First Train

Everyday, Taylor would take the first train to the CBD, his workplace. Most of mornings, there would be one or two office girls in the same cabin and he would take long peeks at them as they shuts their eyes to get a rest. Once in a while, he would catch a glimpse of the dark unknowns between under their black short skirts. That was one reason why he would not get any sleep throughout the whole journey. Of course, there was this girl in her early twenties, whom without fail would hop onto the first cabin heading in the direction of town.

This particular lady loved travelling light and comfortable. Perhaps she was an exhibitionist, or just brought up that way. Always dressed in skirts, dresses and coats, every men who boarded the train would steal glances at her. And Taylor was one of them. Luckily for him, he was always the first to watch how she catwalked into the cabin, and then straighten her skirt or dress before sitting down and perching her head on the window, sometimes bopping to the music through her earphones.

This day, she was wearing a white wrap dress. For the first time, Taylor had no idea what to imagine, the suspense of what’s underneath, or of this beautiful girl unwrapping herself. She had flowing hair up to her low V-neckline, and legs with killer smoothness, making one go wild thinking about the glory between. Of course, no one would immediately fall asleep upon sitting comfortably, and her eyes caught him admiring her legs, up to her waist, pausing at the knot and up to her angelic face, where she quickly shut her eyes.

If only I could undo her dress now, I would like to see how she reacts’. Such thoughts were running through his mind, but sadly, it was just thoughts, among hundreds of the same when more males eyed her. Like what his good friend tweeted,

‘Hmm why do I feel that I am going to regret again if I let this opportunity slipped by?’

No, he wasn’t going to just let that happen. He took out his namecard, the only one he kept in his Xperia Arc’s flip pouch. Walking over to her side, he placed two of his fingers on her shoulder and she didn’t take too long to ‘wake up’.

Girl: ‘Yes?’

Taylor: ‘Hi.. Umm.. I’m Taylor, and I was wondering if you could help me out.’

That punchline couldn’t get any cheesier. He didn’t even had any plans in mind when he reached out his hand, except for the simplest one he read from ‘The Game’. The train was not moving as it would usually wait a while before setting off.

Girl: ‘I’m Ann Qi. And what can I do for you?’

Taylor: ‘I just got a new hamster, I called it meow meow and it bit me.’

Ann: ‘Haha!’

Her laughter lit up the train and caught the attention of other passengers trying to sleep. It was really soothing to know he could make someone laugh so heartily. She started to suggest random names and Taylor would play out how the hamster would react, if only it existed.

Their momentary friendship would last 24 hours, at least so according to the meet-upnote she slipped to him. He was going to meet her at her workplace, at a specific timing. There was no number though, since they were chatting so happily that she missed her stop and left without exchanging numbers. Soon, the clock ticked five and Taylor zoomed off, quite unlike himself, to the mall she worked in and waited at the lift landing for her.

About ten minutes later, she arrived, without her handbag.

Taylor: ‘You’re not done with work?’

Ann Qi: ‘Nope. I always have a break at this time. So I figured you would be good entertainment.’

She led him down to the warm loading / unloading bay level and pulled him to a corner. Thinking she wanted to have a smoke, he followed and stood against a wall. Ann Qi suddenly pulled the knot to the dress and let whatever clothes hang loose. Holding her boobs in place was a white Liviana bra from Valisere, with flowery designs on the 34C cups. Lower down, a pair of matching undies greeted him and he greeted too, with an erection. The sight immediately turned Taylor on and he quickly scanned for passer-bys or cars, but realised the spot was well blocked, by a huge van and the corners of the wall. She quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted one leg onto the bumper of the van.

Receiving the unsaid command, he went to his knees and licked her like a hungry wild cat, licking furiously to get more liquid out of her. Ann Qi got very wet and he stood up, taking his turn to drop his pants and boxers to his ankles. She returned the favour by licking and doing down on her like a well-trained slut, going as far as deep throat to satisfy her own lust. She was tired after a few minutes of hasty sucking and had to lean forward on the bonnet of the van, bending her body ever so slightly. But that angle was all Taylor needed, I am guessing all other guys had no problems too. He slipped his flushed penis and probed around until he found the slit, gently brushing front and back, he enjoyed smelling this OL and teasing her to wetness.

As she turned around to speak, he rammed it inside her and she responded with a loud moan. Taking it as a que to start work, he sank his meat inside her forcefully, determined to rip her insides. All Ann Qi could do other than moan and roll eyes was to keep sticking her butt out, savouring the full length of his manhood, taking in the sense of reliance and security. The look on her face make Taylor even more excited, she was biting onto her lips to refrain from being exposed, and trying not to let her eyes roll above her lids.

Five minutes, ten minutes had passed and he was close to cumming. His tempo increased and Ann Qi tightened her pussy muscles, giving him the ride of ‘virginity all again’. His warm cum squirted into Ann and pulled it out in time to give it a coat of hormones to enjoy and think about. The look on her face was priceless as she felt the warmth for the first time in her life. She had never allowed anyone to cum inside her, but Taylor was simply such a turn on that she couldn’t say no to bearing his child. He then pushed her head down and she obediently sucked it clean.

Ann Qi was made to go braless and pantyless for the rest of day. Still, they managed to text and continue with their sexcapdes, all from a train ride.

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