A message came into Vanessa’s iPhone and vibrated under her pillow. It was three in the morning but she was still blog surfing, her usual way to kill time. The message got her excited and bewildered at the same time. It was Alex, whom she met online. He was a charming guy who initiated a series of kinky messages that kept her turned on on her way to school.

Alex (SMS): ‘Meet me outside.’

Outside where? She put on her slipper with her long shirt and tiptoed out of her 6-bedded dormitory into the corridor. A head peeked out around a corner and a hand waved. She tapped away on her phone to confirm it was him and he waved the phone back in response. She hurried towards him, all the while checking if there was anyone else looking. He pulled her into the darkness once she passed the corner, and listened hard for any footsteps behind.

Although it was the first time she saw him, he did not look too unkempt. He was strong from the tug and she stood right in front of him, shyly looking downwards on the floor. He tilted her head up and planted a warm kiss on her lips. He was slightly taller, and it was all perfect for kissing. Her tongue reached into his mouth and his hands went under the back of her shirt to her skin.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘How did you get in here?’

Alex (whispering): ‘I used to work for the company that specialised in digital access and your school’s system is a familiar one. I told the guard I am here for maintenance. And in case you don’t know, such services is done at night when no one uses the system.’

She felt relieved and his hand turned her head up again, continuing with the kisses they enjoyed. His other hand at the side slipped down her waist and into her panties, that were worn out but smooth, it felt so soft with his hand in it. In the corner, there was no light and the security cameras were out of sight. He felt her wetness in her panties and knew he would have to find another place to carry this further.

He led her to a small meeting room on the level where students used it as a lounge and tapped his version of the access card, unlocking it with a long beep. The door swung open and they made their way into the cold dark room. The air conditioning turned on automatically and Alex placed her on the table in the middle of the room.

With two hands, he removed her panties and let it fall onto the floor. Vanessa was totally embarrassed from the daring advances she was not prepared for, but she knew something in her wanted it. He made her lie down on the table with a cushion from the sofa, before raising one of her legs high in the air. She knew he was going down on her, and held her legs with her hand, splitting her pussy wide for him.

He used his fingers and twirled the sparsely spread thin pubic hair, while blowing air on her privates. Vanessa’s eyes closed with the sensual start of the kinky sexcapades and let him did what he wanted. The next moment, his hands reached up her body and massaged her developing B cups in a kneading motion that felt so ever warm. Her nipples poked hard and tall from his stimulation and her pussy was dying for some attention.

After she began moaning in a cute frighten sound, his tongue touched her sensitive slit and dragged upwards to her hidden clit, under the soft folds of meat. The wet and slippery contact felt calming and she relaxed her neck onto the cushion, totally submitting to his advances. Alex knew she never came from her solo masturbation at home, so, he really put all his effort onto her clit, sucking on them and flicking them up and down, driving her wild and yearning for more.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘Alex, slow down slow down.’

Her upright leg fell to the side and laid lifeless as she lost focus. He did as she asked and a while later, a generous amount of translucent liquid flowed out of her pussy and as it reached her ass crack, he moved his mouth to the little hole and sucked on the leaking juices. His hand took over her clit and he massaged them in a circular motion until her hands came down to hold him still, whilst another wave of juices leaked.

Her eyes could not open from the over-sensitive cunnilingus’ orgasms, but she knew most of her energy was gone. A zip sound got her attention and she sat up immediately, careful not to let him take her virginity. Her legs closed slowly while he freed his dick in the cold room.

Alex (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to have sex with you. Trust me k? Watch.’

He led her hand to his average sized weapon and placed it gently on her slit. With her hand holding it in place, he took both her knees and shut them tightly, dick between her legs and pointed at her. He removed her hand and adjusted the cushions she laid on, before using her hand to cover her pussy. She managed to reach to her pussy from her hips and her hand blocked her virgin hole with assurance.

Alex (whispering): ‘I’m just going to move it through here.’

She could see his pee hole peering through her legs, and it was slippery with her juices too. She continued to cover her pussy in the awkward position and let him move his hips, shoving in and out between her legs. The rubbing did not only made Alex groan like a girl, it was also stroking her clit from that angle and she was moaning as well.

Her firm toned legs were squeezing him so hard he did not dared move too quickly. Vanessa’s hand had slipped away and she went back to a more comfortable position, knowing she could trust him not to cross the line. Her pussy was so sensitive from the non-stop stroking that it shocked her suddenly when a wave of climax drained her senses.

Her body shook uncontrollably from the ongoing thrusts, granting Alex even more ‘manmade’ lubricant to faster. Vanessa could not do anything as he kept going and kept stimulating her clit, driving her too wild to try and slow him down. He did increase his speed from the extra lube and rammed against her butt more vigorously, until he groaned too loud for comfort and stretched her shirt up high.

The strings of white stickiness sprayed onto her body and the bit of warmth was showing her how much cum she got from him. His body trembled from the sensitivity of her tightness and finally let go off her knees so he could break free. With a mess under her shirt, she was thinking about something else instead.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘Can I taste it?’
Alex (whispering): ‘Sure.’

He thought she wanted to try what was on her breasts and tummy, but she got off the table and went to the sofa where he rested on. She sat next to him and bent over like a gymnast (she was one anyway), taking his dick into her mouth and sucking it dutifully like a straw. Her mouth did not went deep but the swirling of her tongue made it unbearable for him.

Letting her suck to her delight, the last bit of cum was gone and she raised her head to his relieve. Vanessa smiled and gave the aftertaste a detailed tasting and swallowed whatever cum she collected. She helped him wear his clothes back and he was a little wobbly from the intense ejaculation.

After the area was cleared of people, they left and Alex went his way. Still with the cum on her, tiredness overwhelmed her mind and she fell asleep shortly after. Needless to say, a wet dream related to what happened earlier made her deep sleep worthwhile and the extra energy she felt the next day was more than beneficial to her.

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