Shorter and Shorter.

Somehow, this entry had something to do with the link that White Wolf shared, but it might not be linked too. Recently, the updates to awesome local erotic blogs has been dwindling, and the contents now are moving towards increasing number of pictures to replace ‘a thousand words’. True enough, our society has fed us with instant, condensed, easy to comprehend kind of media. I don’t know if I could say that I have the most frequently updated erotica blog, since there could be other blogs that I had not linked.

On a well-known social forum (, countless threads that span across recounts, fantasies, histories, are updated everyday, and most of them were lost to time, some even left incomplete. That very forum has writers that I admire and aspire to be, with a bigger audience than what my site statistics showed me. However, I believe that more people are visiting the ‘pictures’ categories as their lifestyles get busier.

In this entry, you will learn some facts that I had never told in my entries, particularly in relation to my blog (rather than my lifestyle). If you guys had started from a few years back, you will find that my frequency was much higher, up to a few stories a day, but with long periods of absence between. Some of you would find your all-time-favourite in the older posts, buried in other poorly written stories. Just as life intended, inspiration and thoughts portray themselves very differently at varying times, and things only get more difficult when I try to translate them into words.

One reason why I often apologised for my badly written stories was the lack of concern about the quality once I have completed an entry. Looking at the thousand words plus article, it hurts to ‘discard draft’. Logic has been one thing that stood in my way when I write a recount that sounded unbelievable. But I have to clarify that most of the stories that got deleted belonged to the ‘Life’ section, thus, keeping the main category ‘Kinkies’ undisturbed.

If you guys had seen the number of drafts I keep in my Google Drive, I am sure you will question the amount of time I had on my hands. There are so many beginnings that has no ends. Frustration kicks in when inspirations decide to go on a holiday, leaving me with those incomplete stories to finish. As you guys have known, I do not write stories that is ’50 Shades’ long, because I simply do not have the attention span. For someone who gets distracted easily, short, detailed entries that I can complete within three four hours was most ideal.

I guess I am the kind of person who have to finish what I started on the spot, or risk leaving the project halfway done forever. It is not something that I will attempt to change though, because I write for passion, much like doing it because I feel good doing it. Plus.. I don’t get much reward from this. Seeing how other blogs thrive with less entries, or more photos, I feel jealous that I do not have what they had, like naturally attractive private parts for an instance or the more original – good writing skills

Now, for the one 7SidedBox fact that I am most proud of.

My passion for writing has secured enough entries to last till the end of 2014, extending into March of 2015 as of today.

As good as it may sound, I am also sad to reveal that there are less than ten photos in line among the 3-days-a-story schedule up till 2014 too. Yay or nay? It doesn’t matter to me. There are fewer and fewer people reading my wordy blog now, and you guys are all that I am thankful for. For those who are writing for personal reasons, please do share what you have accumulated, because ultimately, I will have to dedicate my time to important things, like family, children, in the future.

For those who are pissed of with waiting three days, keep waiting :P There are good and bad posts to come, beyond my control. I realised it was more than just spell-checks I needed to improve. I can’t help the less-than-perfect inspirations that came to me, but I definitely did my best to write everything the way I wanted you guys to understand.

Whether or not the future will change the ‘reading many short entries’, or ‘reading one long story’ habit, I will continue to write whenever I can, to keep you guys stroking, or fingering. Let’s hope the idea of using surrogates will come replace our human bodies so we can enjoy without any dangers. If only I could write a program to accept search terms to create customised articles to every reader, I guess you guys will just have to live in my stories for now.

Thank you guys for your support, no matter how long have you been reading my blog.

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Hi stapler,
I’ve been quite the regular reader from some time back.
Though its lovely seeing photos, in essence, your stories are what truly make this blog.
Erotica that simulate one’s thoughts are way more powerful then mere photos, though photos give a man something to focus on.
I love seeing your post, and the different circumstances that transpire between the “lead” in your stories. Please do continue writing these stories and not fall to becoming just a mere photo blog.
Good things comes to those who wait and for a wonderful story, the wait is worth it.

Thanks for your support all these while. It is always good to hear from any readers. I’m lucky that I can write for such a long time and even have extra inspiration to write ahead of time.

The one thing that worries me is the possibility of discontinuing the site due to family, work or the disappearance of inspiration.

i having reading ur blog for the past 2 year please keep it going n dont bother what ppl say

Hi there bro, just stumbled across your site after reading another story.
I’ve always enjoyed reading bad have found your blog to be pretty interesting and a good read. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks and looking forward to more!

Cheers, ……………………

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