Occasional Routine

It was a usual day of school for 15 years old Kathy, but once in a while, she would skip school, together with one or two ‘sisters’ of hers. She would log onto IRC and scout around the #sex or #teens channel for willing men who would pay her for a handjob or even just to fondle her. After the deed, S$100 and more, depending which of the service the men picked, would appear in her pocket mysteriously. This market was unorthodox, one which no one would mention. It started when one of her seniors, Cassie, an ‘ah lian’, tempted Kathy for a job, well-paying and easy. Heck, it was even quick. It didn’t take long for these two girls to become close friends who would look through pictures sent by guys who were looking to pay a student in uniform to jerk them off. Cassie even brought her for a preview during one of the meet with an awesome looking guy in his twenties.

Still, it took a couple of days for Kathy to convince herself. And finally, Cassie brought her to a staircase landing of a nearby block of flats for the first deal of her life. A man in his thirties was watching Kathy with his eyes wide opened, like the wolf, on red riding hood. He wasn’t too bad-looking, but the following actions ruined her impression of him. He unzipped his pants and took his disgustingly pinky length penis out, no wider than a test tube. It even reeked of pee smell as Cassie forced Kathy’s hand onto it.

Cassie: ‘Hurry. I’ll keep a look out.’

She disappeared behind the flight of stairs below them, and cigarette smell were in the air. She held his dick with three fingers and started jerking him.

Guy: ‘I’m Jimmy.’

Kathy: ‘Okay. I’m Kathy.’

Jimmy: ‘You’re good.’

She was merely shaking a ‘mechanical pencil’. The whole deal lasted approximately twenty minutes, but it seemed like hours to her. Still, his dick finally streamed cum out of the pee hole like a toothpaste tube. The stench got worse and Kathy had to hold her breath as he paid her. He put on his pants and left the place, while Kathy doused her hands with Dettol.

Cassie: ‘How? Easy money right? Just go to the shopping centre and wash up.’

Kathy did. And for the next few months, she just followed Cassie around as she either sucked or jerked, depending on the cleanliness. This job was getting easier, since worst-case-scenario would be a handjob. There was no need to have sex. That was about it all for how she started. Let’s get back to the day where she skipped school.

*flashing tab*

Ben: Care to intro?
Kathy: 15f chi
Ben: cash?
Kathy: Yes. bj. hj.
Ben: FJ?
Kathy: No.
Ben: Stay?
Kathy: Sengkang. Fernvale Lane.

Details were exchanged and she decided Fernvale Lane to be her workplace for today.  Packing a bottle of Dettol hand wash, water and iPhone into her bag, she left and sat at the isolated staircase where she was always stationed. Creaking sounds were heard and Ben appeared. It was a quick and straight-to-the-point job. Kathy sat him down, and removed her FBTs and white cotton panties in front of him. She was still in her school uniform, which was the whole point of the high payout. She planted her lips on his and started to unbuckle his pants, while his hands roamed around her body, hastily to her pussy, which was made wet with a little KY.

Ben went down a few steps and proceeded to lick her pussy, which was a totally great idea. She could get off, and get paid. His skilful tongue sent three waves of orgasms through her, and got juices flowing. Once in a while, Kathy would be tempted to fuck her clients when they were real good. But that was the very line she could not cross (even though she packed condoms in case).

She swapped places with Ben and went on to the handjob. He showered and was clean. He brought S$300 for a blowjob by this SYT, yet he could pull away two pieces of hundred dollars anytime if Kathy decided to give a handjob instead. Going for the big money, her lips wrapped around the dickhead and went down on him. Slurping the excess saliva which she could never stop from flowing down his penis, catching onto his pubs. She sucked him tightly, and quickly, knowing that her job was to get him to cum quickly.

Deep throat was a bonus she reserved, for those who couldn’t cum, or tries to be funny controlling themselves. She used it on Ben and he did what Kathy wanted him to – cum. His juices fired into the back of her throat, sending them directly down her throat without tasting. She swallowed a few times to get rid of the sticky sperms which stuck to her throat, but was fine otherwise.

Kathy: ‘Three hundred and fifty.’

Ben knew what the extra was for, but he did it. A well-bodied girl, sucking him to heavens, then using her mouth as pussy to drain him of cum, which was considered more of a detox so that his balls could make fresh ones. Nonetheless, the difference between those freelance (FL) and Kathy was just one factor – age.

The next SMS came from a regular who lived around that area, and was as skilful as Ben, requesting a two-shots package from Kathy. Here, money comes rollin’ in.

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