Over Run

(Jacelyn panting) ‘J! Let’s stop for a while.. ‘

The fair Chinese girl was in a white bra top and a pair of tiny grey running shorts that attracted all the cyclists along the dirt track. Being her partner for this off-road jog, I couldn’t be more proud to have those jealous eyes on me, their minds likely to wander about what we might do during the trip.

‘Hey! I know of a tiny beach around this area. Wanna have a look? We can rest there.’

Exhausted by our hour-long run, we headed off course into the forest, until we reached a small opening in the bushes. Once we ducked past the prickly branches, the orange skies of the setting sun warmth our moods. She handed me a side of her earpiece and I was quickly drawn into the timely song that soothed my mind – Lost in the Light by Bahamas.

Leaning against a low rock, her fingers wriggled into mine and we just stood there in silence, breathing in the salty sea breeze and sounds of crashing waves.

‘Do I look like I’m not wearing a bra?’

‘Haha. Now that you asked, a little?’


She shifted her body in front of me and fitted her toned ass on my groin, wrapping my arms around her belly as if we were that close. With my chin resting on her shoulder, I was sure she heard my deep breathes of her, and possibly the slight cleavage by the sewn-in bra cups.

Those minute fidgets she made with her hips slowly stirred my little head upright, and she wasn’t shy to grind her butt crack over it too. In the short fifteen minutes we were there, the sky quickly turned dark and the seas were cleared of any boats.

In the newfound privacy of the secluded tip on that offshore island, I bravely stuck my fingertips into her shorts that didn’t sense any resistance. But right before I could feel her panties, she pushed my arms under her shirt and I was massaging her boobs before I heard her moans.

(She whispered) ‘There’s nothing more beautiful than feeling so right doing the wrong things.’

After a few minutes of nipple-play, she pulled her top off and ‘showed’ me my way into her shorts, where a wet mound surprised me without any panties.

(She whispered) ‘Through the Dark by Alexi Murdoch.’

My fingers immediately got to work along that fine slit, stroking her clit for the sensual moans that escaped her lips, turning me into a horny monster with something demanding her attention as well.

‘Does your hand know where to go?’

‘No. Guide me.’

I used one hand to lower my shorts and underwear till she found the sweet rod, beginning a gentle massage all over the pipe, down to my balls. We stayed like this for almost thirty minutes, enjoying each other’s company in front of the disappearing sun.

By the time we both stopped our tired limbs, our shorts were at our feet, on the sand and only one logical ‘next move’.

(I asked) ‘Do we fuck here?’

‘Like here on this beach? Or right now?’

‘Sounds like both.’

When she grabbed my tool from between her legs, I knew it was a ‘yes’ and was quickly shown my way in, into her tightly moistened pussy. My hips began thrusting within seconds, and her athletic figure just kept jerking to my strokes.

The moments under the starry skies, in front of fast-passing boats, mesmerising city lights, we wasted none of those by pounding our bodies hard together, delivering toes-curling jolts of sex through minds as our hips touched.

I did not hold myself back and just hammered her as much as I wanted, waiting for the single explosion to balance the x-th number of orgasms she had shooting through her spine over the splashing waters. Step by step, I held onto her straightened arms by her wrists as we waded into the sea, until my balls were inches above the chilling waters.

‘I’m gonna cum now.. ‘

She pulled herself away right then but it didn’t come like a surprise. I was fine with whatever she was going to do. Into the water she went, leaving only her head exposed. Her mouth took me in without hesitation and she blew me skilfully, working her way down, and up to the tip.

I took another five minutes before another warning came from me, and she proceeded to jerk me off – into her face. The breathtaking view of my hot cum splattering on her beautiful face was unforgettable, let alone sexy when she made another trip down my shaft to clean out my pipe.

The abundant salt water was then used to clean her face, feeding the plankton my expendable microorganisms. We went for a swim by the bank, before spending our night by the warm rock, naked, till day break.

Waking out of fear in between our sleep, we continued teasing each other sexually until we went for another two rounds while the sky was dark. When we finally woke up, it was about six in the morning, and got dressed before anyone could see us.

After that, we took a long stroll back to the docks, where the boatman who sent us back to mainland could be seen wondering what could we be doing spending the night there without any more gears than a MP3 player, and in clothes so capable of ‘sex anywhere’.

The next two weeks before our next ‘run’ on that island again, we spoke little of what happened, but we returned with more gears for our overnight camp, especially in the ‘lodging’ department.

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