Outfield Joy

Me: ‘How long do you think we have to be here for?’

Nasri: ‘I don’t know. Maybe till late at night?’

It’s just ten in the morning, and this very training took place at a natural reserve park at Lower Mandai. It was going to take a whole day of manning a communication radio to facilitate the training. Having our spot set up under a low canopy, it was secretive enough to avoid detection since no one was supposed to walk into our area. (Hint: Along the path to Rifle Range)

Then, something obvious came to our minds. It was a public park, and there would be civilians here. A pair of Caucasian ladies in their mid-thirties were jogging. It was their chance to take a break from the traffic and work in this leafy forest. As we prepared our area for the exercise, a pair of Caucasians in their teens were running in our direction, with our equipments and uniform getting their attention.

Girl: ‘Morning guys. What’s happening here?’

Nasri: ‘We’re setting up the equipments for training.’

Girl2: ‘Wow! That’s cool! So what are these?’

We had a long chat and learnt a few things about them. The two of them were sisters, thus explaining the blond hair of the same shade, and the two of them were born in minutes’ difference. Their daily run gave them the shapely contour and even the sports bra they wore could hardly hide their perky nipples, let alone hold their F cups breasts.

The best part? Their parents brought them here for a long holiday, having booked a suite at the clubhouse nearby to themselves (just a room for the two girls). Having the whole day to themselves, they decided to have a peaceful jog in the woods.

Their company certainly made our work easier, as we got closer sharing our lives. Then, one of them, Rae, asked us a daring question. It too, explained a lot about their openness.

Rae: ‘Since you guys spend long weeks in camp, and there are no girls in there, how do you relief yourselves?’

Knowing that it was a chance to be cheeky, I gave the best answer that popped into my mind.

Me: ‘When we meet pretty girls like you!’

Reia gave a smile and turned serious. Maybe my statement was too much.

Reia: ‘Ever did it out here?’

None of us men in green had an answer. Cause it could get messy if we were caught. But I could tell the two of them were serious, so I said no.

Rae: ‘Our boyfriends aren’t around to help us out either. And we haven’t tried it outdoors too. Maybe the four of us should do something fun.’

The same thoughts were ringing in our bodies, just that no one expressed it verbally. All of us got up and went deeper into the forestation, stopping at a well camouflaged clearing, yet offered enough space to maintain watch on our equipments.

The two girls pulled their track pants down and perched their ass backwards, holding on to a fallen tree trunk for support. It seemed like they were yearning for it as well, tempting us with their nether.

Wasting no time, I unbuttoned my pants and whipped out my blood-filled penis, fully pumped up to savour some foreign pussy. I stood behind Rae and fingered her pussy to wetness. Sinking my digits deep inside, she was telling me how much she needed it with the tightness she applied.

I don’t know why I picked her, probably due to her height, which was just right for me. Nasri had the hots for Reia though, from the moment they spoke to us, possessing a slightly longer hair and a floral tattoo imprinted on her shoulders. I find girls with tattoos hot too, but in this case, not on their fair complexion.

Anyway, I got to business and plugged my dick into the opening. She had quite a wide slit, possibly caused by the size of her boyfriend, or that blondes were simply designed this way. Still, the wetness and her use of the vagina muscles made my lose my balance and had to tug against her hips to reach the depth.

Both their moans were well controlled as we banged them as hard as we could. Despite our efforts to enforce noise discipline, nature couldn’t stop the sounds of the slapping sounds. The two girls then turned around after a while, spreading their legs wide for a full frontal attack.

Rae (whom I was ‘working out’ with) placed one of her legs on the log and took all of my hard work in, tilting her head back in ecstasy. The womanly scent of her body was such a turn on. You know, the aroma that girls gives off no matter if they were perspiring or not? Well, I could totally feel the end of the celestial experience by then.

Nasri: ‘You cumming soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. About now?’

I continued my forceful thrusts and withstood Rae’s last vaginal squeeze. That being the last straw, I pulled it out at the same time as Nasri did. Not wanting to take the chance to have kids all over the globe, I directed the hot fudge onto her beautiful pussy and gave it a good coat between her butt.

We all suited up and paused for a while to sense any movements, which would mean someone was watching. Thankfully, there was none detected. They joined us back at our site after taking a moment to adjust their hair and composure, and continued the chit chat session.

Reia: ‘We don’t wear our underwear when we run so it wouldn’t get too warm below. But this time, I guessed it still got too hot.’

They would shave each other often and even get each other off. The topics we discussed got so heated up that they offered us handjobs in exchange for our fingers. Hehe. Get it? At one time, the two blondes even swallowed our sperms as a challenge.

In short, the few hours of companionship was well spent, with not a single trace of radio contact. Though we were exhausted, our little heads had a secret no one else would know.

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