Granting Two’s Wishes

For our monthly surprise, I invited a colleague home with plans to satisfy two wishes on Michelle’s bucket list – to experience a ‘white’ dick, and have a threesome. Jake have been working in Singapore for almost three years now, but wasn’t made known of the plans that night except he would be meeting my wife. As a polite guest, he brought a bottle of red wine along, which did its wonders relaxing Michelle while we made silly conversations.

Halfway through the bottle, I brought her into our bedroom and made her change into a red nightie with black laces, hinting at her ‘chance’ to get her American dream. My shy wife hid behind me until I seat her between us, for Jake’s eyes to follow the cleavage into nothingness. Since I was mentally prepared for him to have her, I tapped on his arm around my wife’s neck to signal him.

Sure enough, he was hesitant after seeing my sign language, and had to confirm my message a few times before he would touch her. First, it was his hand on her thigh, then, he slowly moved under her dress without any resistance from the tipsy lady. I joined in the fun on her other leg before going for her boobs, squeezing them in full view of the surprised guest.

Michelle was in nothing but bliss, having two guys caress her sensitive spots without any work on her part. The two-pronged attack soon turned her on so munch, that both her hands began sliding towards our groins. Seeing how I stripped my pants off so casually, he followed suit and we were enjoying the double handjob in no time.

(I whispered) ‘Michelle.. Kiss me.’

She slanted her body at me and I fell backwards with her in my arms, raising her ass into doggy for my hardworking colleague. That witty man couldn’t wait any longer and started eating her out, while I made out with her.

(She asked) ‘Is this that surprise for me?’

‘You like it?’

(She moaned softly) ‘He’s good.. ‘

Her volume increased rapidly after he stuck his fingers into her pussy, gorging her liquid gold over our couch. My hands did not stop massaging her perky breasts throughout his service until his head peeped at me, nodding to tell me he was ready.

(I asked) ‘Are you ready wifey?’

(She moaned) ‘Uh huh.. ‘

I returned a nod and frozen fear flashed across her face, as he penetrated her with whatever size he was. Her nails kept digging deeper into my shoulders as her moans turned into voiceless gasps, telling me enough about the cock that was entering her.

Once her body started jerking to his thrusts, she hurried me to sit upright, so she could bury her face in my groin for a blowjob as fast as his rammed. The deepest, fastest mouth fuck finally outdone her past records, driving me insane along with the stud behind her groaning for his life.


He pushed himself off after ten minutes of furious fucking, and Michelle obediently flipped over for us boys to switch position. Spreading her ass wide for the other hole, I timed my entry for the same time he blew his generous load over her face, before she stuffed her mouth full of his cock.

This time, I was the one pushing her to the edge with anal sex, raping her rosebud we had been toying around for the longest time with a butt plug. Her moans went especially loud with me plugging her ass full, giving Jake a treat to her well-practised deep throat skills too.

I hammered her as best as I could since I wasn’t very used to such tightness, lasting for almost five minutes before I had to slow down.

(I groaned) ‘I’m going to cum in your ass k honey?’


Without waiting one more second, I pumped my cum into her as I slid my cock as deep as it could reach, to tuck them into where she loved me with. My tired legs gave way right after the last blow and I collapsed on the couch, barely catching my breaths.

(I said) ‘Honey, do you want another round with Jake?’

(She panted) ‘Can I?’

He carried her easily in his arms after seeing my wink, and the three of us went into the bedroom where I first fucked Michelle raw on our nuptial night. Having met her long-time wish for a threesome, I took a spot at the dresser and watched Jake ‘use’ her.

In missionary, she turned into the cutest. little, helpless bunny under his broad chest. A single stroke sent his refreshed cock into her unprepared vagina, consuming her lust from inside out with surround sound moans. I could tell how comfortable and relieved he was knowing I permitted it, with those forceful thrusts even I couldn’t believe how Michelle was managing it.

A few times that night, she drifted in and out of consciousness, but at no time did he pause for a break. In one session, she was fucked with her feet held together; in missionary, sideways, facing-down, doggy. I had no idea which were her screams of orgasms since they all sounded intense, and I was sure she wouldn’t know as well with a huge wet patch forming under her groin.

With a loud and agonising groan, Jake came for the third time after the wildest doggystyle, cumming droplets over Michelle’s abdomen. The lawful adulterous pair split up for him to get a quick shower, before it was my turn to clean my worn out wife up. When we came out of the bathroom, he had left the house with a note. We couldn’t stay awake any longer and fell asleep until next day.

J, you have given me the most wonderful night I ever had in Singapore. Just to put your minds more at ease, I have my tubes tied before I left the States. You are one hell of a dude I will remember forever.

Michelle, you are a gorgeous, sexy little thing that managed to be cute and adorable at the same time. You are definitely most lucky to have each other, especially a man who went such lengths to have your fantasies fulfilled.

Will they meet again?

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