Fixing Pipes

Jimmy knocked on the door a few times before entering, ready to finish his construction work that he promised to be done ahead of schedule for an extra fee. Stripping his shirt off, he wore his headphones and blasted music, hammering and knocking into the kitchen walls to hang the dish rack.

Girl (shouting): ‘Hello! Hello!’

He heard a girl’s voice through the music and immediately stopped, shocked at her appearance whom her mum had not spoken of. In anyway, she should be in school.

Jimmy: ‘I’m Jimmy. Here to finish the kitchen. Your mum didn’t tell me you’re home.’

Girl: ‘I’m Sarah. I’m supposed to be in school. Can don’t tell my mum?’

Jimmy: ‘Yeah yeah. I’m just going to work here. Don’t worry.’

He winked at her and continued fitting the metal rack, while she stood at the entrance and looked at his muscular arms flexing the wooden hammer at the wall.

About thirty minutes later, he was done with the kitchen and went into the living room for a break, seeing Sarah lying on the couch playing on her iPad.

She had been thinking about that fit, young man since she saw him and the only way to get closer was for him to spot her. Donning a crop top and small exercise shorts, she had got his attention too.

Sarah: ‘You want to take a shower? I have extra towel.’

Jimmy: ‘You sure it’s okay?’

Sarah: ‘Yeah. You go first. I bring the towel to you.’

She went into her room and got her favourite towel, skipping all the way to the shower in the kitchen. Giving the door a few knocks, he opened and saw her, this time without her shorts on.

Within that few minutes of silence, he could feel her breaths getting deeper and chest rising and falling sharply. Reaching his arm out for the towel in her embrace, she held his forearm lightly, stroking them with a teeny bit of seduction.

Jimmy (whispering): ‘Come.. ‘

He wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to his sweaty body, planting a kiss that forced her palms to hold onto his cheeks. They turned that kiss into a tongue fight and broke out of the small standing shower, strong arms carrying her to her bedroom.

Jimmy then yanked her shirt right off and undid his pants, revealing his hammer-hard manhood that was twitching adorably. As he climbed over her small frame, she had her fingers around his dick, holding it as though it was an egg. His hips started rocking, sliding his cock in her palm.

Sarah (whispering): ‘Take my panties off.’

With that said, he tugged her undies off and a beautiful, naked pussy opened up before his eyes. Young, tight and small. No way could he imagine he would fit. She kept her legs opened as he angled his hips, piercing between those soft folds with his hard-boiled egg hardness.

As they felt their bodies connecting, the warmth from his dick was soothing her senses.

Sarah (moaning): ‘Fuck me hard Jim.’

He gave her a nod and sealed their lips together. His fine abs went to work slamming onto her pussy, drilling her hole as deep as he could go. Sarah’s moans echoed loudly in the room, with wet, sloppy kisses trying to contain her horniness.

Just after a few minutes, she stopped him and turned over for doggie. Scary Jimmy plunged into her pussy again and fucked her, making sure to drive her crazy in this position.

The poor girl was screaming into her pillow as he penetrated her deeply, triggering all the orgasms her body struggled to keep up with. Juices were leaking all over their privates and Jimmy only went faster.

Just imagine, a slim waist, held between your strong, powerful hands, dick appearing and disappearing into an ass about ten times the width of your dick. What would you do?

As Sarah drifted into unconsciousness, Jimmy picked up speed and went full ahead. Her fists held the edges of the bed dearly for her life, as her mind went blank from the overpowering orgasms. No one, no one, at her age should be fucked with such a thick and long dick. But she had to be the one. Lucky or unlucky?

Jimmy: ‘I’m cumming Sarah!’

In a flash, he pulled out of her and threw her on her back, raising one of her legs and shoving his cock into her for the third time. Pounding with a delighted look, she was smiling at him too. It only took him a minute in this position before he could not take anymore of her, pulling out just before he exploded.

She held his dick and continued pumping it, finally dousing herself with a powerful jet of cum all over her chest and tummy. He kept shooting till her body was dotted with his love, obviously too much for any one man to have.

The two of them stayed in that position for some time, and then hopping out of bed for a shower together. In there, the steam started fogging up the mirror before the tap was even turned on. For the first time, Sarah watched herself get pounded from behind, clearly expressing all those slutty looks when she was climaxing.

Once they were done, he packed his tools up and bade her goodbye. Of course, that wasn’t the end. He wouldn’t just fuck and go no matter how wrong it felt to be doing his customer’s daughter. Before he left, he gave her a schedule where he had to visit them again.

For the both of them, it was their first time engaging in a scene, where only porn would portray as ‘possible’. Yes, to be fucked by a construction worker. Or as most of us know it, it was that plumber-fixing-pipes shitty kind of storyline.

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