Playing A Fool

Clarissa: ‘You want to fuck one of my friends?’

Me: ‘Are you crazy? You’re more than enough to handle!’

Clarissa: ‘No. I really mean it. I don’t really like her, Xing Ni. And I want to see her wish come true.’

Me: ‘I don’t get you.’

Clarissa: ‘She once admitted, during a game of truth and dare, that one of her fantasies was to get raped.’

Me: ‘Okay. Now I get it. But that will get me into trouble. No way I’ll do it.’

Clarissa: ‘You just wait and listen. I already told her that she will be getting a surprise, quite out of this world – an experience. I even made her promise not to tell anyone, or I’ll expose the time when she got naked in front of guys during one of the dares.’

Me: ‘Haha. You’re crazy! But sounds like you’ve had it all planned. Where will we be doing it?’

Clarissa: ‘At my place of course! She’s been there a few times. And that would be the only place you can enjoy in peace right?’

Me: ‘What? No way. What if she decides to report me? And how are you going to explain my presence?’

Clarissa: ‘Haha! Don’t worry. I’ll lure her in there. Girls are easy to cheat right?’

Me: ‘I didn’t say that.’

We planned for a bit more and waited for the next day which it would be executed. It was simple, and it would probably succeed with me behind bars. No guy would even think about it, even if there is a possibility of getting free fucks for life from a pretty girl. The back up plan was to explain how she wanted to bring her (Xing Ni) out for a meal, and I would be her boyfriend for the day. she would then sneak up behind Xin Ni and cover her eyes, giving her directions to the bed after which I would then umm.. do my task.

So, much of the day passed without any surprises, and as expected, Xing Ni went home with Clarissa to try out new dresses and chit chat about guys. I was positioned under her queen sized bed, on the empty sliding compartment for extra mattresses.

Clarissa: ‘Time for your surprise. Keep your eyes close and walk.’

Xing Ni: ‘Hmm.. on your bed?’

Clarissa: ‘Hehe. Make yourself comfy and wait a while. I’ll bring your surprise to you.’

Xing Ni: ‘What is it?’

Clarissa: ‘No peeping! Use this to cover your eyes.’

She went to switch the lights off after handing her the scarf, and closed the door, bringing the room to darkness except for the glow under the curtains, which kept the corridor lights out. I crawled out under and got beside the bed, I was prepared to secure her hands and Clarissa was on standby to remove her clothes. The silent countdown was the defining moment of my future.

Holding her hands down with my two hands, Clarissa pulled her sport shorts and panties off at the same time, preparing her naked bottom. The poor girl was so shocked she couldn’t even scream, muted by fear. Her legs tried to close but by then, Clarissa lifted her legs for my viewing, which she did by wrapping another scarf by the knees and pulling toward her shoulders. Up till now, she hasn’t heard or seen me, still (willingly?) blindfolded.

Clarissa: ‘She’s yours now. And Xing Ni, don’t you want this?’

I guided my dick into her dry cave and started moving inwards slowly, realizing she got wet from the thought of getting raped. Further wanting to humiliate her, I lifted her shirt and pinched her nipples hard, sending her into a series of the sexiest moans I’ve ever heard. If only I had the means to record them down.

Me: ‘You are getting so wet while being raped. A horny slut aren’t you? Let the little demon in you out now.’

Her pussy was lubricated well enough for sex and I moved along, grinding her to the musically sounding moans most of the time instead of the intercourse. As I did my job, Clarissa was talking to her, telling her how ugly this could get if more people knew. Xing Ni was crying, but stopping before I cum wasn’t part of the plan. Oral was out of the picture since I couldn’t risk losing my fathers’ day. On a random note, I wasn’t using a condom so Xing Ni could be in fear for a long long time.

She stopped her tears and started enjoy the crime, eyes rolling backwards as her pussy tightened itself for the x-th number of orgasms which no one bothered to kept track. The floor around our privates were wet, not due to perspiration, but her juice which was flowing non-stop.

I went to work diligently for about ten more minutes and decided to end this ordeal for Xing Ni. Though I was about to speed up and cum, Clarissa had already freed her legs and they were around my hips, pulling me towards herself as the tightness squeezed the life out of me, sending the shaft pumps to work, delivering my proteins deep into her.

She held my hips close and her vaginal walls were still working, ‘swallowing’ and squeezing,┬áchannelling┬áthe ‘need-more’ signs to me. I was dried out, in the wildest and most dangerous fantasy ever made real. I pulled my shorts up and left, with the door closed so Clarissa could do the clean up.

Clarissa: ‘Did you like it?’

Xing Ni looked at her with teary eyes and a messy head of hair. They hugged for a moment and I guessed that they had became good friends (or BFFs) again?┬áThat was how the night ended. And sure enough, Xing Ni wasn’t going to report or even attempted to hint it at anyone.

Did she like it?

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