Good Vibrations

The short denim skirt Winnie wore kept her hands at the hemline, trying not to let it slide up unintentionally. The bus wasn’t crowded as it was just nine in the morning of a weekday. She had an appointment with herĀ orthodontistĀ to finally remove those braces of hers, which worked for 2 years to perfect her teeth. Now, she could say she looked the best on the whole of the bus. With straight white teeth underneath a natural luscious pink lips designed only for sipping, not drinking. And if she smiled, it would melt anybody’s heart into pure love – or lust. There would always be this hint of cheekiness or playfulness whenever she looks at someone. Lowering of her face, and looking innocently upwards to guys she speaks to, never fails to turn them on, no matter how decent they ‘claim’ they are.

The attire she was in, a cardigan over the short tube top which could easily reveal her 25 inch waist if she stretched, was attracting more eyes than she could handle. As the bus 851 travelled further, less people were on it and the few males left were seated sparingly, with one right in front of her. Gluing her eyes to her iPhone reading the newly bought Steve Job’s biography e-book, her legs relaxed slightly and the old geezer in front of her was staring. Looking without so much a blink at the baby pink cotton strings she wore, wrapping against her pussy so tightly the cameltoe was pretty obvious.

As the bus entered the high traffic area, short drive and brakes were constantly felt, but on top of that, is the strong vibrations older SMRT buses had. Whenever it stopped, the vibrations would be stronger near to the wheels and engine. For Winnie, it was unknowingly turning her on. The tightness of her underwear was barely breathable, yet comfortable enough to get wet in. About 40 pages into the book, she felt her panties wetting, with a dirty old guy sitting opposite her still looking with a hard on. What COULD Winnie do?

Knowing the more she kept her legs together, the wetness would seep downwards and make a patch on her skirt. Since the guy already saw what was under, it didn’t matter if he saw less. Crossing her legs were quite out of the picture as her legs would extend to the man. Winnie slouched lower, and opened her legs a little more, allowing the light from the morning light onto her panties, which started the guy’s stroking of his bulge.

Winnie quickly selected the ‘Aphrodisiac’ app on her Arc and randomly read a story, coincidentally related to public exhibitionism. She was a very intellectual person, so it wasn’t that difficult to turn herself on to the maximum. Her panties turned damp within a few minutes and she was just so close to rubbing herself to an orgasm. But just as her hand reached onto her skirt with her iPhone, the man turned away and shivered. Yes, you could guess what happened.

The guy did not turn back but instead alighted at the next stop bending over as though he had a stomach ache (with a hand on his pants?). Anyway, Winnie kept the edge of her iPhone on her panties and started a vibrator app, delivering one intense orgasm before heaving a sigh of relieve. As she packed her phone away, she snuggled into her seat and covered herself properly this time, with her cardigan.

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