Field Trip

Ms. Ng as Harnold’s class form teacher followed her class to one of the new field trips destinations the school had planned. She had been sitting with Harnold at the front of the bus where everyone else avoided, leaving them in a little privacy right behind the driver’s seat which was way lower in front. His fingers had been naughty once the bus started moving and went under her skirt to caressed her pussy which was hiding behind a thin piece of panties. The moans had been too soft, but with the nimble fingers rubbing her so quickly, she almost lost control when he gave her an orgasm.

After a long kinky bus ride, they finally halted at the destination and the students were sighing non-stop under the hot sun, in front of a glass building. Ms. Ng walked at the front and the rest of her class followed, right into the huge hall with body scanners. One by one, each of them went through the scanners without issues except for a few who had piercings in their tongues and had to remove them.

They were led into a lift with fingerprint scanners for usage and the journey upwards was a smooth quiet one. Somewhat, too quiet for a reputably noisy class. The ambient was very different from how relaxed they were in their classroom. The police weren’t dressed like officers you see on the streets, but had bullet proof vest on, along with a sleeker looking revolver instead of a pistol.

The building looked normal with long alleys of darkened glass and narrow pathways stretching across the floor. Once inside a conference room, they were briefed on the usage of this building. It was Singapore’s equivalent of N.S.A. and considered to be top-secret. The building was designed in a way that no matter who came through or wandered inside, everywhere that person went would be considered secured. Because all the secrets were out of sight, and access to them was impossible.

Ms. Ng was given two temporary access cards, one each for the toilets of both genders. That level they were on, was a buffer floor, used to isolate and trap whoever not supposed to be in or out of the building, but had been decorated with various ‘missions’ for the purpose of this school visit. Every one of the usual misbehaving students were especially good that day, fully aware of the mess they might get into if they triggered anything. The lack of security cameras was replaced by motion-sensing strips like from the film, ‘iRobot’.

Harnold followed Ms. Ng as she walked towards the toilets with both cards and he needed the toilet too. Once the door buzzed unlocked, she went into the single cubicle restroom which Harnold pushed his way in as well. There was no way to open the door from the outside when in use, never before they felt any safer. Her panties were hiked up to her waist as his hands tugged them, pressing his body against hers, their lips joined and tongues fought. His fingers dug into her wet panties and aimed for her clit, which her legs twisted in ecstasy when he vibrated his hand.

She weakly reached for his pants and undid it as quickly as she could, stroking his dick while he shoved his fingers into her pussy. She placed her foot on the cover to let him penetrate deeper but he knew her addiction as well, and stopped after a few deep shove. Ms. Ng finally gave in and sat on the cover, sucking his dick that was at her face. Her eyes stayed on him while he groaned away, holding her head to guide her mouth deep and fast.

After a few minutes, she pushed his dick out and mumbled, ‘Can you fuck me now?‘ Harnold felt powerful knowing she was his. He turned her around to face her towards the wall while her knees rested on the seat cover. He positioned her hips low for a good doggie pounding and in no time, the panties was at her knees, ready. Harnold held her butt firmly as he let his dick split the delicate pussy open, forcing her to accept his manhood that was throbbing with life.

His hips rammed hard against her butt, thrashing her little pussy into soreness, yet filling her up so satisfying that she could not control herself at all. The tightening and relaxing was totally up to him, who was stroking her G-spot without mercy. She brought her body back against him and he held her boobs in his hands as her pussy squeezed him to the max. The building urge to cum had dwindled to nothingness, but the extra flow of juices out of her was extraordinary. It was soothing in the cold toilet and moisturised his dry balls too.

His legs wobbled slightly at the random contractions of her vagina and she felt his imbalance as well. So, Ms. Ng led him to sit on the bowl facing outwards while she climbed over his lap, boobs pressed onto his chest. With her butt resting on each side of his thighs, she hugged him closer and let his dick enter her on its own. Once he was fed to her starving cave, her hips began grinding back and forth, letting Harnold experience something he never felt before. His dick was massaged like a flute, tiny like presses on his rod, while the movements made the pushing of his buttons felt like someone squeezing a toothpaste tube.

Somehow, space was getting smaller inside her and he was mentally thinking of how to calm down so he would not.. ‘Oh no!‘ He exclaimed as his shotgun jerked and fired the continuous 7 rounds of hot cum shot into the depth of her pussy, all the while continuing her ride thrusting her pussy towards him. If only his dick could scream, no sounds would still be heard from how deep he was and the amount of sperms he deposited inside would choked his dick as well.

Harnold fell backwards onto the wall and let his hips finished delivering whatever soldiers he had, right into Ms. Ng’s pussy. She got off him after a little struggle and wore her panties back, before giving him a quick suck to clean him up. Once done, his pants were up and they were out in a flash. The leaking cum out of her pussy was absorbed by her panties, and the rest of the day was spent trying to calm her raging hormones, since she was leaving and Harnold was graduating as well.

For the toilets, the glowing motion-sensing strips were actually disguised as the overhead spiral lights, so the authorities could monitor if anyone tried to escape from the toilets, yet again.

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Haha! You spotted it! The story is a little far fetched though. Just to enjoy the privacy of a maximum security facility.

Keep the stories coming. I’ve not been commenting much but i’ve been reading all along! Jia you! :D

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