Who’s There

Rinnie was all alone in her dormitory at NTU, on her laptop in the darkness while waiting for her roommate, Sally, to come in. It was almost 12am and she was on a lesbian porn she stopped halfway last night. As the two girls made out with one on top, their hands were hidden behind their thighs rubbing each other off. The girls were about to insert a double dildo into each other when the knock she was wanting for finally came through. She closed the browser and ran to the door, ready to go to bed after she let her in.

Once the door creaked ajar, a strong swing knocked her to the ground and three guys entered, each in a robbers’ knitted masks. Two of them held her arms and dragged her to the bed while the third person began removing his pants. Once he was bottom naked, he took over one of them and they were pantless in a flash. One of the guys took his underwear and stuffed it into her mouth, preventing her from shouting and they held her down with much force.

She could not make out much details from them except the colour of the masks, blue, green and black. Blue went to the end of the bed where her butt was and took out a scissors, making a few loud snip to warn her that she might get hurt. Rinnie had no choice but to keep still while she felt the blunt edge of the cutter snip her shorts and panties off. They threw her bottoms far away and the two guys holding her hands ripped her clothes apart.

Being in her own room, there was no need to wear a bra and that did not help in her current situation. Blue were out of her sight but she felt her legs being forced open. The guys holding her arms reached for each of her knees and held them as far up as they could. Like sit-and-reach, she felt the sharp pain at her thighs with the muscles stretched to their limits. Black who was against the side of the bed where the wall was, moved on his knees towards her head and positioned his dick at her mouth. Blue did not waste anymore time and went on to filled her pussy up with his raw unprotected dick.

A loud ‘arghh’, showed how tight she was and the guys who were waiting got more excited. Black pulled the piece of underwear out of her mouth and replaced it with his dick. Without waiting for her to catch her breath, he pinned her head down sideways and thrust his hips back and forth, sending his dick down her throat.

Rinnie couldn’t do anything, tears just kept flowing down her cheeks. Green, who was inactive holding her still, did not kept still though. He took her hand and placed her fingers around his dick, and helped her jerk himself. With a dick in her mouth and pussy each, their tempo were actually in sync and unwilling orgasm came. Her legs struggled but Blue who was in her pussy, was holding her legs apart to a point it hurt. He rammed furiously into her contracting pussy and flipped his head backwards, before giving the last few pumps and releasing his huge load of yucky cum inside.

He pulled out of her and gestured for Green to take over. They changed positions and it was Green’s turn. The word ‘Doggie‘ came out of his mouth and the three of them flipped Rinnie over easily. Her usual muscle toning workout did not even give her any bit of strength to overpower them. It merely made her looked more tempting. She was on her stomach and a series of hard slaps on her ass cheeks made her struggle to perk her butt up for him. The heat and pain was unbearable but she could only express the hurt in tears.

Green’s dick slipped into her pussy and it was clearly much larger than Blue’s. Her pussy was stretched to its limit to accommodate his size but it felt good. His size actually came in contact with the full length of her tunnel and the thrusts he made was strong and forceful. Her body was held up by the two guys at the side, while Black moved in front of her to continue raping her mouth.

She was breathless once again when his dick filled her mouth and the shoving from Green was helping Black as well. Her mouth was moving on its own, tongue safely tucked below his shaft and she maintained a strong suction in an attempt to cum him before his turn. Green spent a really long time pumping in swift, long strokes while her pussy enjoyed the instant pleasure. Another orgasm came quick and her jaws dropped with the mind blowing climax her pussy was delivering.

She felt his size in her head as her vaginal muscles contracted, on top of that, she made sure to squeeze with all her might to let him leverage on that moment. With one knee up, Green gave a final burst of energy and rammed hard into her, giving her a continuous supply of orgasms that drained most of her strength from her arms. A high pitched groan later, she felt her womb filling up with warmth, filling all the way along the walls of her tunnel and out to her clit, where it laid untouched. The cum dripped out of her pussy and Green’s exit caused a few large glob of sticky cum to leak back out.

He smiled to Black and he went to her side where Black was initially. Black made a few clumsy move to her ass and they turned her over again. Rinnie’s thighs were sore from the slaps and so she knew she had better kept her legs wide apart. But Black knew of a better position. He placed her ankles together and raised them to his shoulders, while aiming for her entrance and preparing for the final entry.

Her mouth was aching from the deep throat and luckily they let her rest. They no longer needed to hold her still as she was exhausted, so, they sat on her roommate’s bed and raised half their masks up to enjoy the show while remaining hidden. Black gave them a stare and then proceeded to ram his hips against her, forcing the pile of cum mixture out and giving Rinnie’s G-spot a good stroking.

She had never felt her most sensitive spot get tortured so badly before, but on the other hand, it felt overwhelming good. Her pussy relaxed and she placed her fingers on her clit to relieve the soreness. Black was much more gentler on her this time as he took his time to execute the 9-slow 1-deep move. Her pussy had unconsciously turned into a hungry cat and it was begging for more. Her legs were held in a cross behind his hips and his other hand went to massage her clit.

In no time, another orgasm came and an unexpected gush of cum came spraying onto the guy’s stomach. A fit followed and Rinnie’s body lost control, while squirming around and dirtying her sheets. Black was actually on the verge of cumming from her blowjobs but that squirting made her slippery and he thrashed his dick into her, ravaging her pussy with deep thrusts to a point it almost knocked her out. But every outwards stroke would pull her back to humanity and the cycle would keep going.

Rinnie felt Black’s dick going faster and faster, until he stopped midway close to another climax. Nonetheless, she was happy that he was cumming. But the strong jet of cum shot at her G-spot and the final straw was delivered. She felt her pussy contracting and a gentle stream of cum flowed like pee out of her pussy. Black’s sperms were still topping her up and the mess was undeniably huge.

He had to pull out halfway and let the juice-cum-squirt liquid gush out like a broken tap and finished his load all over her body. In a last attempt to clean himself up, he dropped his softening dick into her mouth and pinched her nose, making her suck it clean before letting her breath. The trio then left the room hurriedly, leaving Rinnie sobbing in the wet bed.

That night, Sally did not return and Rinnie slept on the floor instead of her bed. It was the most horrible night as her body struggled to fight for the ‘slut’ status while her mind remained angelic and convinced her otherwise. The exact enactment reappeared in her dreams and she woke up to another pool of wetness at her bottoms. Looking at the patches of yellowish puddle stain on her bed, she knew she had lost herself.

That dream she had bothered her the whole day and slowly, the devil in her showed her that it was in fact – a sweet dream. The gang rape changed her body, and the ‘nightmare’, changed her.

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