Sky Roof

Me: ‘Risa, I’ve got the keys to the sky roof.’
Clarissa: ‘You’re kidding me!’
Me: ‘No I’m not.’

I swung the bunch of keys with my index finger like a helicopter’s rotor. That bunch of keys would unlock the door to the sky lab, which few knew existed on NYP’s highest roof. Well, it was more of a room with telescope and some astrology equipment. I was once handed those keys to retrieve some hard disks of data, and smart (stupid) me immediately went to duplicate a set – for emergency like this.

Please note that this entry was written from memory, it didn’t occur just yesterday. So don’t expect the roof or locks to be the same.

It was close to sunset, but it didn’t matter anyway. The roof out of anybody’s sight, and even if the closest flats or dormitories could see, the few room erected up there would block their view. Total discretion, also good for any controversial experiments running up here.

Clarissa was one of my group mate for most of our course’s modules. She was an attractive girl to start off with, taller than me at 1.68. And yet lighter than me, at 45kg. Not to skinny, nor too meaty. We developed our fuck buddy relationship under a weird situation, a feet tease. At one of the pair work in communication skill, she turned her chair (in front) around to face me. Since there were other students right beside us, our waist-down was well obstructed. Her heels accidentally brushed against my hairy legs and downwards to my slippers. She removed her heels and her toes toyed with mine, squeezing and caressing, stepping and even more stroking.

I sat closer to the table and her legs went between my shorts. Yeah. I was quite a casual dresser even though the school banned shorts and slippers. There, the teacher was telling us the importance of focusing and picking out critical words during speech, here, Clarissa was giving me a footjob through my shorts. Her feet wasn’t very big, she danced with an independent crew out of school. I asked her why not join NYP’s hip hop and all she could talk about was the ambient, and how she found tranquility, like baby in ‘Suckerpunch’.

We began flirt texting and sexting followed closely. Within two weeks, we had our first rendezvous in the handicapped toilet at Block E. And now, I present the skyline experience.

Clarissa and I went up to our new hideout and as expected, no one else was be up here. I took a few minutes to check out the other room and it was empty, save for two tables and chairs, and a fan! The other room was the one with a telescope and lots of other gadgets. Thankfully, we didn’t have to do it against the skyline outdoor.

We took the empty room and Clarissa began a walkabout. She found a blind which served to block out light, possibly for development of films or serve as an observation post. She tugged at it and up it went. The warm, orange light came onto out faces like a nuclear bomb going off. I shifted the table to the window while she stared at the dawning sun.

I went behind her and wrapped my hands around her possibly 25 inch waist. She wriggled and breathed deep, enjoying the comfort and warmth. My fingers then went down to her tummy and released the belt to her black Espirt shorts. She had put on a cardigan for her top, with just a bra underneath. She wasn’t a looker in terms of clothes, just simple tops and bottoms, mainly shirts and skirts. My pants was down to my ankles in record time and so were her translucent black laced panties, which was already wet with excitement.

I pulled my boxers down and swiped it along her slit, preparing if for the rear entry to come. As I was doing so, her body bent forward and legs spread. She pulled my her towards her and said the general magic phrase to any horny guy.

Clarissa: ‘Humph. You’re making me so wet!’

I pushed my dick into her tightness and pounded away happily, my dick was sliding in and out of her pink pussy, well lubricated with her juice. Other than the liquid catching on my pubic, it was wetting the floor as well. As we kept going, her pace of fluid release was hastening, drooling instead of dripping. That was Clarissa’s way of ‘squirting’, claiming it looked more demure and innocent than spraying everywhere like hose (whores?). The room was soon reeking of the scent of sex, and the mix of juice plus pre-cum.

Her pussy wasn’t tight nor loose. Maybe I was smaller, I don’t know, but it was a fit, at least according to her. Since the first time we did it, there was no stretching, neither did I miss and buttons along her vagina walls. We humped away as the sun set into the abyss. Once it disappeared beyond the horizon, Risa stopped and turned around.

Part one had close to thirty minutes of pounding. And now, it’s time for after dark activities. Pushing me down on one of the chairs, she sat on the table and I began licking up whatever was coating her pussy lips. Her clit was found to be super sensitive, since wearing something like open-crotch panties would get her wet in no time. In short, the lesser she wore, the hornier she got. I liked sucking on her clit and watch her struggle to keep her legs opened for more.

Within minutes, she decided the cunnilingus wasn’t enough. She got off the table and straddled me on the chair. Gliding her ass along my thighs, my Typhoon-class submarine docked for dumping of precious cargo. The slipperiness made the whole process of unloading easier. Her hips was moving like a dancer’s, grinding and slapping my thighs. I slouched on the chair so she can get more depth. It was quite a comfortable ride, like a cowgirl sitting on a chair the wrong side.

Her position squeezed the breath out of me and fifteen minutes later, my cum was filling the insides of her vagina with baby-making serum. Clarissa was a simple yet smart twenty-two years old. Contraceptive measures were in place, of course so we can do it without condoms for maximum sexperience. My dick was milked for all its worth – dry. She fell onto my body on the chair and we hugged for a little while.

Realizing a lacy underwear would not keep my cum contained, there wasn’t any other options. She slipped it on and dressed herself up. We kissed a little more and left the place, hot and steamy. I thought I even saw the astrology club’s members going up the lift as we exited.

We do still meet, just that our stories had not been declassified. Teehee :3

(Actual picture taken on NYP’s roof, Astro club would know it.)

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