Forest Trolls

‘Your turn. Fucking hurry up!’

The voices were barely audible with a ear pinned on the ground, body unwilling to move from an overwhelming rush of heat and high. The smell of soil and dirt was entering through her nostrils, and the unbearable sensation of a dick pounding at her lifeless body was frightening her.


‘Yeah? I’m here.’

The thrusting cock never stopped raping her senseless mind, painful though pleasurable to some extent. The number of feet shuffling around her was telling her something was up, but she simply had no strength to even turn her head.

A sharp pain shot through her nipples when the pair of hand came from behind, cupping her C cups and fondling as though they were plushies. The stiff abs from the person fucking her was hitting her lower back as he relentlessly stuck his cock inside her over and over again, giving off dirty moans while cheers happened around her.

‘Gonna pump this bitch full now!’

He picked his chest off her and unleashed the strongest few strokes that tore her pussy wider, before a huge gush of cum filled her bloated belly even more. What the hell was happening?, her mind wasn’t registering the memories leading up to sex, but she knew the guy wasn’t alone.

‘Who is next?’

‘Me. I haven’t.’

Her arm was held in a tight grip before flipping over like a dead fish, lying on her back in front of blinding LED lights. The constant movements of the lights finally awakened her to the status of a pornstar, phone cameras being the recording medium for her distress. The man had pinned her arms wide apart while sinking his cock into her pussy, smeared with cum and other liquids that covered her whole lower body.

He was doing her in missionary and the others were fondling her boobs like perverts. Her nipples rolling in the strong fingers were hurting badly, and moans couldn’t stop coming from her confused state. The sight of dicks above her hinted at what was happening to her, but she was too drained to fight back against the group.

‘Gonna.. cummmm!’

‘Faster faster!’

He abruptly pulled his cock out and squatted over her chest, jerking his stick off in her face. After two minutes, the stringy cum glued all over her face and he proceeded to wipe his cock over her cheeks. The guys around her patted their pants clean and left her alone in the dark.

When she finally gathered enough strength to pick herself up, none of the surrounding looked familiar at all. Trees, street lamps in the distance, a small road lined with a row of closed shophouses. Getting drunk in the club was certainly the worst thing to happen a girl who can’t hold her liquor well.

The only salvation that night was the completeness of her bandage dress that was left lying nearby, unlike her bra and panties that were in multiple places. Raped and cum-dumped, she was.

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