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Me (shouting): ‘Eli! I’m home.’

She peered through the kitchen as I removed my shoes. I could see what she wore as well, a plain shirt with a pair of light coloured sports shorts. She was a half day maid I employed to help with my chores in the flat I lived alone in. And night time was the part of the day I would like to keep to myself. She was a normal lady, in her late 20s, who came to Singapore looking for work but did not reveal to her family back home what she did. Although I let her have one of the rooms in my house, she would not be needed to do anymore chores once she finished what she did.

That day was a particularly tiring one, meetings from 7am till 12pm. There was just not enough energy for me to run around and so I decided to head home to catch some sleep. I grabbed a sandwich she made and went into my room, before changing out into my casual wear of a boxer and a simple t-shirt. After I was done, I went back into the living room to slack on the sofa while I continued watching the movie I did not finish the previous night.

She brought a plate of fruits and sat beside me, making small talks about my work. She had been with me for close to four months, and her voice would sooth my messy thoughts. It didn’t matter to me if she interrupted the movie, it was just nice to have someone who cared in the comfort of my home. Tiredness got the better of me and I soon got distracted.

I could not fight it anymore and I left the seat, intending to catch my sleep. As I walked, a thought came into my mind and I had no choice but to ask for a favour that she was not obliged to do.

Me: ‘Eli, can you give me a massage?’

She nodded looking back at me and got up as well, leaving the TV to play my movie. We went into my room and I laid on my stomach. She sat at the side and pat my waist, directing me to sit up for the massage. It would work better with me seated upright and she insisted that I do it before she let me lie down. I got up and she turned towards me, dangerously facing her back to the wall-less side. Her fingers worked on my shoulders and the area right below my ribcage was her focus. It was the most aching part after she pressed around it.

Finally, she let me lie down and went on to move her hands up and down my back. It felt so calming that I almost fell asleep. As a person who always sleep facing upwards, she let me flip myself and went on to squeeze the area around my collarbone and then moving down to my waist again, going back to the area below my ribs.

Slowly, my consciousness faded and the pressure from her hands mysteriously disappeared, though she was still massaging. I felt my boxers slip to my thighs and I let her remove it after she covered my groin with a towel. Eli then disappeared, presumingly there was no need to handle me after I fell asleep. I felt a downwards pressure at the side of my bed again and her hands went beneath the towel, oiled and kneading my thighs, down to my calves. The occasional aches kept me from falling into deep sleep but it felt good.

After a few strokes up and down my legs, her hands finally reached the sides of my testicles by my thighs and the first contact with my dick was felt. Instinctively, I got bigger and her fingers had moved to the length it. Still lubricated by the oil, she found me twitching as she stroked me at a slow pace. It was just so teasing for her to do that. I was totally relaxed.

A while later, a piece of cold wet wipes landed on it and she cleaned me up. But as she was done, I felt her mouth on the tip and went down my shaft, slowly sucking and wetting with her saliva. The blood rushed south and I was more horny than sleepy. Her hands toyed with my balls and her mouth did not slow down. The smile on my face reminded her I was awake.

I could not let our employer-employee relationship turn awkward or into lust, so I stopped her and she spoke.

Eli: ‘Sir, you will sleep better after letting it out.’

Of course, guys would know that best. Her naked body was in full view and it was so firm and seductive no one would resist if she stripped in front of them too. She climbed on top of me and faced my feet. Taking a moment to dial her phone, she spoke in her native language and her tone made me realise it was her boyfriend or husband on the line, in her hometown. Her voice slowly edged towards the horny side and her hips began moving while moaning on the phone. Moments later, she turned it to loudspeaker and a male voice on the other end were moaning as well.

I got up not long after, onto my knees and behind her, slipping the blanket over the both sides of her rear, it was to dampen the sounds that we would be making. I doubt the guy knew what she was really doing. I began pumping her slowly to confirm the ‘silencer blanket’ worked and it did. I held her waist, clamping my hands around it as tightly as I could and brought her hot body back and forth.

Her pussy felt tight and it was warming as well, exactly the relieve I had in mind. She was not too wet for a start, and it was a nice balance not to let me go too fast nor too slow to disinterest her. The moans got louder and faster along with my pace and within minutes, she climaxed and sighed loudly at the microphone on her phone in front. She regained her composure and chatted a while more before dropping the line.

I was not silly as well, the rhythm slowed before she cut the line, and after she did, it was imminent that I went faster and deeper, ramming my hips against her soft ass. Her pussy maintained the same pressure and I was enjoying myself.

She turned around after a while and laid on her back, while I positioned myself between her legs on top. With a swoop, I resumed ravishing her pussy with my dick and she let her hands run all over me, like a girl who missed her guy badly and was having sex with him after the longest time. It was a different kind of intimacy, less of lust, and more of love. But we clearly knew where was our lines.

Her legs wrapped around me as her pussy contracted in pulses and a huge orgasm hit her that drove her to tears. Guilt perhaps? Her arms went around my back and we hugged closely with my hips still working like a train engine, pounding into the depth and filling her long-neglected tunnels with life. Given the intensity that we had, it was building up to something bigger and mind-blowing. We did not kiss, but blew air into each others’ ears, turning our raging hormones to the max.

It was not before a few long minutes before I felt the urge to cum. I had to reduce my speed and she was aware of what was happening too. She guided me out with a push of my stomach and I laid on the bed, facing upwards.

Eli: ‘Let me help you finish and Sir, you can just lie down. I will clean you up.’

What a treat! I get to cum and get cleaned up. She sat between my legs and brought her head down to blow me, using her mouth as a pussy replacement and went as fast, as deep as I ever felt possible. Her throat had no gag response and I held her head to guide her too. In just ten plus strokes, my body climaxed and the load fired through my heated barrel into her mouth, held firmly in place with my strong grip.

The shots were followed through by continuous hip thrusts into her mouth until I was done, and she tried her best to hold it all in. Eli froze as well when I was still spewing the juices, unsure of how much I would be giving. A few minutes later, all my energy was depleted and I let go of her. Abiding her words, she kept my dickhead in her mouth and looked at me, before swallowing and then going back down to the base of my shaft to suck, and squeeze with her lips, to get everything out and swallowed another time after exiting.

She took another piece of wet tissue and cleaned me up while I prepared myself to sleep. Her final act of pulling the blanket over me put me at rest and in the protection from the air-condition. Still sitting beside me, she told me her secrets while packing the place up.

Eli: ‘I’ve never done it for my husband, I mean swallowing it. You taste sweet.’

We gave each other a friendly hug and she left the room, turning off the TV and doing what she wanted. Rest is finally coming.

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