Lingering Touch

‘See you next week!’

Her hand rested on my shoulder longer than needed before she left the place, leaving me to tidy the bar up alone. To get into my own ‘mind’ to quickly finish cleaning, I turned down most of the lights and blared the music louder.

‘Still not done? I think I left something behind.’

She went into the storeroom where we kept our belongings and came out with her bag, before proceeding to poke me at my ribs where I was super sensitive to tickles. A play-fight broke out and I was cornering her on the ground, for yet another awkward moment where our hands were joined.

‘Okok. I’m going to stop. You can come up.’

‘No! What if you don’t keep your word?’

‘Then?! Keep holding hands here ah?’

I was worried about getting home too late on a Sunday night but she was still energetic. Just when I wanted to wriggle my fingers out of hers, she pulled me towards her and my knees landed on the floor with a thud. Just so you know, the floor wasn’t exactly tiles and the ditch did cut my skin.

Besides me hissing in pain, our faces were right next to each other, breathing in whatever odour after a long day at work. Hugging her under the arms, I was ready to lift her up since I had gone a bit too far with the revenge, scaring her so much. Instead, she weigh me down with her baby-sitting posture and my feet slipped under her thighs.

‘Now what?’

‘Don’t tell anyone about this!’

‘About what?!’

She squashed my cheeks together and leaned forward for a kiss, one that never broke free no matter how much I tickled her. Her hands were running up and down my waist but were never hostile. We were soon making out in the most inconvenient corner with some appropriately lit lights for a romantic ambience.

Our tongues appeared to exchange saliva and our asses just moved nearer to each other, till I could feel the warmth of her groin on my upright pointing bulge. She suddenly pushed me back and climbed over my hips, grinding her butt on my cock that was making her shiver randomly. Finally lying on my back, she was the dominant one holding me down.

‘How could you be so evil to tempt me like this?’

‘Whaa.. ‘

She readjusted her knees to clamp around one of my thighs and elbowed my abdomen, sliding her palm over my shirt into my jeans. The click-release belt I wore came off so quickly, and the zipper was down after a brief struggle. Holding my cock in the gentlest grip, she was executing the dead-perfect strokes unknowingly. I reached under her legs and slipped my hand into her tight high-waist shorts, sliding a finger right across her soaked slit.

A moan came and she fell on my chest, still pecking at me while we were trading pleasure. The normally gleeful girl got so weak in my rapid fingering and slammed her hips on top of my hand onto the floor, as an orgasm wetted her shorts between her legs.

She immediately noticed the damp spot and frowned at me, increasing her speed while leaving my chest.

‘Hey hey!’

Her grip tightened and went all out with a tiny spit of saliva, turning me into a fish on land begging for mercy. The vengeful look finally made her playful handjob worthwhile by erupting cum all over her fingers, flowing down her hand while she continued to torture me.

My jeans were covered in cum and she just wiped the rest on my belly before jumping away.

‘Ha! It’s your problem now.’

I got up and went to the toilet right away, washing and wiping all those stains till only water marks were seen. When I came out of the loo, she had done most of the cleaning up for me, left with only the air-con and lights to be switched off.

‘Since you cleaned up for me, we’re equal now. I’ll take you through a shortcut to the MRT station.’

‘You’re not going to fucking bring me to a corner and rape me right?’

‘You? Nah. I’ll pass.’


She gave me a punch on my shoulders before we left the place, exchanging a kiss in the dark alley before we reached the station for her to head home.

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