Cindy was at her boyfriend’s house and they were bored to tears. The bad weather had kept them indoors and neither their mutual masturbation had anything exciting. She was a virgin, and did not intend to give away her virginity so soon, since she was still in secondary school. Her boyfriend, Jimmy, did not force her either, since she did her role as a girlfriend to satisfy him in other ways.

Jimmy: ‘Why don’t we play tic-tac-toe with forfeit? Then you can ask me to do anything you want.’
Cindy: ‘How do we play it?’

Jimmy: ‘Hmm.. Okay. The loser will strip one piece of clothing off until one person gets naked. Then, the next three wins will grant the winner three wishes, which the loser must do.’

Knowing she might not lose all the matches, she agreed and they started playing. Slowly, Cindy’s spaghetti top was gone and followed by her shorts. Jimmy lost just a round and he removed his shorts. As she still had her bra and panties on, she just might not be the first to get naked. As we all know, tic-tac-toe had a few sure-win moves and Cindy had no idea about it. Her breasts were soon freed and her panties followed in the next round. Jimmy wasn’t that bad and would love to remove his underwear – if he was wearing them.

With Cindy fully naked and Jimmy bottomless, the final three rounds gave him two wishes and one went to her. They packed away the pieces of rough papers they had their game on and made sure there was space on the bed.

Jimmy: ‘Since I won first, you must do one of my forfeit first.’
Cindy: ‘Okay.’
Jimmy: ‘Give me a blowjob.’

She sat with her legs crossed and went down on him with her inexperienced mouth, sucking hard and lightly, going fast and slow. She worked on his dick for a good ten minutes before her neck grew tired and she stopped.

Cindy: ‘I’m tired. Let me rest first and you can do my wish.’

She asked to be fingered and Jimmy changed to a 69 position. Cindy went on top and devoured his dick into her mouth while he fingered her pussy until she had her first orgasm. Things slowly went out of control and she picked up her speed, bobbing her head up and down while letting her tongue slid back and forth under his shaft. Jimmy was extra sensitive at that spot and he jerked his hips up and down too, ramming his cock deeper into her throat. His fingers went faster whenever he recovered his strength and made sure she moaned as loud as she could, without alerting his mum who was in the living room watching TV.

Cindy went fast as he sped up and slowed down for a break while he rested his arm too. She had enough after about three orgasms and went back to his legs. Sitting on his legs and using his calves to rub her wet slit, she stayed turned on while blowing him slowly but sensually at his favourite spots. Soon, she could feel his hands grab her mouth and he held her still while the volcano erupted in her mouth. His white lava blew strong and slowly filled her mouth full. If she just leave his dick now, it would drip all over his bed and would anger him. So she exited his dick slowly while giving a light suction to draw whatever stayed in his shaft.

She sat back on her ankles and Jimmy quickly asked her to hold still. He helped her to sit over his abs and lightly lowered her jaw. The chunky white puddle of cum was soaking her tongue, letting Cindy taste the full flavour of him.

Jimmy: ‘Let the cum drip down your body and then lick up whatever dripped onto me.’

She opened her mouth and pushed the load out of her lips. The watery mix dribbled down her chin and onto her chest, going in between her valley and went all the way down. Her belly button caught some and the flow showed no sign of stopping. It finally reached her waxed pelvic and she watched closely in fear. His cum went between her legs and it slid down her slit until a few drops caught onto his little head.

She waded backwards on her knees and went down on him again, licking up the few drops that made it off her body. The cum on her pussy remained wet while most of it dried up on her body, as she was still slightly wet.

There was no way out of his room in this mess. So Jimmy threw her panties at her and she had no choice but to put it on. Her panties first, then her spag top and shorts. It was definitely staining her clothes. She made her way to the toilet and wash off whatever she could but left her pussy untouched. It was too late to wash, and it was kinky to let it stay where it was too.

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