Raw Outdoors

After Kim and Joe had their cigarettes at the handicapped toilet in their school, they went up an empty classroom that was in the far end and was least to be used for CCA. Pulling her in for a kiss, he knew that it would turn her on and get things heated up. With him unzipping his shorts, she knew it was the second and desperate times that their houses were occupied for such things.

Still kissing, Kim managed to remove her shorts under those thigh-length skirt and let him helped take her bra off. She held his dick and lifted her skirt, just high enough to let him squeeze his dick between her thighs, under the slit. The fidgeting and caressing they made had started her juices running, and it had been coated around his dick with his minute thrusts.

Joe: ‘I can’t take it anymore.’
Kim: ‘Tell me what you want.’
Joe: ‘A blowjob?’

She shyly gave his dick a glance and stroked it a few more times. Since he was leaning against a table, the chair was empty and she sat on it, before her whole mouth gobbled his dick. Letting the saliva flow naturally, her tongue glided along the bottom of his rod, making him let out a satisfied moan. With that encouragement, she moved her head faster and sucked deeper, making his body tremble in pleasure. It only lasted two minutes, but the amount of work she put in was just about all he could handle.

Kim: ‘Like it?’
Joe: ‘Yeah. It’s my turn now.’

He made her sit back on the chair and placed her legs on the table before going down on her, making strong quick flicks at her clit. She was especially sensitive at that area and could not help but grabbed his hair forcefully, pushing him deeper into her crouch. In response to her violence, he sucked hard on her clit, making her pussy leak even more juices for him to lap them up.

With his free hands, he got his fingers wet with a few brushes along her slit, before pushing two of it inside her. The sudden tight contraction signalled pleasure and he just rammed them deeper without hesitation. As he moved, she moaned out for more, to get him to go faster and harder. The bottom of her skirt was getting wet, but Kim could not care about it all. He was making her feel so high.

Just as she was about to climax, he pulled his fingers out of her around the tightening walls and gave her a sly look.

Kim: ‘Can’t you make me cum first?’
Joe: ‘I want us to climax together can?’
Kim: ‘Okay okay.’

Her feet landed on the ground and bent over the table, while he sat on the chair to get himself harder again. Once his dick was ready, he got up and stood behind her, holding his dick in place before letting her pussy lips open, sinking his meat into the dark abyss. A long gasp of air was heard as she felt that hot rod of his coming in contact with the usually missed spots in her pussy.

With his length fully tucked in, her grip on the edge of the table clenched and he then moved his hips to start pounding her soft butt cheeks. The table rumbled on the ground erratically and it was how crazy the two school students were. It was not every day that they could do it in school, but it felt so dangerously thrilling, that they had no qualms about doing it in school.

Even with the table moving away from the original spot, Joe was not giving up and made sure to make her scream with every deep thrusts he could give. The two of them kept groaning and moaning with every increase in speed. In just a few minutes, she had her first orgasm that spilled some of her precious liquid onto the floor, but he just had to keep going, it just felt too good to stop.

Although he had been releasing daily with her help, he just could not outlast her tightness and wetness that made the whole process easy with maximum slipperiness. Pumping his dick even harder, she knew he was about to cum with the added strength and gave him a squeeze. Instead, he went even deeper and made her lost control of the tease she wanted to give.

Joe: ‘Kim! I’m.. ‘

He did not complete his phrase and just let his streaks of milky goodness unleash into her, accumulating in her pussy. Though she was not on the pill, she loved how the warmth would sooth her, and it was an addiction she grew to love, despite the risks. Joe kept his dick inside her for as long as he kept shooting, pulling out only when she began to stand up.

There was not much clean up and they adjusted their clothes back, followed by him keeping her shorts and bra until they reached her void deck. Her pointy nipples would sometimes gather weird looks from teachers and students, but she was totally pleasure to give it much thought. As dangerous as it may seem, it was still unacceptable for parents to know that their children had been naughtier than they thought.

While Kim’s parents knew about Joe, it was not as much as Joe knew their daughter. If you get what I mean. ;)

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