Me: ‘Hey Hayley, what are you doing here?’
Hayley: ‘Kor (it didn’t matter whether she addresses me kor as I am her older cousin), I’m here to meet your sister. We’re going shopping to get some clothes.’
Me: ‘Oh alright. She’s not back yet. Tuition I think. Just make yourself comfortable.’

I didn’t think much of what I wore since I am supposed to be comfortable in my own house. With only a boxer and shirt, I went back into my laptop. I had no plans that day but wasn’t too keen on going out, especially after a morning rain. Clicking away on my laptop, playing a game MrBrown recommended on his site, Kingdom Rush, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the final waves.

After I lost for the countless times, Hayley was sitting behind me watching my screen. I didn’t even heard her enter the room, but luckily, I wasn’t doing anything funny.

Hayley: ‘Kor, what time is jie jie coming back? Can I use your toilet first?’
Me: ‘Oh no. I just saw her message. She will be back in about two hours’ time.’

The bathroom door clicked and she went about doing her business, peeing sound clearly echoing out of the cubicle. She was done in a while and came back onto my queen sized bed.

Hayley: ‘Kor.. Where did you put your toys? Can I see them?’
Me: ‘Mei, what have my sister done to you?’
Hayley: ‘I just what to see see. Can? Please kor?’

She gave the puppy eyes and I had no choice but to give in to her. Since she couldn’t possibly be testing all of them to see what it does, could she? I handed her the box and continued the game with my headphones on. The layout of my room was pretty weird. I had this computer desk for my laptop, and it would be perched at the edge of my bed while I sit and use. Lazy me like to sit at the foot of the bed, so I could lie backwards anytime to stretch or nap. Well, this time my 11 years old cousin was behind, so I couldn’t just throw myself backwards.

The bed no longer had any movements by the time I lost the second time in a row. I peered over my shoulders and saw her sleeping, under the thick cosy blanket. I quietly got up the bed and went to her side, packing up all the toys she took out to see. As I closed the lid to put it back into the secret corner, I realized the box was exceptionally light.
Lifting the cover, the most high tech dildo was missing.

It wasn’t just a motorized fake penis, it was made of a research material never made public. The toy had a glass-like transparency and softness as durable as those wall plug heads, that felt like a rubber and plastic mix. Paired with a versatility that could retain heat or coldness for an extended time. And finally fused with anti-bacteria substance right to the core, before it was processed to any shape. In this case, it wasn’t those penis lookalike type, but rather a smooth tube, with a few rings carved out of it.

Right in the middle you would see a light-saber-handle-like motor. It had a blend of the most efficient energy recycler, made from never-decomposing material. Firstly, a vibration motor, powered by a thermodynamic (electricity from heat), solar, and kinetic system that generates and store power. The design was such that after the user stopped his/ her motion, the device would activate an ‘aftershock’ mechanism, gently vibrating the toy to a stop. The key feature of this dildo is the time-vibration sync. Ten minutes was all the toy would run for. And in this ten minutes, whatever energy stored in it will be expended, giving any female the most intense and unforgettable experience.

How do one set the time and preference and all the other configurations? The use of tags. Like the anti-theft device on clothes in a shop, data is wireless implanted into the toy and CAN be modified anytime. It takes no power to read them, like a Braille code.

Alright, I think I spent too much time explaining the dildo. The toy wasn’t misplaced or lost, it was clearly with Hayley. And she wasn’t really sleeping either. Maybe she really did come for my sister, but this was something else.

Me: ‘Mei. Return it.’

Hayley opened her eyes and pulled the blanket away. The translucent curtains provided the right amount of light for a glare-free view, on her fair, small slot, that had a glistering centerfold. She was wet. A drop was collecting moisture as it rolled down her pussy, like a drizzle on a glass.

The toy was in her hand, right above her naval. It was vibrating gently, and I could tell she was close to inserting it.

Me: ‘You’re too young.’
Hayley: ‘Only my date of birth is too young. My body nor mind is.’

She opened her legs wider and perked her knees up. An inviting look between her legs showed the high level of hygiene and maturity of her in the aspect of pleasure. What should I do? I wasn’t not going to touch her.

Me: ‘You know I can’t do anything for you.’
Hayley: ‘Just stay beside me?’

I took a seat back and she started to place the toy perpendicular to her opening. She had fingered herself to find the entrance, but did not pushed further in. The light was given the saber a constant vibration, wriggling itself inside. Her hymen soon came forth to let her reflect before regret. Hayley couldn’t push the toy any further. Her mental alarms were ringing, warning her and natural reaction stopped her from hurting herself.

I could tell she wanted it so badly, but i knew the toy still wasn’t the best choice. Cause I was.

Me: ‘Mei. Take it out. It’s hurting you.’
Hayley: ‘Give me a while more. I’ll get it in.’
Me: ‘No. Stop it now.’

I snatched the saber away and tears swelled up in her eyes. She thought I wanted to stop her. Was I? This moment was one everyone should reconsider if they were ever in this situation. To stop the madness, or help her out? I took her into my arms and gave her a tight hug.

Me: ‘Let me help you – with mine.’

My cousin held me closer with one hand on my back, and the other advancing towards my shorts. The tug showed her how prepared I was, and the fun had just begun. I was clear about one thing though, I would only help to deflower. She can then do anything to herself.

Hayley got my dick well lubricated with a few strokes of blowjob, and used the opportunity to find out how little time she used to get me cumming. She was licking every part of the shaft, sucking on every part to find out which spot worked best. Her service I would say, is professional and fantastic. Thankfully, I stopped her in the nick of time before I wasted my load.

She lay back down on my pillow, while I took the perpendicular approach. Her eyes were wide open watching as my dick peeled her pussy lips apart, and my little head going leagues inside. The soft penile head became a comfort as I pushed it hard to stretch her hymen to the limit, before abruptly skidding deep inside her.

The size was a little too big and Hayley was biting her teeth while strangling my arms of blood. The intense pain was somewhat bearable to her though.

Imagine a perfectly moist piece of meat, with a skin so smooth any dress would just slip off it, and using your manhood, you pierced into a pencil width hole, enlarging it as width as you were, and screw your dick in so deep she was sure it would rupture her womb.

Hayley: ‘Move?’

She said in a weak voice with her legs pressing against my butt. But I wasn’t there to have sex with my cousin, I had completed my job. And since I did a good job, I wouldn’t mind claiming a little reward. My hips thrust right in and her puppy eyes came back, flooded with tears as I pounded her for a while. One orgasm was all that it took to concuss her. Her arms dropped and legs fell to the side.

I then removed my dick expecting some blood but there wasn’t. Though the defloration was unmistakeable, it was a surprise no blood was found. I cleaned myself up and adjusted her top. I slid the toy, which had been charging under the light, back into her pussy and left her to sleep.

My sister came back to suck me off on the living room couch while watching TV, till Hayley was conscious again. She however caught us fucking and gave a good clit lick to Christel while my dick was inches away from her face. The creampie that my sister was supposed to claim became a cum-in-mouth for Hayley.

Looks like I am going to shag it out for Christel when she returns.

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