.

In an unfair advantage, I had another layer to work through (her shorts), while she managed to wrestle her way further into my underwear. Half groaning, half flinching, I decided to remove her shorts instead of ‘finding ways around’. She couldn’t be more willing to strip her bottoms off for me after seeing how hard I struggled under her skirt.

Her shorts, panties, fell to her feet once she pulled them down. Our hands were busy stroking each other’s reproductive organs, making me as hard as she was wet.

(Lydia whispering) ‘Shit. This is the first time I’ve done this with anyone.’

‘Am I suppose to be disappointed?’

‘Idiot. You should be honoured.’

She gave my birdie a squeeze and much to her delight, I shivered uncontrollably to a point my calves almost cramped up. I could tell how turned on she was seeing me so sensitive when she opened her legs wider for me to rub better. Both of us were moaning like there was no one else, enjoying our foreplay that somehow turned into a competition.

(She asked) ‘Are you a virgin?’

‘Yeah. Are you?’

‘Duh! .. But do you think we should do it? Like.. Give each other our first time?’

‘Hey hey. It’s more important to you than me you know?’

‘What bullshit.’

She got up and perched herself at the edge of my table, keeping me within reach with her legs at my hips. I stood up knowing what we were doing and held my dick at her. A smooth, tight, beige slit was all I could see between her legs, still looking youthful without any signs of ‘abuse’.

I swear I could feel my cock softened when she gently lifted it up at the base (of my shaft), tugging it carefully towards her pussy.

(I asked) ‘Are you sure?’

‘Are YOU ready?’


She placed the tip at her entrance and I leaned towards her very slowly, inching my way while listening to her breaths closely. We inhaled and exhaled deeply for our virgin penetration, until we could no longer see any skin on my penis. The subtle, beating of her heart, caressed my solid, almost-emotionless piece of life-giving rod, like how a mother would cradle her baby.

We froze there for a full minute doing nothing but watching the eyes that wanted so badly, but dare not. I couldn’t wait any longer in case it shrunk, and made the first move, out, and in. Lydia only grabbed my wrists harder but said nothing, silently supporting my innate desire to thrust.

In no time, I was pumping my cock deep into her, going as fast as I could, all the while looking at each other for the cutesy expressions we made. Her teeth appeared over her lower lips after a few minutes, and she bit them hard when an orgasm caused her to slip backwards onto her elbows, and flipped her eyes white to a small tremble.

(She whispered sensually) ‘Are you cumming?’

‘Soon I guess. Once you get yours.’

‘I’ve gotten mine.’

‘Then flip over into doggy.’

‘You guide me.’

The clueless girl hopped off the table and let me turned her around, bending her back over the edge with her feet together. She then crossed her arms to rest her head on while I positioned my cock at where I entered earlier, before sliding into her with one push.

From behind, I could only make out the muffled groan, coming from her teeth biting her own arm. Gradually increasing my speed, I was thrusting so hard into her that the table was shifting out of place.

(In my groaning voice) ‘Are you alright?’


No wonder the tightness. I kept pounding her against the table until I was going too fast for myself, like suddenly turning up the volume on huge speakers.


I backed off from her that instant and stumbled a few steps before she caught me. Placing me against the table we just fucked atm she sat on one of those grey chairs and gave me a handjob with her glowing, flushed face. In a little more than a minute later, I pulled her head towards my groin and she took as much of my cock in as possible, at the same time swirling her tongue around my shaft till the first blow exited.

Her sharp little face was in shock as cum pumped out of the tip continuously, till she had to pull some of me out to make space. With that huge load in her jaw, we were both at a loss about what to do. My eyes were on her throat when a gulp happened, and she showed me the rest of it.

(With her mouth full) ‘Lehks gehk dweesh. (Let’s get dressed)’

Right away, I pulled up my underwear and pants, before helping her put on her panties and shorts back. Leaving the classroom hastily, I was sure she felt as worried as I was. Throughout the walk to her bus stop, she was playing with my cum like it was that delicious.

‘Mmm! You tasted quite good you know?’

‘What is it like?’

‘Egg white with some soy sauce.’

‘Serious.. ?’

We hugged for a while when her bus arrived, and she left me after giving me a hint.

(She whispered sexily) ‘Find me in detention tomorrow. I’ll help you out.. ‘

I waved to her as she boarded her bus, at the same time, hearing her shout the plot twist out.


No one stopped me from visiting her at detention class since my grades were improving, the biggest help coming from the overdose of pleasure which might have helped with ‘memory retention’.

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