Laying on the shallower bank of the stream Kaylen found, I had to divert my eyes away from the seductive contours of her body that the stream was flowing around. Since the grounds were rocky underwater, we did not wander too far out, and settled for a ‘soak’ that left most of our bodies above water level. Accidentally discovered by her when she went for her morning jog, she invited me to skinny dip in the wilderness surrounded by nothing but trees and the setting sun.

To think we left the whole group to enjoy ourselves, it was possibly only because we, the two of us, bonded differently from the rest of our friends. The days when we worked together, we would talk about our emotions, learning the similarities of our lives unlike the superficial, mundane conversations with the rest of our colleagues.

(She said) ‘It’s beautiful isn’t it? To see such a sunset.’

Everything seemed to straight out of a love story then, sitting side by side, gradually holding each other tighter when the water level rose. When it finally got too dark to see each other, we retreated away from the river, to a group of boulders that stuck out of the ground.

(She asked) ‘Have you ever had such a moment in Singapore?’

‘Never. Will this be an experience of a lifetime?’

‘Memories made in a Malaysian jungle.’

We were long in a comfortable position before we could no longer see anything, leaning against a big, slanted, warm boulder. I was fully dependent on my feet when she led me in front of her, feeling her cold nipples pressing on my chest.

Our faces kept moving nearer until our noses touched, and lips kissed. The softest, most sensual French kiss perfected the evening, never probing our tongues further than we allowed ourselves to. The mood was nothing I had ever felt before, to be making out with a ‘friend’, whom I knew better that we would never get to the ‘romantic partner’ – zone.

My dick instinctively rose between her thighs and she parted her legs to let it ‘home’. It was slippery, wet, warm, fleshy, where it was parked. Her hands resting on my hips didn’t wait long to push and pull me at her, sliding that erection into her ‘Y’. I didn’t wait for her either, picking one of her knees up after I brushed my palm down her thigh.

(She whispered sensually) ‘Slowly.. ‘

A little squat, then straightening my legs, brought me into the new world, embraced by her womanhood around it. Pulsating with vigour, a little jerk of her own hips sent me rocking back and forth in front of her, driving that solid cock into her nether.

(She moaned louder) ‘Take me away J. Hold my other knee.’

I picked her other feet up and helped her a little higher on the rock, before I slammed my groin deeper and harder at hers. Our dirty sex noises filled the night skies, joining the crickets, splashing waters, dazzling moonlight illuminating our aroused faces.

(While I groaned) ‘This is going to be an orgasm I won’t forget.’

‘And mine is coming right now.. ‘

Her arms went above her head to hold on a tiny nook, while I hammered her legs apart, spread against the wall like a pin-up doll. I couldn’t believe how composed, ready, desiring, it was to be taking her away like this, sending long strokes of my hot rod deep into her vagina.

As her body started to shiver to the orgasm, the tightening grip on my cock drew my breaths away, panting faster, shallower to my incoming load.

(I frantically whispered) ‘I’m gonna shoot!’

‘Inside! Trust me!’

A few forceful thrusts later, my last pump embedded my dick all the way inside her, blowing white love waves after waves into the gasping girl. She kept me inside until I was completely done squirting, so none of ‘me’ would drip onto our feet.

After two minutes of kissing while ‘connected’, we separated reluctantly to get dressed and head back to civilisation. That night, no one got answers to where we disappeared to, except us who became slightly more inseparable after the trip.

And no, we didn’t continue fuelling our momentary lust in Singapore.

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